Text Messaging

This story is for my great friend Ruscanlover, her OTP Stanford aka Grunkle Stan x Bill Cipher

Unknown: Stan.
Unknown: Stan!
Unknown: Stanford Pines!!
Stan: listen watever ur selling, I ain’t buyin!
Unknown: Why’d you block my number!!!
Stan: oh its u.
Unknown: Stan!
Unknown: Stan! Oh my pyramid! Respond!
Stan: no stop txting me!
Unknown: Stanford Pines!
Unknown: Stan!
- This number has blocked you -
~ Two days later ~
Stan was lounging around in the living room watching another stupid soap opera. As much as he felt his boyfriend needed a lesson, not hearing from him was hurting Stan as well. He grumbles and pulls out his phone. Typing in Bill’s number his hand hovers over the unblock button.
“Ugh, dammit Bill,” he mutters as he presses the button. Stan sat back waiting for a flow of messages to come to his phone. Only one popped up.
Bill: Does this mean you don’t love me anymore?
Stan stared at the message in shock, sure, he knew Bill was kind of unsure of romance, that’s actually part of what created their previous situation. Bill was being very clingy and Stan couldn’t handle 20+ messages from Bill checking on him. Stan didn’t think Bill would take the small punishment that way though.
Stan: i still love u, dork.
Bill: Really?!?!
Stan: of course.
- Another two days later -
Stan’s hand twitches towards his phone as yet another message appears, interrupting his new favorite soap opera, again.
Bill: What’re you up too?
Stan: same thing i was up to earlier
Bill: Why don’t you come over?
Stan: im in the middle of somthin.
Bill: But, I’m more important aren’t I?!
Stan: ill come by later.
Bill: …
Bill: But Stan!
Bill: Stan!
- This number has blocked you -

I feel like I did this pretty well in character. Maybe? Who am I kidding you all are gonna make fun of me. *Hides behind hands in fear of rejection*

anonymous asked:

why is everybody saying that skye and ward will have sex in 2x19 can you explain pls thxxxxxxxxx

Dearest nonnie,

I have been holding off on answering this ask because I wasn’t sure that I really had the answers that you were looking for. On the one hand I wanted to be glib. I wanted to say HONESTLY, EVERYONE’S JUST OVER-EXCITED NOBODY MEANS IT. And leave it at that. But I feel as though you deserve MORE than that, Nonnie. So I waited. Patiently. I knew that the day would come where forces greater than I would lend a hand in answering this VERY SENSIBLE ASK.

I feel as though it is important that you know that there are many different forms of sex and not all of them are penetrative. 


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Some more Yui Minori and Raeger ^ q ^ will probably finish this up this weekend maybe if not next week? I’m too deep into this ship please send help

I said I’d be making my HM fan blog and I will but askdjfsadf most likely not until next week;;; I need to catch up on spring break homework I’ve been neglecting

All I can think of after 1x19 is

I need to get this out of my system. Suffer with me, you all suffer with me.

Imagine person A of your OTP going into this shop (coffee shop, confectionery or whatever) and seeing this delinquent looking waiter with tattoos, who gives off the feeling of being all cool (person B of your OTP). When person A orders the thing smiling at person B, person B looks flustered and so lost they couldn’t even concentrate on what person A said at all.

Imagine it. IMAGINE IT.


my friends and i found a SPECIAL DELETED SCENE from the end of the ep

My Naruto Fandom Shipping Story

from long time ago I have been a SasuSaku shipper —because Sasuke is the one whom Sakura loves the most and I wanted her to be happy ending up with the man she’s always in love with all her life.

and then I was once a NaruSaku shipper —I couldn’t stand to see Sakura became gloomy and sad over Sasuke. Naruto is her best friend. He’s there beside her to cheer her up. I once thought that Sakura would be happier if she ended up with him…

…but within the deepest part of my heart, I still yearned for SasuSaku to happen. It seemed almost impossible with Sasuke being away and antagonistic. Though I knew my own heart couldn’t fool me. That hope was still big.

And it turned out that Sakura’s love for Sasuke apparently had become even bigger, despite what had happened between them.

And last, during the fourth shinobi world war arc, my SasuSaku side has finally woken up again from its temporary slumber, even stronger than what it was once. My deepest wish has finally come true. I cried and couldn’t stop celebrating with myself for one whole week. I have never been this happy with a ship being canon to the point that it surprised me so much.

In the end, I love Sakura so much that I wouldn’t mind her ending up with whoever as long as she’s happy. But I knew her heart has always belonged to Sasuke, so I ship it hard and I’m glad she gets what she wants.

funny thing is, there is still a part of NaruSaku in me that I can’t like NaruHina even for a little bit. I don’t mind of course but I’d prefer not reading/watching their story and/or seeing them standing side by side though.

would you still wrap me up and tell me that you think this is smart

So Ali wrote the thing where Skye tried to pretend that Ward didn’t affect her at all. 

And failed miserably.

and i’m not good at aiming but i can aim it at you | on AO3

So now Grant Ward is back on the Bus, back on the team and back in Skye’s life.

She still really hates him.


And then Ali nominated me to write the sequel


and then they bang

would you still wrap me up and tell me that you think this is smart | on AO3

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