Catholic Problems #64

When people assume you are discerning the religious life or consecrated single life because you can’t get a date.

Rellamy Parellels Meta

This began life as tag meta on this parallels post and very quickly became something longer (that Tumblr very rudely decided to eat half of) so rather than try and cut down my emotional wittering I decided to just do the damn the thing properly and write proper meta on the subject and on other subjects because I am incapable of just taking one simple thread with these two and following it in a nice neat line without emotionally branching off into all of the reasons this ship is so beautifully done and needs a Hell of a lot more attention and appreciation than it gets.

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  • someone:[when talking about dieting] well i just want to be a bit thinner, i mean it's not like i feel obese or something...
  • me:[pang in my chest]