I hope whenever you see me you can’t take your eyes off me
I hope I haunt you at night and you miss me so much it hurts
I hope it when you see me with other guys smiling and laughing, you get jealous
I hope when you find your mind wandering, it wanders to me
I hope seeing me with someone else hurts you like it hurt me seeing you with her
I hope you never forget my eyes, my habits, my favorite songs, my lips, my everything
I hope when she kisses you you wish it were my lips on yours
I hope when she hugs you you wish it was my arms wrapped around you
I hope when she holds your hand you wish it were my fingers laced with yours
I hope you regret breaking all of your promises
I hope you regret leaving me when I needed you most
I hope one day you’ll miss me like I used to miss you
—  I Hope You Miss Me by youreinmyveins-iloveyou

Ohmigosh you guys I love this song so much ughhhhh


The couples in this video are so cute! And this is such a good song oh my gosh.


I love this song.


I am in love with this song.

I’m updating my links. Feel free to ignore this. :P

  • Silk - calming 
  • Paper Chain Project - project I want to start.
  • The Butterfly Project - I’ve used this before and it’s worked most of the time (I killed the butterfly two times…) I really want someone to draw one for me but I don’t know if anyone would care enough to do that…
  • Glitter Jars - I made one of these, they work very well.
  • The Bracelet Project - another project I would like to do.
  • Rainy Mood - the sound of rain is calming to me so this helps.
  • "Cut" the Screen **TRIGGERING!!!!** - this is nice but it’s also not nice. It can be extremely triggering. But I guess it’s better than cutting myself…
  • Calming Water - I don’t even know, it’s just calming.
  • Punch Something, Let Out Your Anger - This is nice to use when you want to punch yourself or something else. You don’t actually hurt yourself or anyone else. I don’t know, it helps me anyways. Sometimes. This can be triggering too.
  • Play With Colors - how this is calming to me, I don’t know.
  • Calming Manatee - this can make you smile.
  • Read It.. - this is just to everyone who has had to deal with me. To anyone who I pushed away and such. I just…*sigh*
  • Somehow This is Calming… - I don’t understand why this is calming. It’s kind of like destroying a spider web. *shrug*