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Do you have any advice in writing? To help beginners!!!

Hello! Always so nice to hear about new writers~ Hmm… advice? 

  • Read. Read. READ! - Yes, even if you’re already in that stage where you want to write your own compositions, it’s still important to expose yourself to literature . This will simply help you categorize which genre you want to pursue, improve your grammar, inspire you, and to discover different writing styles which can help you distinguish your own. :) Plus, it’s always fun to read so do it for leisure. <3 
  • Don’t stress yourself out - since you’re a beginner, do not expect your works to come out as perfect as those author’s you admire. Great writers had years of practice so don’t sweat it! You’ll get there soon enough. ;)
  • PRACTICE - write everyday, whenever possible. This will make writing easier for you that it almost feel like breathing when you do it.
  • Be Proud - Always be proud of your finished product. Don’t underestimate what you have done because it is amazing no matter what others say. You worked hard for it after all, right? :) So it deserves a standing ovation. 
  • And lastly… HAVE FUN- writing is not about having people know you as an author, or having many readers, but because it’s an expression of your own ideas, feelings, and identity. Just write and enjoy the journey. <3

I wish you luck in writing dear! It’s truly a great past time or even a career to pursue. I know I love it. <3 keke~


Sightseeing The Jennings Way || Carlia

Carter was excited about today’s excursion. They were still in Paris and he had planned some special for their day. He had made sure that Celia was dressed casually for their date and once she was ready, he led her down to the lobby to a vespa that he had rented for the day. “Babe, I know that this is probably not your idea of fun, but I promise you that I will make this worth your while.” He got on and made room for his wife. “Hop on, baby, we’re exploring Paris!” When she was seated, he was off to their first destination; Champ de Mars. 

Couples Therapy Part I || Cailey & Dr. Caroline Foster
  • Dr. Foster:-Picks up her notepad and flips it to a fresh page. Smiles at both couple- Hello to the both of you. I'm Doctor Caroline Foster. I will be your counselor for the next 3 months. I want you to be open and honest with me. I'm here to help you and not to judge you, so if you have any hesitations or worries, feel free to voice them out. Now, my first question is, why are you both here?
  • Bailey:-holds Caleb's hand and listens to Dr. Foster. Hears her question and answers her right away- We're here because we love each other, but we have trust issues, and I have to admit that they mostly come from my end, and I want to fix that. We are engaged and I want to marry Caleb more than anything, but first I want to fix this crack in our relationship.
  • Dr. Foster:-Write down notes in her notepad and nods- Well, first of all I would like to congratulate the both of you on your engagement and the fact that you are going to counseling shows that you are both committed to this relationship. -Looks at Caleb- Are you on the same page as Bailey, Caleb or is there any other under lining issues that you would like to talk about?

The concluding part of…

Mansions of Madness: The House of Fear

Scene 5. Take 10…

As Jenny led the maniac on a wild goose chase through the Mansion, I ranged back through the projector room in time to see some spectral partygoers running through the locked bathroom door next to the projection room. Shouting to Gloria, whose leg had just been broken by even more witches attacking her frail form, I tell her to check out the bathroom even as I rush back through the Mansion to try to help Jenny kill the Maniac before he kills her. 

Scene 6. Take 50… 

Through what means Gloria gained access to the bathroom I can’t recall but the sight of Marion Chapel’s dead body sprawled in the large bathtub was enough to unsettle her already shaken nerves. Shouting at us to get the lost reel Gloria turns just in time before another maniac plunges his machete at her blood drained face. As Gloria stumbles from the room agonizing over her broken leg, I turn to face the maniac as a ghastly hound of Tindalos seeps out of the projection screen lunging towards us. Bullets flying from Jenny’s and my .45s penetrate what heart the hound must have had to end its frightening form before it could even lay its claws upon us.

Scene 7. Take 2..

Jenny horrified face turns from the hounds body as she fires her guns point blank into my swirling coat her sanity broken as she takes anything moving as something to be killed. Shaking Jenny back to reality I push her stumbling from the room with the reel clutched in her arms as I turn to face the horrors spilling into the room to stop us succeeding at reaching our goal.

Scene 8. Take 1… 

Gloria slumps to the floor, her last breath spent on the effort of dying away from the horror that had tested her to her limit… Jenny’s fingers twitch wildly as she attempts to gain access to the broken electrical lock on the projection room door. Her fingers aligning half of the wires before her eyes lose focus on reality, her sanity wavering. I crash into her side as I connect the last wire to the room shoving Jenny in with the reel as even more witches and cultists run down the hall towards us… Jenny fumbles to click the reel into the projector and flicks the switch just before the last part of her retreats further in and loses itself in her sub consciousness, forever giving into the madness that has consumed her.

Kids are great because they say the weirdest things

Once I was babysitting this little girl and, she’s like six okay? so I had to go bc her mom got home but this girl really liked me. She got all upset that I was leaving and I tried to comfort her by saying “it’s okay, Willow, you’ll see me again really soon!” let’s also get out in the open, the fact that I live directly across the street from this adorable child.


She turns to look at me slowly, the way only a dramatic six year old can, and she says with wide eyes

"not if I electrocute myself."


Mansions of Madness:  The House of Fear

Scene 1. Take 15..

Even before we had entered the Mansion the hairs on the back of our necks were raised as our thoughts returned to our agent’s verbal diarrhea suggesting they had used artifacts from our previous adventures as actual props in the movie. What madness had this director unleashed upon these unsuspecting actors was now ours to solve.

As we entered we could hear the muffled sounds of our movie playing from a distant room until Gloria Goldberg strode straight in on the premier only to find absolutely no one there… an empty room with the film flickering on the wall and  the sound track echoing all around hinting that we needed to find some where cool. Our first clue…

Although we were all sane when we made the decision, our best attempt at thinking of a cool place only made us think of the bathroom and taking a cool shower. This fateful decision to find the bathroom first would cost one  of us their life and bring another to the brink of insanity. 

Scene 2. Take 3… 

Gloria explored off the sides of the projection room finding only locked doors as Jenny and myself drove through the east wing to find the nearest shower room. A wave of darkness threw itself at Jenny shaking her already highly strung nerves and causing her to flee and stumble into me with my .45s drawn almost putting a bullet through her distorted face as she tried to get out of the darkness. 

Scene 3. Take 5…

There was no time for fear as I smacked open door after door until panting and out of breath I reached a bedroom and an adjoining shower my hands clasping my knees for support in getting my breathe back. Then it pierced the silence, Gloria’s high pitched shrieks for help cascading through the side doors to the bedroom as she was suddenly confronted with the lost soul of Vivian Davis, one of the two bit actresses playing out our lives on screen. The witches materialized out of the misted darkness surrounding Vivian’s lost soul even as a black robed cultist dived at Gloria’s throat. Without thought time seemed to stop as Gloria bent backwards almost in two as the two witches swiped and plunged for where he body had just been before her typewrite ‘s front strikes caught the cultist’s out stretched out fingers only to crush them as she presses the carriage return key ripping his nails from the fingers causing spurting blood to mist in the air as the cultist disappeared as quickly as he had come.  

 Scene 4. Take 37…

Clutching a silver key Jenny had managed to pick up during her floundering moments at the beginning she strikes out for the freezer slamming the door open even as she shots her .45s into the frozen air that spirals around her slim fashion cover frame. Everything is still before her before a blood soaked meat cleaver splits Jenny’s split ends as her second round of shots manage to embed themselves in the skull of the maniac lunging at her from the depths of the freezer.

To be continued…



Thank you.

I just wanted to make a post thanking each and every single person that follows me. I know that many people say this but it means a lot to me to actually have people interested in the things I’m doing; whether it be finding the things I post funny, enjoying my poetry, or just simply liking my blog. I try to visit a lot of the pages that follow me and if I don’t visit yours (you’ll know I’ve visited because I will most likely spam) I’m sorry but I’ll try to get to them all. I appreciate everyone who follows me and the few people that I’ve been able to talk to, even if it was only a few messages, you are all amazing people. If any of you feel the need to talk to me, you can go ahead and message me, or text me (my number is in the “about me” section on my blog), no matter who or where you are I will find time to try to be there for you, be your friend, or simply just chat. Once again, thank you all for giving me notes or even simply visiting my blog. It truly means a lot.

With all of this being said, there are a few things I want to talk about. First, I’d like to say that if I don’t get back to any messages for the next week or so, that is due to the fact that it is finals week. Secondly, after finals I plan on writing a lot more poetry or even short stories, my goal is to make somewhat of a book of compiled poems and stories by my friends and I. Third, I’m hoping to sometime post videos on tumblr just general vlog type videos. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, I just haven’t gotten around to it, but I will sometime soon. Finally, I’m working on making an Outlast fan film set a few years after Waylon escapes and it’s going to have one of Waylon’s sons enter the “abandoned” Mount Massive. I’ve been writing ideas and will actually start writing a script for that starting next weekend. If anybody has read this far or has any questions/ideas/or just wants to talk, feel free to message or text me. I love you all.