I really am sick and tired of this. Tired of the Divas match becoming the match I know is gonna be crap and so, go and take a crap while it’s on. I want them to have good matches, but seriously, last night it was barely 7 and tonight I don’t think it went beyond 4. I am tired of a tiny roster and crap writing. I have seen these ladies physicality and their ability, and know that if we shout out loud enough, one day, these ladies can main event a Wrestlemania.

Stop being moronic, WWE. Stop being misogynistic douche nozzles.

People need to stop this

People keep sexualizing every single thing that other people do. If I want to hug my friend of the same sex then don’t fucking sexualize it, if I want to hug someone of the opposite sex then don’t sexualize it, if I hug anyone I constantly get asked if I’m dating them and the answer is NO. I hug people because I love them as friends, if I hug them a lot that means we’re best friends. Unless I actually tell you who the fuck i’m dating then just don’t assume that I’m dating every person I hug. It’s annoying as fuck, especially when i’m trying to talk with my friends on a bad day.

“het and cis being left out of the pride event is technically the same as the marginalization that MOGAI face”

“het and cis people are discriminated against by LGBT organizations”