Hey, guys!  Here is my fourth and final film made as a student at Calarts in the Character Animation program!

Thank you to my friends and family for their help and support!

And thanks to Hannah Rose Dexter for the awesome original music, Jon Meller and Derek Etman for wonderful Sound Design,Phil Rynda, Kyler Spears,  Mary Claire Garcia, and Chuja Seo for their awesome Voice Acting, My whole film workshop class, and Trevor Jones for all his help and support over the past few months!


NOW LIVE AND AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE! A new Gumroad-published zine based off my WIP first year film…

The Stolen Limbs” is a 15-page illustrated storybook zine about a newspaper boy who stumbles into a mysterious forest. This forest, unbeknownst to the boy, is rumored to steal the body parts of those who wander…

This zine is constructed with a children’s book/fairy tale format with full-page ink illustrations (990px by 1500px / 3.3in by 5in per page).

This Gumroad purchase is available for $5 USD minimum, but feel free to pay what you want!

Click here for the product page!


Edit: The Book is now 110 pages!! I added new previews! I hope you will like it!!
Don’t miss the chance to have a free A5 print!!

Only 5 days left for French Version!!!
Preorders for English Version ends the 15th of july

I’m opening the preorders of the storybook Mystified!!

Here is the link:


If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Why preorders? Because it will help me to fund the printing of the books and to keep a good quality for the books.



♦A5 (15cm*21cm), 110 full-color pages 
♦30 pages of an exclusive comic 
♦ Illustrations and unreleased sketches
1 A5 free print for preorders only (Hel with crows)

Mystified is a story book about  famous European myths and tales. 
It contains explanations of the differents myths with our interpretations of them.
 thank you for your support!
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Thank you for all the reblogs and all the help you can bring me to print the books

IMPORTANT: pour les frenchies qui viennent à la japan expo, il y a une possibilité de retirer l'artbook à la japex: Il suffit pour cela de sélectionner dans les options d'envoi “retrait à la japan expo 2014”

End of the preorders:

15th of july for English version

20th of june for French version