Head on a Swivel, Big Eyes

To get the mean reds in Bryant park

while the lawn drips with sane bystanders

is a dangerous development.

Now I don’t mean just mad, but

red dripping angry. 

And I don’t mean the homeless jittery

fellows who feel what you feel,

I mean the place is infested by tourists

with itchy trigger fingers.

Did Capote ever breathe?

Here I am, sitting on the steps

all hot air and denim. 

A piano claps under the gazebo,

café goers keep score, teeth on teeth,

laughing all the way on a day

that could be the very last.

My phone’s screen mutters,

“Momma Dukes: Watch out for backpcks and

pckages, Re— 9/11”, and I wonder,

when did packages become something to fear?

Now I’ve got the mean reds right now, Capote,

but if I don’t have a white Christmas, brother,

I’m gunning for you. 

LAST TIME ON MODERN WARFARE 2! (Said in epic sounding voice)

I decided to play Modern Warfare 2 to get ready for Modern Warfare 3! When I got on, it was on! In most of my matches, I got top 3 or tippy top!  It was epicccccc! Then I decided to set a challenge for myself…….NUKE! I didn’t do it in Team Deathmatch. I did it in Demolition! (Note: I didn’t do it in TDM because…just be-cause.) I was dropped into an ongoing match started off with 0-0! Then I grabbed my M16 and started to mow down everyone! I died 5 to 7 times during the process BUT I said “NO MORE DYING!" I did just do that! Before the round ended, I had a Harrier Strike in my pocket! We were now bombing. I stayed back and waited till they came to me/us. So, I got a few kills from defending my team from arming the bomb. I hid in the bunker (The map was Afghan) and used my Harrier Strike on Point B. I drop it on there and I got my CHOPPER GUNNER! I mowed down the whole team in to crab meat! They couldn’t take it down! I finished the full time that the Chopper Gunner has when in flight! But I was shy 4 to 5 kills! I needed those kills. I ran to the other side, behind enemy lines and got all MLG Pro on all of them! It was like "PEW PEW PEW!" from my Urban coated M16! Then I got it! I still hadn’t died yet and there were seconds on the clock before our bomb exploded. I said, "NOPE! I’MMA END DIS WAR!"  Then….. *CLICK* NUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 

And that’s what happened last in MODERN WARFARE 2: The Road to the Future of War!

dontyouauntkathyme said:


My phone is in the other room and dead but I’ll make that your texting tone as soon as I charge my phone :)

Now I will be able to tell right away if someone is texting me or if you’re texting me probably yelling at me for all the feels I sent to you since I like to come up with random voyager stories just to send Ryn the feels cuz I’m a great friend like that…