Handmade Little Books (Collection of Four) by Natalie Stopka

Each of these four blank books is hand bound with a linen cover and hand stitched silk headbands. Protectively case bound with a rounded spine, they are the perfect size to carry on your travels in a pocket or purse as a journal or sketchbook.

Each part of these books has been naturally dyed with responsibly sourced or foraged plant materials. The pages are made from whole sheets with no paper waste and show the color variation that occurs naturally in the dye bath. This makes a beautiful surface for writing or drawing into.

Stopka de Varios propietarios
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Design Toscano JE11211701 Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpture

Design Toscano JE11211701 Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpture

About Design Toscano

Design Toscano is the country’s premier source for statues and other historical and antique replicas, which are available through the company’s catalog and website. Design Toscano’s founders, Michael and Marilyn Stopka, created Design Toscano in 1990. While on a trip to Paris, the Stopkas first saw the marvelous carvings of gargoyles and water spouts at the Notre Dame…

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