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DIY Cute Containers From Plastic Bottles : Denise Meneghello

Using an iron to smooth out pretty recycled bottle containers is pretty clever. I have yet to try it, so I’m not sure if it leaves any bits on your iron, but I can’t see a quick melt leaving behind anything that couldn’t be cleaned off when cooled down.

The tutorial is in Portugese (I believe) but the photos are pretty self explanatory.

Update: This contest has closed! Thanks to all for entering… winners will be notified this week.

Those pretty mason jars everyone’s obsessed with? They’re good for more than just decoration! But if home canning seems a little intimidating, no fear: Jarden Home Brands (makers of the iconic Ball jars) are trying to make things a little easier with their first-ever International Can-It-Forward Day on August 16, which includes local events, lots of recipes and instructions, and even a live webcast with chef Hugh Acheson.

To celebrate, Jarden Home Brands is giving away a killer prize package (approx. value: $86) of home canning goods and kitchen gadgets:

-one case (6 jars) of pint-size Heritage jars in spring green

-one case (6 jars) of quart-size Heritage jars in spring green

-one case (6 lids) of Design Series lids in green

-one case (6 lids) of Design Series lids in blue

-one set of Frozen Herb Starters

-one pair of five-blade Herb Scissors

-one Fresh Herb Keeper

-one set (2 lids) of regular mouth Herb Shaker lids

Reblog this post before Monday 8/18/14 for your chance to win this Ball prize package. The prize pack winner will be randomly selected.

Re-blog to your heart’s content, y’all—it’s canning season! -MB

Storing Wisely

I am all about hiding unsightly things from visitors, usually by piling everything into my wardrobe and hoping the doors don’t open and bury an unfortunate someone. However lately I’m starting to change my ways and found that even everyday items can have their own neat storage space which will make it easier to track down. I’ve put together this small article to show you how to store things wisely.

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THAT GAP BETWEEN THE FRIDGE AND THE COUNTER. Whyyyyyyyyy?! Why. Way back when I first started here at thisoldhouse, I remember one of my first assignments was to do a round up of kitchen storage hacks. My favorite in that gallery has always been the Thin Pantry Caddy that puts that little sliver of space to good use. If you want to DIY it, here’s a fun how-to from Classy Clutter -ts