my cat is getting too smart for his own good

idk bout ya’ll but in reality I find murder, lacking of empathy and in general being an asshole who treats other peoples’ lives as disposable to be deplorable and disgusting traits in both genders and i dont  *~romanticize~* it.

I will however say in a world where women are made out to be dainty and weak, I can see the appeal of “monster women” as a very loud very in your face way of trying to say “WE CAN BE FULL OF RAGE AND NIGHTMARES TOO”

So when you see me over here cooing over Gillian Anderson in Hannibal or something similar, know that I would gladly see Bedelia get a lovely view of hell in a cell right alongside Hannibal Lector. My appreciation of well written female adversaries does not speak of my moral stance nor does it express a wish to emulate their behavior.

I have an Avengers/Gargoyles crossover AU I like to think about

Loki’s Chitauri invasion of New York takes place at night, rather than during the day, so when the Avengers have to stop him the Gargoyles wake up and are like “what the fuck is this shit even, we were looking forward to beating up the same three muggers we always do.”  So they team up with the Avengers and stop Loki, and afterward one of the Power Trio - probably Lexington, he’s the most technologically savvy - actually *joins the Avengers.*

Of course, Xanatos turns out to be one of the primary backers of SHIELD.  He and Nick Fury have beer-and-pool nights where they talk about their various ridiculously convoluted schemes.

And when Tony decides that he needs an AI for the Iron Legion, Lexington just tells him, oh, I know where you can get one.  Goliath met one in Australia.  No need for any of this bullshit with Loki’s scepter.

The second Avengers film would, instead of what we got, be about the team having to thwart one of Demona’s schemes to kill all humans with weird magic.

I’ll never write any of this, but it keeps me warm at night.