We are very excited to announce the new lineup additions to ATP 2.0 Nightmare Before Christmas Festival at Pontin’s Prestatyn this November. Joining an already stellar lineup of musical acts will be Total Control, Viet Cong, Micachu and The Shapes, Andy Stott and PAUS. Full lineup details + festival info and tickets can be found here: ‪#‎ATPnbc‬

Nós barateamos o evangelho quando o retratamos apenas como algo que nos liberta da tristeza, do medo, da culpa e de outras necessidades pessoais, ao invés de apresentá-lo como uma força que nos liberta da ira vindoura.
—  John Stott

Hello hello! Christianne here, and I’ve come back from the brink of illness with an amazing new page! Genue did a truly fantastic job on this one and we’re happy to finally share it with you.

For Canadian fans and those close to Vancouver, BC, I’m going to be tabling at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival on May 23rd and 24th! I’ll have printed copies of the Grounded mini, a short comic featuring a much younger Marti, as well as Full Circle stickers and buttons! So please, drop by and say hello!

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Não há maior obstáculo ao conhecimento do que o orgulho, e nenhuma condição mais essencial do que a humildade.
—  John Stott

Masterlist - AO3

Stiles looks up from the pillow, hair sticking every which way, his shirt shucked up to his armpits from his constant struggle to get to sleep for the last hour. The insomnia had just started to ebb, he was finally getting somewhere before being so abruptly woken up.

He reaches out blindly for his cell, knows that familiar ring anywhere, but at one in the morning it’s the last thing he wants to hear. Breathing in sharply through his nose, he answers it and plants the glass cover to his cheek, eyes still closed.

“Mm, Scotty?”

The bones pop in his right shoulder as he lifts his upper half from the bed and flops onto his back, legs hanging off the left side of the mattress.

“Stiles,” Scott breathes his name out as her legs tremble, trying her hardest not to moan directly into her best friend’s ear. It’s difficult, though, with her predicament, “I need-I need you.”

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Masterlist - AO3 - Just Bent - Just Bent Shorts

“I felt pretty bad doing it a couple times… The few times you actually did it when I was at your house, or you were at mine… I would just… I’d turn my back to you, press up against you.”

“… the last time, I… I got nervous because you almost woke up. I’d pushed my pajamas down some…”

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