My Naruto Fandom Shipping Story

from long time ago I have been a SasuSaku shipper —because Sasuke is the one whom Sakura loves the most and I wanted her to be happy ending up with the man she’s always in love with all her life.

and then I was once a NaruSaku shipper —I couldn’t stand to see Sakura became gloomy and sad over Sasuke. Naruto is her best friend. He’s there beside her to cheer her up. I once thought that Sakura would be happier if she ended up with him…

…but within the deepest part of my heart, I still yearned for SasuSaku to happen. It seemed almost impossible with Sasuke being away and antagonistic. Though I knew my own heart couldn’t fool me. That hope was still big.

And it turned out that Sakura’s love for Sasuke apparently had become even bigger, despite what had happened between them.

And last, during the fourth shinobi world war arc, my SasuSaku side has finally woken up again from its temporary slumber, even stronger than what it was once. My deepest wish has finally come true. I cried and couldn’t stop celebrating with myself for one whole week. I have never been this happy with a ship being canon to the point that it surprised me so much.

In the end, I love Sakura so much that I wouldn’t mind her ending up with whoever as long as she’s happy. But I knew her heart has always belonged to Sasuke, so I ship it hard and I’m glad she gets what she wants.

funny thing is, there is still a part of NaruSaku in me that I can’t like NaruHina even for a little bit. I don’t mind of course but I’d prefer not reading/watching their story and/or seeing them standing side by side though.

Okay, my brain kinda went crazy so have some more AUs???

  • Yakuza AU (”head of the yakuza with a heart of gold AU” kind of): Person A is the head of the yakuza/maffia, they were ambushed and they got away but got badly injured so they just collapsed in an alleyway, mind all hazy. Person B noticed them, silently treated A’s injury and called the first number in A’s phone and told them to pick A up then left. After this person A really wants to meet this person but has no idea how, so they are just roaming near the place they collapsed. One day, person A, roaming the area again, sees this person (person B) without an umbrella in the rain and A offers theirs or to share.
  • Teacher-student AU: Person A is a new teacher and person B is their student who finds the new teacher aesthetically attractive and person A notices it and grabs every opportunity to tease person B about it. However, person A actually falls in love with person B as they learn more about them.

My friend at work is on season 3 of X-Files and was trying to get me to tell him if Scully and Mulder ever get together. I obviously wouldn’t say and you know what he said? He said “I hope they don’t, Scully is Mulders caregiver and they are like siblings, it would be weird and ruin the dynamic of their relationship. “

Lyredy Week 2015 - Day 1

after I lost a wi fi signal for hours, here’s my first story for my other OTP of Ul’s apprentice.

This is my participation for Lyredy Week. I love this pairing and wish they will be a canon. Lyon is a passionate man and he doesn’t ashamed to show his love, meanwhile Meredy is a late bloomer of love thing, she gets love from her people in her guild, but she never falling in love, I wish all the best for this couple.

Neavy’s Note:

The story is setting after Dragon’s invasion, before Lyon realized that he can’t get to Juvia’s heart and after saw a pink hair girl who he never get her name in the middle of fight with Dragon.

Prompts: Linked

The Link

By Neavy

Juvia hugged by Meredy tightly.

The nightmare that she saw together with Juvia, Gray, and a fair hair man was gone now.

Meredy felt like she was back to his childhood time, when her village and parents destroyed. But now, the dragons gone, and all Meredy saw is a ruined city.

Meredy saw the death of Gray Fullbuster, a man that loved by her friend, Juvia Loxar. She can remember how terrible and shocked on Juvia’s face and a lifeless body of Gray. Meredy knows how much they care for each other, and one of them was killed because he wants to keep her safe. What a painful sight.

‘I want to feel that kind of feeling’ Meredy said on her deepest heart. She knows how much love she had from her adopted mother, Ultear Malkovich, and his newest brother, Jellal Fernandes. But as a girl, she wants to feel that, which is called LOVE. She admires Juvia and Gray’s relationships; she hoped that they can be a couple in the future.

Meredy’s eyes couldn’t take from him, a fair hair man, who is hugged Gray now. This man’s face looked so worry.

This fair hair man looked older than Gray. Meredy didn’t surprise about that, because she witnessed the disappearance of Fairy Tail team and they didn’t aged after 7 years on their disappearance. Her age is 20 years old now, and she became 3 years older than Juvia and 2 years older than Gray. This man looks so familiar with Gray.

“Meredy?,” Juvia asked, her face looked confuse.

“Ah… What is it, Juvia?” Meredy shocked and her face reddened.

“You… Are you looking for my Gray-sama?” Juvia asked her, Meredy could feel the dark aura on the bluenette girl.

“No… It’s not,” she answered and shook her head.

Juvia hugged the pink hair girl again, but she whispered her, “do you want me to introduce you to him?.”

“No…. I am scared, Juvia,” Meredy rejected her offer, she shook her head.

Juvia smiled to the girl, Juvia understood about Meredy’s feeling now. The pink hair girl has no experience on romance things. Maybe she has a feeling with Lyon-sama, but the girl didn’t realize yet. Juvia wished the best for Meredy, she wished that Lyon-sama can feel it too, if both of them realized about this, maybe they have a link.

Gray and Lyon looked to the girls; they leave them first because they went looking around for Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale member nearby.

“He likes a brother for Gray-sama,” Juvia commented when watched two men leave.

“Brother?” Meredy asked.

“Yeah… they were Ul’s apprentice,” Juvia added with smiled.

Meredy silenced, she knew if Ul is still alive, maybe she calls her as her granny.

“What is his name?” Meredy asked.

“Lyon Vastia,” Juvia answered her, a few seconds before Jellal came to pick Meredy up for looking Ultear.

Meredy smiled quietly.

She will tell Ultear when she meet her, she felt so weird when she was thinking about this fair hair man, Meredy shook his head, she must called him as Lyon Vastia.

Lyon looked at Gray and Juvia from a far.

He was thinking deeply lately.

He watched Juvia again, and then Gray again.

His 26 years old heart didn’t feel that pulse again when he saw Juvia, the pulse called heartbeat.

Lyon drank his drink again, he needed to make sure that he didn’t fall in love for the bluenette girl again.

“There’s no room for me,” Lyon said all loud, made his nakama of Lamia Scale yelled.

He leave the ballroom, his heart was beating so hard. His reason for going to this celebration was for looking at the strawberry color hair, he called her as strawberry head. But he was so upset when he couldn’t found her.

For Lyon, that girl looked so young and pretty. He sure for himself that the girl was seeing him that day, but he was too shy to ask her name, she looked so familiar with Juvia, but what will Juvia and Gray do if they know that he ask her name?, Lyon could imagine Gray laugh at him.

‘Where is she?’ He talked to himself, his heart felt unwell.

He realized that he only likes Juvia, but he didn’t love her, he even questioned to himself about love itself.

He never falling in love before, but he knew what it felt like to be loved.

He looked at the moon, he wished that he could see her again, his strawberry head girl.***

sorry for my short story… I am so busy, and english isn’t my native language. hope you guys enjoy! 


“I care about your feelings more than mine. I love you. There, I said it, not just on some chalkboard. I would never let anybody or anything hurt you. I’ve never felt that way about anyone.


Title: My OTP that never was but I wish to be || A collection of Parmiga edits by me


These manips are all made by me and they took me a damn long time so please don’t re uploaded them here on tumblr and claim them as yours OR change the source because I will actually hunt you down and do something unspeakable. I don’t mind them being shared on other social networks or used for fanfiction (like cover backgrounds) or something but some short of credit would be appreciated c: Course if you like some of them you are more than happy to save them c:

Some aren’t as good as others, so I apologize x

“Dean, just to clarify, there is also no coffee under my shirt.”

“Oops, my bad.”

Cas won’t give up his morning coffee, but Dean has other ideas anyway. Happy times in the bunker, because they deserved it, damnit.
 I swear to god, I will go down with this ship. [x]

Zouis same line
  • Zouis same line
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  • Story Of My Life

zayn : And I’ll be gone gone tonight/The ground beneath my feet is open wide/The way that i been holdin’ on so tight/With nothing in between

louis: And I’ll be gone gone tonight/The fire beneath my feet is burning bright/The way that I been holdin’ on so tight/With nothing in between