The glorious #OroroForOmega hashtag on twitter. Created by christiancgtomas with myself and omarholmon geeking out along to it.

This whole ordeal started with this post where an Anon asked Christian “ Do you think storm can be an omega level mutant and if so how do you think she would become one? ”


Then this happened..An Anon sent :Christian this…

"storm is a glass cannon, she can be knocked out by people with human level strength. and her against silver surfer was PSI. she is underrated but also overrated in power. her stans will say she can solo all the x-men smh"


Then an Anon sent me this:

storms power levels have nothing to do with her being a woman or her color, but way to take something completely out of context and turn it into a race issue. there are a lot of powerful mutants that aren’t omega, or shouldnt be considered omega ie iceman


Is Storm awesome? Does she deserve her own solo series which I hope all of you are buying and reading? Is Storm worthy of being an Omega level mutant in the Marvel Universe?


A Beautiful Storm, landscape format, editing progression. Photos by Amber Maitrejean

1. As taken

2. Basic editing in Lightroom 5: straighten horizon line, highlights -100, shadows 0, white point +67, black point -10, contrast +2, clarity +7, vibrance +5, adjustments to the tone curve: lights +3, darks -5, shadows -5, sharpen 9, detail 29, luminance 11, vignette -14.

3. HDR edit, available to anyone on iPiccy.com, faded out by 30%, small adjustment to tone curve to add the shadows back in. I really love what HDR editing does to skies, bringing out a full tonal range in the image, and the way light appears on the water emphasizing highlights and shadows- making the wind appear on the surface.

But, I like them both. :-)

Voilà :-)