Things I Like In Life Right Now
  • Starbucks
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Ian Somerhalder & Kat Graham
  • The Supernatural Cast
  • Doctor Who
  • IHOP
  • Psychology Class
  • Yoga
  • charliepaces
  • 3r1u
  • raiseusfromperdition
  • mistress-serafina
  • stormcloudsandstars
  • itsnotaprybar
  • Harry Potter
  • Neil Gaiman
  • My Family (with an exception)

If you are not one of these things or people I may eat your soul, be warned.


Tumblr Crushes:

It’s Tumbling Tuesday.

Not it’s not I just wanted to share that I like Hannah more than Monica apparently.
But also to promote people I like to like things of.

FOLLOW THEM wait bitch it’s not follow friday!

stormcloudsandstars replied to your post: elfgrove replied to your post: Just finished Ghost…

Tumblr Savior will make it so people can block the words ‘Ghost Story’, and then they won’t see any post that includes those words, but they’ll still be able to see general posts about Dresden Files that don’t include those words.

Ooh I see, thank you!

elfgrove replied to your post: elfgrove replied to your post: Just finished Ghost…

That’d be wonderful. I worry if I unfollow I’d forget to refollow later. Tumblr Savior catches tags you set it for and auto hides posts in your dashboard so you have to click to display them.

Yes, of course! That is great. Definitely helpful for those followers who were worried about the posts having to do with Ghost Story. I’m glad you’ve mentioned this!

I will definitely add that tag (TDFJB) to each post I make involving anything to do with Ghost Story!


stormcloudsandstars replied to your post: I really hate how, as a woman, if I’m in a bad…

Do people seriously say that?… What the hell?

Dude… yes.  In fact.  Just last month when I called my mother to tell her that I’d failed my bio class I said: “Hey mom, I gotta talk to you.”  and she replied with: “You’re not pregnant, are you?”.  

And that was my mother.