“There’s always time for one last cup!”

OK, so this one started out as a nice cutesy scene wherein Chloe and Kate would be enjoying a nice quiet cup of tea together on one of the picnic tables out the front of Blackwell.  Then I had the idea to change it to a scene where they were both standing and clinking their cups together.  Then I thought they could be doing it in a bit of a funny action pose.  Then I thought I could put a cool explosion behind them.  Then I couldn’t find a good explosion, but thought instead about the LIS storm.  Then this.  Cough.

I’m getting a Wizard of Oz vibe from this though.  I was half tempted to add a little easter egg of Victoria riding a witches boom in the background. ;-3

I’ll have to do a proper render of Chloe and Kate at some point.  I like the idea that they’d make really good friends, opposites attract and what-not.  I feel like Kate would help ground Chloe somewhat, while Chloe might help “liven” Kate up a bit?  And in the context of the game, I wonder if Chloe’s “fuck the haters” attitude might help out Kate’s humiliation from the other students?  Kate would certainly provide a good shoulder to cry on for poor ol’ Chloe too. :3