top 10 husbands/wives

tagged by idolfried

The game is top ten husbands/wives. the rules are, pretty much,
to write down your top male/female/other celebrities or characters
and then tag at least ten people to do the same.

Uuuuh… that is pretty hard…

  1. Yuna Ito (Japanese/Korean singer)
  2. Emily Kaiho (Japanese/American actress and model)
  3. Kasumi Arimura (Japanese actress)
  4. Kylee (Japanese/American singer)
  5. Kazunari Ninomiya (Japanese singer/actor/devil)
  6. Tomohisa Yamashita (Japanese singer/actor)
  7. Takanori Iwata (Japanese dancer/actor)
  8. Noctis (Final Fantasy XV) <- he’s not real but damn.
  9. Hope (Final Fantasy XIII) <- also not real. (son and husband at the same time)
  10. Toru from ONE OK ROCK (Japanese guitarist)

There is no real order because I love all of them but yeah, “ladies first”.

I tag sutewi couriolanus kc-ing storyofanie kimyona-hanai and your mom everyone else who wants to do this :)