"When the Japanese were coming, my husband put me and the boys on a boat to Australia to evacuate. There were two boats leaving that day and we got on the first one. But before departure, I realised one of the boys had left his comfort pillow on the dock, so we went back out to get it. He would be inconsolable without it.

Well we found the pillow but before we could get back to our seats

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why do most girls in fanfics gotta only have:

  • long hair??
  • green/blue/hazel eyes??
  • only white girls??
  • girls who hate curly hair??
  • clear skin??

why not romanticize girls with pixie cuts? or brown eyes? or having more skin pigment? having a beautiful mane? having skin problems like acne?

there are girls who are different out there reading this stuff, don’t make them feel bad and leave them out yo. :-)

  • Bitch :*drags ur crush to u*
  • Bitch :hey y/n so I've heard you like *crush name*. Am I right *smirk smirk*
  • NUMBER 1
  • Me :um yeah
  • Crush :wait really?
  • Me :uhuh
  • Crush :I kinda like you too
  • NUMBER 2
  • Me :um no
  • Crush :w-what
  • Me :I don't like you
  • Crush :awh I was hoping we could date
  • NUMBER 3
  • Me :um yeah
  • Crush :what ew you do
  • Me :*nods*
  • Crush :why would I ever date you bye
  • NUMBER 4
  • Me :um no
  • Crush :same like we have nothing in common how *laughs*
  • Me :laughs nervously
The day I revealed to my parents I wanted to be an author when I grew up I was sure was the last day I’d ever live in the same house as them; that is, I was almost positive they’d respond with an overwhelming sea of laughter that would tidal wave over me, push me straight out the front door, and wash me onto the street.
—  The first sentence of my novel

For every spider-witted compromise,
There is a woman with sand for feet,
And chalk for fingertips,
Trying to wish away her sharpness:

As if there are no angels anywhere but here.

Drizzles stories down this haunt of an hour:
Like mid-tragic ghouls.

Later, they will name a city after you,
On the corner of a street and a side-road:
The size of a keyhole.
But you’re out the door already.


—  A.M., Angels Concur 

I’m gunna write a fairy tale about a princess who isn’t how her parents want her to be and they keep trying to change her and one day they try to force her into arranged marriage so she runs away, pretends to be kidnapped by a dragon and lives peacefully in a castle with the dragon until a knight she approves of comes to rescue her, I’m gunna write it for my niece ^-^

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Harry Potter and the Monster


Pecos 2: ‘High’ Noon - This aint your daddies Appleseed! Drawing this issue I feel like I started to find my style. Before this in Pecos 1 and mini comics I made in college were ‘experiments’ I guess you could call them. I allowed myself to go nuts on this and it was what I had been looking for. But you haven’t seen nuts (literally) until you see Pecos 3 coming next week!

anonymous asked:

So I have a thing for tickling, and I told one of my best guy friends and he basically called me a weirdo and now feels uncomfortable when it comes out. I guess he just feels weirded out cause he's finding out so much about me he didn't know (like how I'm bisexual but am probably a lesbian cause I mean girls are hot but...) and I can't tell my other best friend cause she can be a huge bitch and will probably tell her boyfriend and then everyone at school would be weirded out by me. Please help

anim sorry that’s how your friend reacted.. i had a couple of friends who did the same thing, one of my friends even told her boyfriend who then only referred to me as “tickle freak” (but luckily they broke up like 2 weeks later and i never saw him again) so that was fun.

honestly if you think your friends won’t react well then it may be better not to talk to them about it, i haven’t told any of my friends at school because it’s just not something we really talk about…idk. in high school we were all pretty open about our likes/kinks/random oddness so most of my friends then found out.

i guess just try to play it off as not a big deal and just like, hopefully he’ll chill out and things will go back to normal? i know this is definitely not an ideal situation but hopefully things will work out better in the future. 

if anyone else has advice insight that would be readily accepted and hopefully help