The Common Language (of Lorn animals)

Animals speak a language known as the “Common language”. This language often involves gestures and body language more than it involves sounds.

Each species of animal has a slightly altered Common language, though the general idea remains the same. As long as a person understands the body language of a species of animal— and studies the sounds that they make— they are able to interpret their speech.

The only large differences in Common language lie between predators and prey animals. Someone who understands the Common language of a dog or cat may still have difficulty understanding rabbits and songbirds, for example.

The more intelligent an animal is, the more eloquent their Common language reads. Rodents and rabbits have a very abrupt, repetitive way of speaking, whereas wolves and lions express more concrete ideas through language. 

Domesticated animals may have guttural language if they are raised apart from other animals. Domesticated animals that are social with other animals, however, lose nothing of their language. These animals are actually the easiest for Elders and humans to communicate with as they understand more of the humanoid Common language— and may even come to understand spoken humanoid languages, even if they cannot vocalize the words in return. 

The Elder/human common language itself is rather simple and consists of blunt language and a lot of pointing.

Animals have no concept of or need for gendered pronouns. They refer to one another by either names, titles, or a general “they”. 

"I drove up to Hyannis Port, Jack Kennedy had been campaigning hard for re-election to the Senate. And unbeknownst to me, he was already running for president and needed to win the Senate race by a landslide. He had gotten in at four in the morning from a ten-day campaign trip and was leaving again the next day for another strenuous haul. The last person he wanted to see was photographer."

"So when I got there, he was all dressed up in a blue pinstriped suit. Not normal weekend gear on the Cape on a beautiful summer’s day.
He was stiff as a statue, morose and in a sour mood when I started to photograph him. I simply could not reach him. Eventually, Jackie appeared with Caroline. Jack began to relax and play with his young daughter. Later I took pictures of the three of them, including one of Caroline chewing on Jackie’s pearls that has since become an icon.” 

-Jacques Lowe

Jaspar Advent Calendar - 17th December

Title: Face on a Lover with a Fire in his Heart

Word Count: 2,908

Warnings: Homophobia, Angst, Slightly mature scenes?

Joe was very good at ‘playing straight’ during the day: flirting with girls; discussing the latest most attractive actress; not staring too long at the cute boy who worked in the village’s bakery.”

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