With the release of Tinashe’s debut album “Aquarius” set for October, Tinashe is making sure her supporters not only get a great deal of music, but when you pre-order the album, you’re able to get your name printed inside of the booklet. All for $15! Click the link above to make that happen 😉

Artists do things differently to promote themselves and give back to their fans to show how much they are appreciated. Tinashe always lets it be known that she is “deeply in love” with her fans and she doesn’t know where she would be without their support.

Every month Tinashe chooses one “SweeTee” to shoutout on her website (tinashenow.com) for “SweeTee of the Month” and she tells them what she appreciates about them, which doubles as why they were chosen to be SweeTee of the Month. Not only that, when you are STOTM, you get merch from her store personally signed by her.

In addition, Tinashe always does contests to give all of her supporters a chance to win hard copies of her mixtapes since they are only available digitally. If you win one, she will sign it and mail it out to you.

9/10, Tinashe uses her own money to mail out gifts and CD’s and takes time out of her day to sign each and every one of these things (not to mention she orders all of these mixtapes and has all of her merch made herself!) If you ask me, she really does appreciate her supporters. Keep in mind: she DOESN’T have to do all that she does for us, but she does it anyway.

And for that, I will forever love Tinashe because the things that she does may have a big impact on the person she does it for, like myself. I respect her that much more every time she gives back to her supporters.

With that being said, hurry and pre-order Aquarius to get your name printed in the booklet and treat yourself to some Tinashe merch while you’re at it. -😉✌ Flow