1. Shows are sometimes better when the animators write the stories.
  2. It’s good to be a little naughty sometimes.
  3. Working fast produces fresh results
  4. When stuck on a story, try beginning at the end and working backward.
  5. Draw your best and biggest ideas first.
  6. Find a mentor.
Owari no Seraph is a tragedy and is based off of the Bible

Whoa I just learned something from the Bible. Yes, the Bible from the Revelations story and what I learned from there is connected to the Owari no Seraph plot. It’s Mikayuu related and it made me think that this anime is a tragedy meaning that it WON’T HAVE A HAPPY ENDING

In the Revelations story, it mentions the “War in Heaven”. That could relate to the War between Humans and Vampires in Owari no Seraph. 

Mika and Yuu are actually the angels in that story. Pretty interesting tbh

It turns out that Yuichiro Hyakuya represents Lucifer, the fallen angel who became a demon known as Satan

And Mikaela Hyakuya, represents Micheal, the Archangel

Time for Evidence!

Yuichiro Hyakuya

Starting off with Yuu, Yuu mentioned that he was called a “demon” child by his parents, and in his memories, his parents call him a spawn of the devil. 

Also Yuu got into the Japanese Imperial DEMON Army, and during the time he tries to wield a demon weapon, his demon, Ashuramaru mentions that part of Yuu is not human. Probably that inhuman part is demon-related. 

And when Ashuramaru said that Yuu’s inhuman part had gone lose, something came from the sky in Yuu’s subconsciousness, and it’s an ANGEL?!?!? This definitely symbolizes Lucifer who is a FALLEN ANGEL.  And that Angel is blowing a trumpet, as if it’s blowing the trumpets of WAR in the WAR OF HEAVEN

And it made Yuu go out of control. As you can see, that black stuff coming out of Yuu looks like a black wing, and it’s only one wing. I think black wings represents an angel of darkness and a single wing could represent a fallen angel with a lost wing. 



He just said sinners.

Sinners. That’s a word that would be used a lot in the Bible. And Yuu look so freakin deadly and evil in dat picture. e.e

Now that’s enough proof to show that Yuu represents Lucifer the fallen angel. I think during the end of Owari no Seraph, Yuu will become completely inhuman and become so out of control that he needs to stopped and it will drive him to his DOWNFALL. Yuu is the Tragic Hero

Isn’t it ironic that the PROTAGONIST of Owari no Seraph actually represents the ANTAGONIST of another story?

Mikaela Hyakuya

First off, look at Mikaela’s name. Mikaela is the feminine form of the name “Michael”. Then why isn’t his name Michael? He’s a freakin dude. Well I think that’s because Mikaela’s name is supposed to hint that he represents Michael I guess…

When you hear the word “Archangel”, what do you imagine? A high ranked angel, dressed in pure white with pure white wings. Well, when Mikaela became a vampire, he is dressed in WHITE. Also he became associated with the vampire nobles (high ranking vampires) right away because he is Krul’s favorite. This can represent Mikaela being an Archangel.

Now what does Seraph mean?

Seraph: An angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.

So in other words, Yuu and Mika (the angels) used to belong to the vampires (The highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy) and these vampires are associated with  light, ardor, and purity. Because these vampires are dressed in WHITE

The color white have positive meanings that can represent purity, light, clean, innocence, holy, peace. I guess those words can describe an angel right?

Doesn’t Mikaela look like he’s fit to be an actual angel?

While Yuu on the other hand, is dressed in BLACK. The color black have negative meanings that represent power, darkness, death, evil, and mystery. Those words can describe the angels of darkness right?

WHOA! So does this mean that the Vampires are actually the GOOD GUYS?! Honestly, Vampires and Humans in Seraph of the End both have flaws. I don’t think there’s any good guys in dat story… 

Why is it a tragedy?

According to the Revelation story in the Bible, Michael is the one who defeated or “slayed” Lucifer and made Lucifer go down from Heaven, making him a fallen angel. 

So if Yuu and Mikaela represents them, then it’s likely that Mikaela is going to slay Yuu when Yuu becomes completely out of control with his inhuman side, making him become the Seraph of the End. It’s so sad that I’m gunna crai qmq

Also another note: The Revelation story in the bible is the LAST story in the Bible. Probably that’s why the anime is called Seraph of the END?

Seraph of End… Angel of the End…

Well den dat’s Yuu right dere

My Reflection

Well… I’m a Christian and I learn things from the Bible. After learning about this theory I made, it made me like Owari no Seraph even more, because it’s based on a story from the Bible but in a whole different background. It’s just like when you watch movies that are based on Cinderella, or a movie based on Romeo and Juliet like the movie “Gnomeo and Juliet”

Also, I do like tragedies. I don’t believe in happily ever afters (Cuz it’s too good to be true). I can learn from every tragic hero’s mistakes.

So. ..  Owari no Seraph is one of my new favorite animes now ouob


Water boys of Yerevan, Armenia used to walk along the streets of the old city with clay jugs slung over their shoulders and a bowl in hand, offering a refreshing drink of cold, clean Yerevan water; they walked through the dusty, noisy streets of the old Abovian, singing out their ware : “Water! Cold Yerevan water!”

No longer a part of the city’s life, these ragamuffin merchants are still remembered through the many knife sharpeners, vegetable and fruit vendors and matsun (yogurt) sellers that still move through the courtyards of Yerevan calling out their wares.

Peering out from the trees and shrubbery, the small Yerevan Water Boy statue commemorates one of the endearing symbols of Old Yerevan. Sculpted by  Hovhannes Bejanyan in 1970.

bellamymontague asked:

"Excuse me, do you happen to have an extra towel?"

AN: Here, have a dork and his massive crush on his colleague. ;)


The funny thing here is for Bellamy, for someone like him who really loves his job as a high school History teacher, time flies whenever he gets into it – really gets into it, like full-steam-ahead into it. Most of his students may not like whatever he’s babbling about, but they seem to love the side stories about Patroclus, or that one maiden in that one story

But sitting on his beaten couch, knees bent at an awkward angle because of how low it sags, with the coffee table digging into his shins, the clock at the wall above the opening to his kitchen mocking him with every slow tick of its mechanical hand in time with the pattering of the storm outside, he now detests how draggy time actually is.

Especially when there’s a (probably naked) lady in his shower, taking a hot bath. And not just any lady – it’s Miss Griffin. Clarke. Clarke Griffin, resident Art teacher of the blonde-tresses, modest sundress-wearing, red-lipstick bearing kind. The one that shoots him tight-lipped, coy smiles from across the cafeteria, over the heads of their students as he devours a turkey sandwich, the one that burns his skin through the layers of his clothing with just the touch of her hand as she pleads for him to ‘please help me reach that box up there on the top shelf, o giant one’, the same one that argues with him about the Byzantine era and the spread of Christianity and then sticks her tongue out at him just because she thinks he’s an idiot. And then, of course, he will not shut up just because it riles her up and it tinges her cheeks that shade of pink that he so loves.

That one. That infuriating one. Also the one he’s always wanted to kiss ever since that first day a couple of years ago, when he had picked a piece of colored paper from her hair, and she had taken his hand to inspect it with her brows furrowed. “Hm,” she had said. “Thanks for saving me from embarrassment, hero.”

“You’re welcome, princess,” he had replied.

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talking to my niece about her first little crush

i said what if you just tell him someone likes you

and she said I already tried that!

and i said and what happened

she said I told him and then he said is it you and then i said who said thaatt? and then i ran away

oh my goodness 6 yr olds now a days ><