you pass through me

like wind through branches

taking pieces with you

when you go

leaves upon the breeze

i am not whole anymore

and the tree stands barren

we are

both shivering and alone


Ann says:  The paucity of branches on the tree and the paucity of words in this poem reflect the emptiness in the narrator’s heart.

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Image: The Barren Tree by Fred Freddon Goldberg

I’m happy…TOO happy?

Have you ever had that feeling that something’s about to go wrong in your life? Everything’s been peachy keen for a little too long and it’s like you’re waiting for it all to take a turn for the worst because why, why is the universe suddenly allowing you to be happy and giddy when for quite some time before that it threw everything that was crappy it could get it’s hands on at you from all angles? Is this the calm before another storm? Or is it actually just your time to be happy now for as long you’re able to maintain it? Is it tempting fate to voice that you’re waiting for it all to go arse over teakettle or is it sensible to be talking about it? Is it cynical or realistic? And do you enjoy the happy while it lasts or prepare for the crappy when/if it comes?

Well that’s how I feel at the moment anyway!