Each Of These 7 Houses Are For Sale…But They’re Also Filled With Horrors

1217 Marion St, Dunmore, PA – $181,365. 


Realtors claim that this old house has ghosts, but that they’re “nothing serious.” Sure, it’s got phantom footsteps, knocking on the doors, and even a mysterious figure appearing in the bathroom mirror, but no big deal. Then there’s the trifle matter of a phantom scream heard at precisely 3:13 a.m. every single night, but you know, don’t worry about it.

Allyn Mansion, Delavan, WI – $1.2 million.


This late-1800s mansion was the home of the Allyn family for quite some time before Mr. Allyn died while reading mail in the parlor in 1913. Since then, reports of pages turning themselves and the occasional cough can be heard from that parlor, as Mr. Allyn eternally answers his letters. He’s an excellent roommate.

Pottstown Victorian, Pottstown, PA – $176,000


The real estate agents of this home claim that it may be haunted, but they invite potential home buyers to take a tour in order to learn its story firsthand.

Ann Starrett Mansion, Port Townsend, WA – $750,000.


Built in 1889 by George Starrett for his wife, Ann, this mansion features a tower dome, a solar calender, and the occasional visitation from the spirits of the once-proud (and now definitelydead) owners.


Tattoo Stories with Dillon Francis – On the deer coming out of a woman’s face on his right arm: “I didn’t want to actually get this one tattooed on me. I wanted to get it on my leg or not at all. Because I told him about this idea. I was like, ‘I’ve seen this tattoo artist. His name’s Pietro something. He’s from Italy. And he does a lot of faces where, it’s guys in suits but then their faces aren’t anything it’s just like the Twilight Zone in it. And I was like, 'what if we do a girl’s face, she’s a porcelain doll, taking her face … Or no, just with a deer … Or no, I said a jackalope. I wanted it to be like a bunny mixed with a deer, mixed with a tiger as well. So it was a funny tiger-deer thing. And then he made it so that she was holding her face.”

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Steve/Bucky/Natasha. First kisses

The first time Steve kisses Bucky, he’s fifteen and tipsy, celebrating the repeal of Prohibition. It’s cold in the apartment, and Mr. DiDomenico’s homemade wine burns going down, warming them both up. Bucky’s lips are soft and stained red from the wine when Steve leans over and presses his lips against them.

He doesn’t know what he was thinking (and he doesn’t remember much later), but after a surprised gasp, Bucky kisses him back, his tongue hot and slick in Steve’s mouth.

They fall asleep curled up together on Steve’s bed, and in the morning, they pretend it never happened.


The first time the Black Widow kisses the Winter Soldier, it’s a feint, an attempt to catch him off-guard, but he’s wise to the Widow’s tricks, and pins her easily. He’s amused that she made the attempt, as much as he’s ever amused by anything, and he chooses her when the time comes to take one of the girls on a mission. When it’s done, he presses her against the warm brick wall of the hotel and kisses her for real. She responds enthusiastically, and lets him take her to bed.

It will be many years before either of them even remember it happened.


The second time Steve kisses Natasha (the first time it’s something more than a trick), he says, “I’ve been told I need some practice.”

“I’m sure you’ll be a diligent student,” she answers, laughing into his mouth.

She teaches him many lessons over the next few months, and discovers he’s a fast and eager learner, mapping out her body with his hands and lips with the same determination and focus he brings to planning an op.

That attention is split, of course. She knows she’s always going to have to share him–with the team, with the country, but most of all, with James, when he finally comes home.

She’s not surprised the night he slips into their bedroom and lies next to the bed until she huffs and says, “Get up here, James.”

He looks at Steve over her shoulder and she doesn’t have to see Steve’s face to know it’s approving. She urges James to climb over her so they can cradle him between them, and watches as Steve presses gentle kisses to his hair, his forehead, his eyelids, and when he doesn’t do anything but sigh happily, his lips.

“Don’t be greedy,” she says, and James pulls back, apologetic, and she kisses him, too, while Steve nuzzles at the crook of his neck.

“This is okay?” he asks, touching her with his metal hand.

“Yes,” she says.

Steve grins at both of them, his mouth red and swollen with kiss. “Yeah, Buck, it is.”

Quando l'ho conosciuta non ero pronto a ciò che mi avrebbe fatto.
Tutto è cominciato con una stretta di mano il 18 Giugno del 1991.
Ricordo di aver pensato ‘quant'è bella’.
Avrei voluto parlarle ma la musica era troppo forte e copriva le nostre parole.
Non sapevo neanche il suo nome, ma mi trascinò in pista e ballammo insieme fino a tardi.
Era la mia Cenerentola, e avevo il terrore che sarebbe scomparsa come si fa sempre dopo una notte in discoteca.
La vidi allontanarsi da me per una manciata di minuti, per poi ritornare con una penna ed una lira.
Scrisse il suo numero di telefono sulla moneta e me la strinse nella mano.
Mi accarezzò la guancia e poi scomparse tra la folla.
Ho capito di essere innamorato di tua madre già da allora, senza neppure sapere il suo nome.

Mio padre.

Ho pianto troppo.

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I would love some Steve/Peggy, if you feel like it!

In public, Peggy is always immaculately turned out, always perfectly pressed and shined, never a hair out of place. Even after days of humping it with the Commandos, she looks fresh and alert, and Steve loves that about her.

But he also likes being able to make a mess of her in private, her brilliantly red lipstick smudged by his mouth, smeared against his skin, the waxy taste of it lingering on his tongue. He loves unpinning her hair and letting it fall like a curtain around them when they kiss. He loves peeling her out of her service uniform or the fatigues she wears out in the field with them, or whatever disguise she’s got on when she’s liaising with the Resistance, each piece of clothing revealing the real Peggy, the one who lets him love her, beneath the cool, professional facade she uses for the men.

And then he gets to help put her back together again when they’re done, serving as a mirror when she pins up her hair and reapplies her lipstick. When she’s in a skirt, she lets him draw the seams on her legs in place of stockings, her kohl pencil steady in his hand while he tries not to get distracted by the softness of her skin and the scent that clings to it.

He stores the memories away to keep him warm when she’s not with him, and he dreams them over and over when he’s in the ice.

The Signs as Native American Lore

Aries: Origin of the Lakota Peace Pipe - Lakota

Taurus: Origin of the Clans - Hopi

Gemini: The Legend of the Cedar Tree - Cherokee

Cancer: Mooin, The Bear’s Child - Algonquin

Leo: Why the Opussum’s Tail Is Bare - Cherokee

Virgo: The Origin of Earth - Tuskegee

Libra: Creation of the First Indians - Chelan

Scorpio The Origin of the Winds - Aleuts

Sagittarius: Godasiyo the Woman Chief - Seneca

Capricorn: Origin of the Buffaloes - Cheyenne

Aquarius: Turtle’s Race With Bear - Seneca

Pisces: How Fly Saved the River - Anishnabeg


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4); Part 59}

- Sisters No More -

The moon sinks as an evil dawn rises, the winds howl only to be tempered by the lack of witches. The power of three has been disconnected, Beatrice, Belinda and Bianca’s Crumplebottom magic has disappeared. Belinda stands staring at the circle of candles… Her sisters are gone. Belinda doesn’t know that Beatrice is in ancient Egypt, Bianca is a mermaid and her husband will die at the hands of Black Widow… Unless she finds out and saves them all… But it’s all up to her.

“What have I done! No… My sisters, the spells backfired! They’re gone!” She held her daughter tight in her arms, frightened that she may loose her also. Her husband has gone to look for Black Widow, Bianca disappeared after they cast the ingredient spell… And now Beatrice has gone. The spell backfired. Now Belinda is all alone. “Don’t worry… Mommy will fix this!” She spoke to Barbara softly. She must find a way to get her sisters back…

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Steve/Natasha, teaching Natasha how to use his shield :D :D

Steve signs on with SHIELD after the Battle of New York, and shortly after that, Fury teams him with Natasha. They work well together, which might surprise other people, but they weren’t there when he launched her off his shield to catch a Chitauri sled–he knew from that moment that she was as good a teammate as he’d ever worked with, and their training sessions as he tries to get his skills up-to-date only reinforce that impression.

But it’s not until after Project Insight that he hands her the shield and says, “Show me what you can do with it.”

She gives him a surprised look that quickly morphs into concentrated frown as she tests the weight of it, the balance. it keeps them occupied between searching for Bucky and taking down HYDRA bases. The others join them sometimes (it’s especially fun when Thor shows up and they figure out how to use the hammer and the shield together), but Steve secretly likes it best when it’s just him and Natasha.  She doesn’t have enhanced strength but she’s smart and knows how to use angles and leverage, and how to use her size as an advantage (she knows even more dirty tricks for fighting larger opponents than he does, and he was pretty much the expert at it back in the 40s), and he feels confident that when she needs to in a real fight, she’ll be able to handle the shield as well as anyone who isn’t him can.

She proves him right when they fight Ultron.

They’re in a muddy field outside the new facility, discussing how to teach the new Avengers some of the tricks they’ve developed when the skies open up and rain starts pouring down.

“Come here,” he says, lifting the shield over their heads and pulling her in close, so they can stand beneath it like it’s the world’s most expensive umbrella. She looks up at him, amusement shining in her eyes, and he tips his head down towards her, as if drawn by gravity. He hesitates briefly, but she doesn’t stop him from pressing his lips to hers.

The shield muffles the sound of the rain, so all he hears is his own beating heart and the soft gasp she makes when he licks at her lower lip. Her hands come up to tangle in the short hair on the back of his neck, and he shivers, his arm tightening around her as the kiss becomes more urgent and heated.

Steve’s not sure how long they stand there trading kisses, but the rain shows no sign of letting up when she pulls away and he becomes aware of the outside world again.

“Come on,” she says, tilting her head towards an equipment shed about thirty yards away. “Let’s get in out of the rain.”

How I Saved My Own Life

I was scrolling through my dash on my laptop when my mom came and sat next to me on the couch and was like “I’m gonna sit here and see what you’re looking at!” So I was super slowly scrolling through my dash trying to avoid any random porn popping up like “oh hey your daughter scrolls through freaky sex on the internet sometimes!” Anyway I went past a funny picture that my mom started laughing at so I clicked on the blog and was in the clear but then my mom asked “do you have a page like this??” And I think she could smell the fear rolling off of me so I panicked and I yelled really fast: “wanna look at funny dogs!?” And googled ‘funny dog gifs’ and let my mom scroll through a long page of dogs dancing and catching inanimate objects while laughing hysterically and muttering “what’s a gif?”

Good save.

one time my sister was taking a shower and she yelled so my first thought was ‘a murderer’ and busted open the bathroom door in only basketball shorts to immediately see a spider on the counter, scream, turn, and run into a wall.