Get FREE MONEY for downloading apps

Hey guys, I have some really exciting news to share with you all!
I recently discovered an app called “FeaturePoints” and you earn points for downloading apps and trying them out!

The points can be redeemed for:
- Money in paypal
- Amazon giftcards
- Itunes giftcards
- Games
- even an Ipad mini

It is 100% real and almost too good to be true but it’s absolutely worth it and I’ve earned over $1000 from downloading apps and sharing the link.

You can download it here: featu.re/CS9QNP

If you use my code CS9QNP, you get 50 free points!

Note: Use the link on iphone or ipad!


Ok so these are the cutest things I got while thrifting. I’m keeping the bow sweater because im literally in love with it and it actually fits me but I will be selling the teddy bear sweater on my shop!!!


Announcing a new art book for Spring 2015, and also a new zine!

6″x9″ Saddle-stitched book (52pg)

6″x6″ saddle-stitched (12pg)


It is due to ship out end of MAY to early JUNE.
(It may ship out earlier or a bit later depending on when the books arrive to me.)

The book will also be available at the following events: TCAF, AN, AX, Fan Expo.Any items ordered with the preorder will be shipped together at the estimated time.

Preorders will close second week of May.

Ok guys. Guess what. I think I got literally the cutest sweater ever, it has little white bears on it. And I plan on selling it. I wish it was my size but sadly its too small. It can probably be worn as a crop top sweater for people sizes XS-M. Its so adorable I’ll post pics later.