Wes Anderson’s New Movie Will Be As Fantastic As Mr Fox

Speaking during a Q&A at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival, Anderson talked about his intentions to return to the distinctive visual style of his 2009 comedy, Fantastic Mr. Fox. That’s right, Wes is set to charm audiences once again with his beautiful use of stop-motion animation!

Anderson’s inspiration for this new project comes from a typically esoteric source - Vittorio De Sica’s 1954 Italian film, The Gold of Naples. The movie takes the form of six self-contained vignettes that explore the Campania capital. Wes has said he hopes to replicate Sica’s episodic structure, with the added twist of using animation.


Aircord Logomotion

Japanese interactive creative agency Aircord have created a logo ident using lightpainting and robotics - making of video embedded below:

This logo motion is an original shooting system developed by aircord.

Showing a 2D image continuously in display, and moves parallel on rail to take time-lapse exposure which turns to 3D, then taking it as stop motion it shows up 3D animation floating in real space.

We have constructed the program of controlling the camera and sending a video, at the timing of shooting, OSC reacts then shows an image to the display.
Also, with CINEMA4D, slicing a section of object and these images are broken down to every 1 frame.

Playing these images, and moving the display from PC’S motor control, and shooting automatically 1 frame at a time which camera’s shuttler is interlocked.
The rail has sliding function and flaming function together, this is controlled with DMX control’s original developing system.

High precision of transfer movement on the rail is realized with original developing sliding system of DMX control, which sliding function and flaming function is united together for the shooting rail.
From the application, number of frame is inputted, and command goes to each slide control that makes all automatic for shooting.

You can see the final version here


One of the first challenges I faced in Episode 6 was making an animatable Fourth Doctor scarf in miniature.

I found a series 17 scarf pattern online and printed it out to scale. Even in miniature, it is 23 inches long.

The scarf has an armature made of aluminum wire wrapped in heavy aluminum foil. This allows it to be posed in gravity defying ways.

The armature is covered with knit fabric salvaged from an old shirt

I painted the scarf pattern on, using masking tape to keep it neat.

The finished scarf is actually long enough to wrap around my neck.