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featuring work by andrew hofmann, anith makherjee, catch business, cassandra dallett, davis land, hanna m. owens, jeff von ward, joe calvarese, joel landmine, kelly thomas, kelley lynne moncrief, manuel arturo abreu, matthew russak, max sawhill, wemberly schuirmann, michael o’hara, paul corman-roberts, paul strohm, patrick trotti, tracy dimond, trevor l. sensor, and zach lindsey


What is Scary Cute?

Scary Cute is monster girl themed zine!! It’ll be released as a PDF. The working plan is to release a new volume every 2 months, and here is your chance to be a part of the our very first volume!!!

What’s types of submissions are acceptable?

Artwork of all kinds!!

Short Comics

Writing (short stories, poems, etc)

If you got something you’d like to submit, but are not sure it’d fit just shoot me question at

All Entries will be judged to keep the volume well rounded, but don’t think you can’t submit!!! We need works of all kinds and styles!!!

For more information go to or email me at

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I just finished this project, and am gonna have these buddies with me at CZF this weekend!

It’s an audio cassette/zine bundle: I asked friends to tell me stories, and I asked if I could record them telling them. What resulted is 13 true-life stories told by 13 different people, all compiled onto a tape for you to listen to.

The accompanying zine includes 120mm portraits of all the storytellers (taken on the day of the story’s recording), and information on them to follow along with as you listen.

There are stories about ballet teachers, jail time, rabies shots, bad parenting, paranormal experiences, tour escapades, dance contests, and more.

Storytellers are: Samantha Cohen, Jared Larson, Michelle Ravit, Sarah Ayton, Alan Resnick, Dee Addario, April Rose, Dylan Taylor, Matt Ross, Simon Thrasher, Kate Larson, Jordaan Mason, and Dustin Lamberta.

I think it’s a really great collection! It’s sort of like an audio book: perfect for car rides, a day inside, a stroll with your walk(wo)man, etc.

Each tape is hand-stamped with gold ink, and runs 98 minutes long, in a numbered edition of 50.

Tape duplication by SUPERCRUSH tapes.

“Our frustrations were built on the confusing feeling of knowing that the world is fucked up AND beautiful and we dealt with it by drowning ourselves in 40 ounces of liquid mixed with loud music that our older siblings made fun of.

Punk was a shit show, a wildly controlled, reckless, repetitive one-night stand with danger. It arrested people, it liberated people; it created enemies, it created comrades; it built fronteras, it built community.

Punk was the megaphone for my suppressed, teenage, Xicana voice. The collective voice of me and the homegirls.”

—  Brenda Montaño , Xicanistas & Punkeristas Say It Loud!: An Anti-Copyright Zine Chronicling Xicana’s in Punk & Beyond
For instance, I was on the back of a motorcycle curled up to the most beautiful girl in the world. Steam was rising off the streams on both sides of us as we flew down the dirt road in the early morning cold. I had my hands in the pockets of her leather jacket, in a trance-like state of bliss. And then? Well, use your imagination.
Or Heidi and I hopping trains. Huddled up listening to the rhythm of the clickety clacking tracks, we watched the redwoods as they passed. My first-ever time hopping trains. But what happened the second time? And who is Heidi? None of your goddamn business.
My point is this: the end of the story isn’t always the most important. It might not even be part of the story at all, depending on how you choose to tell it. I’m sick of walking around with friends talking about ends – the ends of relationships, friendships, feelings, and hope. We all know how things end, and that’s badly. But just because it came last, it need not overshadow everything else. If you lived it, it’s all part of the story of your life…and it can be added up and remembered in many different ways. We could trade in all our hopeful beginnings and buy a yacht and a summer home. We could trade in all the bitter ends for a warm bottle of beer. Either way, I’m thankful that most of us are still here.
—  Aaron Cometbus, from Cometbus #53


Highly Abridged Fairy Stories vol. 1

Trungles has put together a small collection of highly abridged fairy tales, each complete with its own hand-drawn illustration. Now available for roughly the price of a medium-to-large-sized frou-frou drink at your favorite coffee spot. 

Volume 1 of the Abridged Fairy Stories zine explores the more problematic, subliminal themes of fairy tales as retold by the author and illustrator after he’s had a little bit to drink.*

*Drawings were completed in stone-cold sobriety - the artist does not wish to overtly encourage the consumption of alcohol while art-making, but will gladly put the idea out there if it happens to speak to anyone on a personal level.

Hey folks!

I am starting to raise funds to help send me to my first convention at Anime Expo this year! I’d really appreciate the help, and it would be awesome to get to meet some of my followers out in California!

The zine is available for download from Gumroad, and I’ve set it to pay-what-you-want for a limited time. Enjoy!


Almost Famous
Almost Famous is a film about a teenage boy named William (Played by Patrick Fugit) seeking out to become a journalist while he’s still in high school. William goes on tour with Stillwater, an up and coming rock and roll band. William is faced with all the rock and roll temptations. Written, directed and based on the early life of Cameron Crowe and his experiences as a teenage rock journalist.

Girl, Interrupted
This is the true story of Susanna Kaysen,  a smart young woman who wakes up after an overdose and gets sent to a mental institution for a short rest. Rebelling against the head nurse, she befriends all the loonies and turns her short stay into one of eighteen months, until she realises that to win her freedom, she must face the one thing that terrifies her the most - herself.

The Last Word
Evan Merck is a poet that makes a living out of writing suicide notes for the soon to be deceased, this business goes well for him until he finds himself falling for a client’s sister.

A movie based around a group of students at a Christian college. The main character, Mary, finds out that her boyfriend is gay, shortly after, she hits her head and see’s Jesus telling her that she needs to save him and so, she sleeps with her boyfriend to try and “degayify”  him but then she falls pregnant and has to try her hardest to keep  it from her mother who is dating the pastor of the church and the principal of her school. Starring Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Jena Malone, Eva Amurri, Martin Donovan, Mandy Moore and Mary-Louise Donovan.

For thirteen-year-old Straight-A student, Tracy, everything is all studies, boring friends, no cell phone and hand-me-down clothes, until she is befriended by the most popular and beautiful girl in school, Evie, who draws her into a world of drugs, sex and crime.

Wristcutters:  A Love Story
Ziah is in all sorts of emotional pain after his girlfriend, Desiree leaves him. He decides that he has nothing to live for and takes his life. The next day, he wakes up in another world where the sun doesn’t shine and people aren’t allowed to smile and everyone has “offed themselves”.

Youth In Revolt
This is the story of Nick Twisp,  a teenager with a taste for the finer things in life, like the music of Frank Sinatra and the films of Federico Fellini. While on a family holiday, Nick falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful, free-spirited Sheeni Saunders But family, geography and jealous ex-lovers conspire to keep these two apart.