Thankfully, there are a lot of humans in this world who are kind, caring and compassionate towards animals. Here a just a few of the stories of human’s being kind to animals that I came across that will warm your heart. To see all these amazing stories click here


Reblog if you think it’s a cool idea to make a tumblr page where you can see girl selfies, news about lesbian-related tv shows/movies, workout tips, flirting tips, advice about girls, interesting lesbian-related stories, dating/making friends (example, I’d write: “Everyone who is from England like this post.”), lgbt music news. And similar.

Well that’s what I’m doing.



Introducing— “The Pig”!

Years ago my family went to Home Depot and my mom let my sister and I pick out statues for the house. My sister picked out a rabbit, and I picked out this pig

I can’t remember where we put the rabbit, but we put the pig in the front yard, right by the driveway and in front of our foremost tree. For years and years our house informally became “the house with the pig.” We would literally add “It’s the house with the pig” to any driving instructions given to friends and company.

But a few years ago some assholes went around stealing lawn statues from people. Our yard was one of the ones hit and Pig was stolen. We were pretty sure we’d never see him again at that point

Not long after, though, someone found out who had stolen all of the statues, hiding them in their garage. Either they forced the person to give them back or the person did so willingly, I’m not sure, but someone recognized our pig in the garage and contacted us to come get the pig

Unfortunately, however, Pig was injured when the boys stole him. They’d dropped him on his back, and he had deep holes and one of his ears was nearly falling off. He was also weatherworn from age at this point and did not have much paint left on him. So instead of getting his proper place in front of the tree back, he was placed in the carport so we could maybe repair him one day

Recently I got some air-dry clay and decided to try and fix him up. I didn’t bother with his broken base since it isn’t visible from where we place him, but I patched up all of the holes in his back, his ear, and one on his chest. The patch jobs are a bit lumpy, but better than gaping holes, I suppose

And today I finally finished repairing Pig! I painted him with some acrylic paint, put some mod podge on him, and then sprayed some clear outdor sealant on. Now Pig just has to dry and he’s ready to go out in front of his tree ; u ;


My Journey to Teacherhood

Hello tumblr! I’ve been gone for so long. I’m pretty sure I missed a lot. How are you guys? :)

These past few months had been a very tiring yet fulfilling period for me. It’s a period in my college life where I finally applied all of the things I’ve learned. By looking at the pictures, I’m sure you already know what I am talking about. I got to experience what it feels like to be a teacher.

For 3 months I became the Math Student Teacher of five Grade 7 sections in Cayetano Arellano High School, my alma mater. It felt good to be back but this time, I am not a student. This experience made me see education in the eyes of a teacher. Ganito pala yung feeling hahahaha. Dati kasi diba kapag student ka maaaring isipin mo lang yung sarili mo eh. Lalo na ako nung nasa high school ako basta naiintindihan ko lessons, ayos na. But it’s not the same thinking kapag teacher ka na. Syempre you have to make sure that everyone is understanding what you are teaching. That is the basis kung effective ka ba talagang teacher eh. 

It was very hard at first. Kasi akala mo kapag alam mo na yung ituturo mo simple na lang lahat. Pero hindi eh. Aside from being an expert on your field, you should also know how to effectively manage the class. Walang silbe yung galing ng pagtuturo mo kung hindi naman lahat nakikinig sa sinasabi mo. Nung na-eexperience ko na magturo, napapaisip na lang ako sana pala hindi ako naging sakit ng ulo sa mga teachers ko noon. Hahahaha! Nagbackfire yata sa akin mga ginawa ko dati.

Anyway, on what I learned from this experience, yes it was tiring but mawawala din naman yan once makita mo yung shine sa mga mata ng students mo tuwing papasok ka sa classroom. Yung shine na nagsysymbolize ng excitement and anticipation sa kung anong ituturo mo sa kanila ngayong araw. Ibang klase kapag nag-eenjoy sila. Mas lalong nakakataba ng puso kapag nakikita mong naiintindihan nila at nagpeperform sila ng maganda sa mga quizzes and exams. Parehong mahirap at masarap maging guro. Sa naexperience kong to, mas lalong lumaki yung respect ko sa mga teachers. Hindi talaga biro yung ginagawa nila. :))

Nakakatuwa kasi kahit wala na ako sa Arellano at balik buhay estudyante na ako sa DLSU, nakakausap ko pa din yung mga students ko. This goes to show na in a way, I was able to touch their lives positively. And with that, I am very very happy. 

Communication in the 21st century has become increasingly multimodal," says Professor Carmen Lee, co-author of Language Online: Investigating Digital Texts and Practices. While the text-based Craigslist may still look the way it did in the late ’90s, the rest of the web now relies on images, both moving and still, to convey much of its information. MIT social scientist Sherry Turkle worries, however, that this is coming at the cost of literary fiction and conversations, which "deepen our empathic skills, the ability to identify with characters, and put yourself in the place of others." The web of today is full of stories, both fictional and real, but moving from reading "to a world where we share memes does not guarantee the same results. A life of visual memes is not enough.
Worst convention I've ever had the misfortune of attending

A couple weeks ago, I attended Anime Revolution 2014 in Vancouver, BC. The staff were absolutely HORRIBLE to me and the convention was way overpriced ($75 for the weekend, for a 3 year old convention). I’ve heard some pretty nasty things about AniRevo in the past, but since this was the last full weekend con this year and therefore my last chance to see my friends for another 6 months, I decided, hey, I’ll give it a go.

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To be honest, hindi ko pa naranasan yung masurprise ng mga kaibigan ko kapag birthday ko. Usually kasi ako yung nag-aadvertise ng birthday ko sa kanila kasi nakaugalian ko na din na magpakain taun-taon. 

Ngayong year, hindi ko inexpect na gagawa ng surprise tong mga college friends ko. Nakakatuwa lang kasi talagang nag-effort sila para mangyari tong plan. Ang drama ko daw kasi hahahaha.

First birthday surprise talaga kahit medyo nabuking sila along the way. Pero ayos lang hehehehe… Ito yung mga kaibigang dapat pinapahalagahan. :))

Ngayong twenteen na ako, I know that I have to be more responsible, and mature lalo na’t may mga students ako na laging gagabayan at pangangaralan. Malaking challenge. Malaking transition. Pero malaking adventure na naman :)) 


Sobrang thank you talaga Argyll sa paglalagay ng mukha ko sa dyaryo! Hahaha