Oh well, people. ,___, We can finally share our latest brainchild with you - the Asomatous comic, that we are working on right now. Here you can see the first page and cover + some additional arts.
We will show you our head world, Shang-La, the home for strange creatures and species, for old magic and new ideas. In this world souls of all sentient beings are divided into two parts - Shang (soul) and La (the body). There is also a great Empire, Ayelahay, that is ruled by sahash specie, that learned to softly control their “younger brothers”, humans, using their souls. They live peacefully… for a while. But there are also those, who have other plans and another point of view.

In this comic you’ll see: sahash, shang-la humans, roumenrou, grahn, dragons, and many more of the concepts that we were working for, maybe, a three years by now.

We will be posting one page every two weeks on our FA gallery. We are open for your comments and will be very glad to read it, also big thanks for those who are helping us with translation!

Also comic starts on our Patreon. Support us, if you want to! On Patreon we will post a variety of personal art, WIPs and streams, sketches, colored things and concept-arts, also all the pages will be posted there first.



Cinta itu memahami. Memberi arti dengan kesederhanaan; tidak menuntut dan panjang angan. Cinta itu bukan sekadar perasaan, tetapi akhlak dan mengerti apa yang harus dilakukan. Cinta itu memberi rasa aman dan nyaman. Cinta kadang butuh waktu, tetapi bukan masalah waktu, ini masalah kemauan dan kemampuan untuk menunggu.

I like watching the world fall asleep.

Tucked underneath a skyline, and a blanket of atmosphere winking with stars, it’s almost as if seeing something I’m not supposed to.

But it’s beautiful anyways.

I feel so large and so small. And I let my thoughts run with the night.

Mostly I think of you.
I wonder where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re with.

And we haven’t met yet, but one day. When we do.
I like to think, maybe you’d like to watch the world fall asleep with me.

—  A scribbler // Maybe You Think of Me Too.
A short story about Saturday night:

I got a lap dance at a party the other night and I swear to god my hand was broken after because of all the guys that high fived and shook my hand. It was really funny cause they couldn’t figure out how I did it so smoothly when they were just trying to talk to the girl the whole night and she wouldn’t give them the time of day.


From the Sower family newsletters.

The Misselthwaite Archives is a modern adaptation of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, told through a series of online videos, images, and written vignettes.

View the trailer, teaser, and first episode, and find out more at misselthwaitearchives.com.

Phoebe Sower - Jack Wells
Declan Sower - Bryce Earhart

Written by Hazel Jeffs
Directed, shot, and edited by Aileen Sheedy
Make-up by Amanda Daly

The Girl in the Elevator | Ch6 |

Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 1,948
Summary: Based on this prompt that I took a lot of liberties with: Imagine your OTP taking the same elevator every day because they come home from work at the same time.
Author’s Note: Sorry I didn’t post a chapter yesterday, I ended up having a busy day yesterday and spent all night at a relatives waiting for the fight to start! This is a longer chapter, so hopefully you guys enjoy it. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading! <3
Links to chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

“S-So this weather…it’s still raining.”

She actually spoke to him again.

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Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4): Part 57}

- Before Christ 🌅 -

{click the sun icon for music to read atmospherically}
Beatrice had barley finished her sentence to her sister, Belinda. One minute she was in the manor… In the attic, casting the ingredient spell and boy did that spell go wrong.

 All of a sudden Beatrice is standing in the hot sands of Al Simhara Egypt! “Wh- What?” Beatrice said, out loud knowing she was all alone. Beatrice felt her hair in small tight plaits, it had been loose a second ago. Her jeans had long gone, now she was in a robe with a scarab beetle clinging on to it… Great -_-

Beatrice sighs, she hates being a witch because of stuff like this… I mean LOOK! “Where the hell am I” She looks around, she’s actually scared for once. She feels the beating hot desert sun and it feels as ominous as a full moon, not good. But what why? She see’s the pyramids… Wait, they don’t look old at all, the pyramids look like they’ve just been built! The time era was …Something BC, Before christ!

Uh oh! Beatrice was in Ancient Egypt!


Bolivia Struggles with Gender-Based Violence

María Isabel Pillco’s body lay on a table in the city morgue. A doctor was conducting an autopsy on it, peeling back layers of skin and tissue. It was early November, and the sun blazed overhead as dozens of people milled around in a dusty parking lot outside. The Pillco family was among them, waiting for her body to be released for the funeral the following day. The dead woman’s partner, the father of their 2-year-old child, was not in the crowd; he was sitting in a police cell halfway across the city — held as a suspect in her death.

“I want justice for my daughter,” Pillco’s mother, Elvira Gavincha, cried as she leaned against a concrete wall that cast a small strip of shadow on the dry ground.

Read the full story by Pulitzer Center journalists Sarah Shahriari and Noah Friedman-Rudovsky for Al Jazeera America.

The Signs in a group Project: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Aries: Alright guys! What do we need to do?
Virgo: let’s organize what we need to do first. I’ll make a list of what’s important and what’s not.
Cancer: I don’t even think you read the book, Gemini
Aries: everyone shush! I’m in charge. First we’re gonna make Virgo generate ideas. Taurus is the writer, Cancer is the organizer, Leo is the prettiness enabler *winks*-
Leo: You think I’m pretty????
Taurus: Guys-
Cancer: wait I don’t wanna be the organizer
Virgo: stop it everyone
Aries and Leo: *flirting*
Taurus: ugh ew
Gemini: oooooo I’m telling Sagittarius
Virgo: omg
Cancer: Sagittarius?
Aries:…wait Sagittarius? WHO BROUGHT UP SAGITTARIUS
Virgo, Taurus, Cancer: ……..
Gemini: shit
Virgo: fuckin-
Cancer: *is very scared, hiding behind Virgo*
Gemini: *needs to pee all of the sudden*
Taurus: *has been watching the whole time.*
Taurus: so who actually read the book?
Everyone: *turns to look at Taurus*
Virgo: I mean, obviously…
Gemini: what?
Cancer: um, I’m halfway?
Leo: *whispering something hot into Aries’ ear*
Aries: …. Uh huh *red*
Taurus: and I finished with ur 3 months before we had to. So! I elect Virgo as the leader
Virgo: *slowly turns to look at aries out of the corner of her eye*
Aries: …… Fine! I quit!
Cancer: okay, so whose doing what?
Leo: I’m in charge of the layout on the poster.
Gemini: I gotta pee
Virgo: that’s not enough. You’ll be in charge of finding the artwork to relate the book to.
Cancer: but I wanted to find the artwork
Aries: I’ll do the news article to relate it to
Taurus: I’m in charge of relating it to the world
Virgo: I’m in charge of tying all the pieces together, along with making the claim
Gemini: *pee pee pee pee*
Leo: wait what am I in charge of again?
Virgo: go to the god damn bathroom Gemini we all know you’re not gonna be working on this anyways
Gemini: …..*actually leaves to go to the bathroom*

How the project actually goes: Aries takes leadership again telling everyone what to do even though he didn’t read the book. He manages to score Leo as a girlfriend while he’s at it. Cancer cried 4 times but helped somehow. Virgo does all the work, so they get an A. Taurus manages to keep some sort of peace in the group. Gemini, although she didn’t *actually* do written work, gave good, actually intelligent ideas- but was texting 90% of the time.


Witches Of Twinbrook; Part 67)

- We’re Witches! -

Ingrid: “Whatever this is… Make it quick, I’m too tired for lecture on superstition.” 
Joanna: “Ingrid, this isn’t a petty lecture. This is eve more serious.”
Wendy: “Hasn’t anything weird happened to you lately. I know a shy Ingrid when I see one, seen that shyness for centuries.”
Ingrid: “WHAT!?” Ingrid felt a truth in her aunt’s joke. She saw the photo of herself from 1901 and saw her name in the list if witches who perished in the Salem witch Trials…No… No, this can’t be!”
Joanna: “WENDY! STOP! We are suppose to be laying this out lightly….- Theres something you must know… About who we are… We’re w-”
Ingrid: “Please don’t tell me we’re witches!”
Joanna jumped, Wendy smirked and cocked her head to the side. Ingrid widened her eyes, waiting for a reply.
Jonna: “Yes, we are witches… And I’m so so sorry darling. Please, don’t look at me like that. It’s a long story.”
Wendy: “Magic is real hun… Your mom didn’t tell you because she was protecting you.” Wendy knew that Joanna wasn’t ready to tell Ingrid about the curse, it was too soon.
Ingrid: “No… I’m a rational skeptic… Magic isn’t real. You sent Freya to therapy, you made her believe she was crazy!”

Ingrid was speechless, Freya had always said she had powers and she never believed her.

Wendy: “Wait… Where is Freya?”

Swept in a current, caught miles from shore, one day you’re going fall in love.

And it will hit you like a wave, knocking you off your feet. But you will come up laughing.

It will be sweet like ice cream on sunny bright afternoons, and your heart will flutter like hand-painted butterfly wings.

He will come in like a dream. Come in like April, May, and June. 
And this you should remember.

Remember sunshine on your back, the wind in your hair, that unshakeable crazy wonderful feeling. 

So when he leaves like a nightmare you will know that seasons are fleeting, but it was a lovely summer all the same.

And from time to time you will visit the ocean to feel the sand in your toes, to hear the bark of the gulls.

The waves might knock you down.
But you will come up laughing.

—  A scribbler // April, May, and June