Rant time: I am sick to death of all the judging on my Facebook and instagram. I could not care less if you work or are a SAHM, breastfeed or formula feed, sleep train or cosleep, vaccinate or not, had a home birth or c-section. What I cannot stand is other putting down or mocking other backed on their decisions. It is not your life or your child. I completely stand by my opinion that if mothers would just support one another, parenting would be less of a competition and more fun (and easier!) for everyone. #parenting #mother #morherhood #breastfed #breastfeeding #breastisbest #formula #bottle #sleeptraining #cosleeping #vaccinate #vaccination #homebirth #csection #birth #mommywars #stopthejudgement #imsickofit #mumblr #santimommies #suckit

To everyone

To those who believe that depression and suicidal thoughts are not real and people just want attention: fuck you.

Depression and suicidal thoughts (ST) are real. Many do not understand until they experience these feelings and emotions for themselves. They don’t tell others for fear that they will be harassed, judged, and punished. These thoughts are kept inside until they become too much. People say that those who commit suicide are selfish and don’t care about others around them. They say that there are other ways out instead of suicide (this is true but keep reading). This is why people don’t come out and ask for help. They are afraid to be judged and harassed for having these thoughts. Instead of doing this, we need to reach out and help them. Stop the judgement.

People only talk about discrimination against sexual orientation, sex, religious beliefs, race, but what about discrimination against weight? Tattoos? Personal way of living? There’s discrimination against almost everything & it’s heart breaking that people think that making fun of someone that is really big or really skinny is so funny. We need more acceptance, more compassion, & definitely way more love. Spread love & self love as well. Happy Easter guys! Much love peace & wellness to all. #stopthejudgement #love #peace #discrimination #everyoneisfightingtheirownbattle #bekind

Some people choose a gluten free diet because they can all all the power to them. But when people say that for Celiac’s it’s a choice, look at the symptoms we go through when we “choose” to eat gluten. What if we want children? Or want our children to grow up normally? What if we want to feel healthy and normal? To me it’s not a choice. May is Celiac awareness month, and even though it MAY seem like a choice for people like me with Celiac disease, I don’t really consider living my life in constant pain a choice. Read up on some Celiac awareness and you might be surprised, maybe you won’t. But at least try to understand and not judge. #CeliacAwareness #StopTheJudgement #CeliacProblems

There is nothing to be afraid of. We are all humans and we are all the same. We all want happiness. We all want love. We all want success. Hate and anger should not be in our vocabulary and they should never be directed towards another human being. We all might not look the same but we are all composed of the same organic material.
#alllivesmatter #removehate #removeanger #weareallthesame #equalityforall #race #religion #gender #icantbreathe #stopthehate #stopthebias #stopthejudgement #gettoknowpeople #peoplewillsurpiseyou #everyonehasastory #365grateful #moment273

Dont like this part about Korea

so am sitting in the subway right now and this fat girl and her friend comes in. Her friend gets a spot and the fat girl had to stand for a bit…. Meanwhile..this guy sitting right by the pole where the girl was standing has this disgusted, crumpled face all over him…wtfff!!! And when she sat beside him..omg his face is just crumpled up to the maxx . What the hell.. Whats wrong with being fat!!! Its people like you that create unnecessary stress to girls who fucking think they are fat all their lives  without obvious people like you, these girls may actually try to get out of their comfort zones and try to do something. Its not like they dont know they are fat. Its already miserable enough…. Let alone 시선s from you dirtbags… Ughhh… So angry..

so i started my job today at a daycare center and i walked in wearin my usual.. jeans and cowboy boots and a mossy oak tshirt.. after about five minutes i was uncomfortable because i realized that over half the people i work with are african american.. i know that sounds really stereotypical but you shouldve seen the looks i got.. and then out of nowhere the one girl goes “ so is this your first job"  and i replied ” yeah my first public one" and to which she says “ what, you work on a farm or somin?” it made me realize that not only do rednecks, hicks and country bumpkins judge black people and other races, but they judge us as well just because of the way we dress. i don’t own a horse. i don’t drive a truck, i don’t even hunt on a regular basis, but country is the way i was brought up, and i dont get why people judge us for it.. but then again.. we do judge other people.. i guess today gave brad paisley’s accidental racist a whole new meanin for me.

LOVE THIS #YNHMOVES from @strongisthenewskinny94 and @youngnhealthy thank for this! I have experienced both sides of weight bullying. As a young girl I was called chocolate thunder and thunder thighs, big titty commitee yes words that may not hurt you but impacted me significantly. And what really lead to my eating disorder. As i got deeper in my ED I was called too skinny and I need to eat etc by people who are very close to me. Why must we be so hateful towards each other??? And this does not only apply to women but also men. STOP JUDGING!!! Although I was lucky enough to pull myself out of my ED I never judge those who still suffer. It offends me when I see people on IG making fun of people who may look “too skinny” or may look “fat” WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO JUDGE?!?!? We ALLLLL come in different sizes and shapes. Whether big or small male or female we are ALL BEAUTIFUL AND DESERVE RESPECT! Stop weight bullying Stop judging! You don’t know someone’s story till you’ve walked in their shoes. Thank you again to @strongisthenewskinny94 and @youngnhealthy please #repost and spread the word. We need to stop the hate and accept each other for who we are not the size we are. #bekind #lovenothate #peace #happiness #stopthejudgement

I love @codysimpson -> deal with it
I love @austinmahone -> deal with it
I love @onedirection -> deal with it
I love @justinbieber -> deal with it
I look up to @taylorswift13 -> deal with it

I’m suicidal-> deal with it the most, if you keep treating me like junk, ill be gone. #StopTheJudgement

These numbers are REAL, we should all be shocked!

There is no known single cause for autism spectrum disorder, but it is generally accepted that it is caused by abnormalities in brain structure or function. Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism compared to in neurotypical children. Researchers do not know the exact cause of autism but are investigating a number of theories, including the links among heredity, genetics and medical problems.
~Autism Society
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