Since I couldn’t put the entire storyboard on tumblr in one post, I decided to post it on my Blogspot. 

Click on the picture to get to it (it’s 33 panels, so it also needs time to load, heheh…. )! I hope you Enjoy!

EDIT: yes, SPOILERS ahead!!!!!!!! I should have said this before, but I hoped the tag would be enough…. sorry friends!!


Here’s a tiny section of rough boards I did for Soos and the Real Girl. I was super nervous, since this was my first episode, and some of these drawings are fairly mortifying. x.x I don’t know how Paul Robertson was able to interpret some of those Giffanies.

I was happy to get the section of Soos and Giffany in the mall because it has this nice little emotional beat of social anxiety —> comfort of the familiar.

And some night time Markiplier expression studies. Trying to get the hand of my line language and style, so I can handle expressions better in my storyboards.  Doing studies off of Markiplier’s FNAF and FNAF2 let’s plays are fantastic since he displays a wide range of emotions that are rather pushed so it’s easy to caricature, even though his expressions are already pushed. Yeah….the animation geek in me…..anyways I’m gonna try doing more of these daily since back last year my mentor Clio for Motivarti told me that a good exercise for expressions was to pause and study famous actors, actresses or comedians (in this case for me, Markiplier) and draw their expressions in order to gain a mental catalogue for boarding.