Read the article to learn how deceitful Enbridge can and will be with the affected public. The Line6B blog is worth following and engaging with, especially if you impacted directly by pipeline activities.

Nine points brought forward in the article, this is a paraphrased list:

  1. Enbridge PR person says one thing on nightly news - what happens in real life doesn’t match.

  2. People who live along the pipeline have essentially no rights.

  3. Those working along the pipeline are making big money for a short time job. Profits over people is the mantra.
  4. The story by Enbridge never seems to line up.
  5. Once this phase is done, how disturbing and destructive will the next be?
  6. Asking the mainstream media to get facts straight is not working. The Enbridge PR people are consistent liars.
  7. Why is the work done at night? Could it be to keep the work from being seen?
  8. The workers aren’t wearing OSHA protective equipment, what other safety precautions aren’t being met?
  9. Enbridge is stealing the holiday season from those impacted. There is no peace with them around.

The following is from the blog entry describing the morning of December 10:

I called the sheriff’s office and told them about the extremely loud noise and organic smell and the fact that Enbridge may be violating Michigan ordinance  750.352 Molesting and disturbing persons in pursuit of occupation, vocation or avocation given that I am trying to work at home today. I told them that the air pollution was causing an asthma attack. They said they could not do anything about it. I had to cancel a phone conference because of Enbridge’s activities, so it in indeed affecting my work.

Read the linked article and get the full details. Circulate it to your friends who may be impacted now and in the future. Follow the Line6B blog.