Make Me Choose
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“I didn’t want you of all people to see me in such a state. But this time… I will protect you!”

you have that OTP that you totally love and you want to follow a blog on tumblr which  seems to work on that OTP. BUT…. the person who owns it, loves an OTP that you hate! and you’re like “to follow or not to follow
—  this shit is real! you’re at work/school and you’re trying to communicate with people and you meet that person who’s funny and smartass and you like to spend your time with and then you figure out that he/she is hanging out with someone you dislike …. and you are like ‘’wtf? shit! nobody’s perfect.’’

I was tidying up the guest room this morning, and found two stray magnet letters squished down between the couch cushions. Now I’m wondering what the hell’s going on in my couch?

Some weird AU this turned out to be.

Wearing His Clothes

So today I have written a new chapter for one of my undoubtedly most popular stories, plus it’s the longest chapter yet, so enjoy my darlings

Summary:  A series of short stories depicting the development of Natasha’s habit of wearing Steve’s clothes, whilst also showing the progression of their relationship. Be prepared for a whole lot of cuteness and banter, and enjoy.  AO3

Si si i know you guys are waiting for this new Fanfic to come so i draw a little peek of it for you all♥ plus this is a Thank you gift to you all too! im so happy to know many people loved my fanfic i want to give you guys more. so soon i’ll have chapter 1 of Tu eres mi único amor made very soon!♥

Just to add another one to the endless list...

When you can’t seem to find a fanfic which is finished, has good characterization, the grammar is OK (I’m fine with a few typos and not too much mistake), your OTP and not too cliche. And the show was finished about 10. Freaking. Years. Ago. And your OTP is sort of canon and the archive has a lot of stories.