Feather-set’s “Habit Stopper” 

I’ve amassed a small collection of corks from my family’s hobby of wine-drinking, and I’ve figured out a small, easy little spell you can do with the leftover corks. 

What you’ll need:

  • A cork
  • A ribbon (in the colour of your habit [for instance, a habit of superfluous spending can be green, etc.])
  • A permanent marker 


  • A screw or screw circlet
  • Twine

Take the ribbon and tie it around the cork, then write the habit you wish to stop on the ribbon, and that’s it! Keep it in your pocket or hang it up somewhere where you can see it (using the screw and twine). Feel, play with, or look at it often to remind you to stop said habit. 

Please stop!
  • Stop over analyzing twenty one pilots and their music. So far, people have turned almost every aspect of their news songs into something to be looked down upon and it's really freaking annoying because their songs are obviously not racist or offensive yet people on here keep making it out to be that way. Imagine Tyler spending so much time creating these songs and working through the darkness in his life then attempting to share with the Clique and help others but all he gets in return is hate and criticism. Stop trying to find things that aren't there and just enjoy the music and the actual message behind it. If this keeps up, it's likely that they'll stop creating music all together because people can't get a hold of themselves and think rationally. Please just listen to the songs and remember that Tyler and Josh aren't racist or promoting violence, they're creating meaningful music.
It's not real

People tell me that depression isn’t real. They say that feeling sad is all made up in your head. They say that I’m only sad because I get more attention that way. My parents say that! People tell me all the time that there’s something wrong with me for being so snappy all the time. They tell me that I just want attention. I don’t want the kind of attention they give me. I just want them to all stop. I just want them to all go away.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound like a hater but I don't think you can compare Ciel to a 4 year old who hits someone. He is not an adult and clearly not able to consent to a romantic relationship but there is a very large difference between a toddler and a teenage boy. He has been raised to know better and he is show to be calm and composed 'chessmaster' in the face of great stress

There are a lot of 13-14 year olds in relationships. It’s not right or heathy but things like the show 16 and pregnant show it is common. You can not dismiss his actions as a child who doesn’t understand. He does understand. Saving her, loving her or even marrying her doesn’t fix his issues with anger. Many broken people love the ones they abuse but they are unable to control themselves.

Ummm… I’m going to guess this was the same anon, but in case not, you both are talking about the same thing so I’ll address you both here.

Ciel was twelve years old at the time, so that leaves about an eight year difference between the example child and him. Regardless, Ciel is still a child. He’s just barely getting into his teen hood now in the current chapter let alone in the beginning of the series. He was, and technically still can be considered now, a child.

I think you’re misguided on the “He was raised to know better” aspect because he clearly wasn’t. I would go back and read the side stories and moments of him being a child. His behavior as a child indicate that he was a lot softer, sweeter. A child like that probably never had to be taught not to hit because, what sweet little baby child like him would hit anyone? Not to mention that if you take into account that Sebastian has been practically raising him, any “teaching” might have been reversed due to Sebastian.

Why do I say this?

Because when Ciel did something wrong…

He was punished with pain.

And this was just because Ciel translated something wrong.

Ciel and Sebastian were together in the manor by themselves for a duration of time we don’t know. Ciel didn’t learn these things over night, so it might be safe to assume that they were alone for a year.

And by Ciel’s reaction to having to put out his hands, this isn’t the first instance Sebastian used this method of punishment.

Ciel also mimics Sebastian’s behavior and isn’t corrected for it.

Until that moment when Sebastian intervened, Ciel probably never had a lesson (after the incident with the cult) that this sort of behavior is bad. 

Considering that he hasn’t done anything like that to Lizzy since then, he’s learned and grown from that mistake. He knows better now.

You can’t say he knows better when he’s still a child. He learned his lesson and hasn’t attempted to lay a hand on her since.

Another thing.

While I was looking for the next bit I found this. The top panel Ciel looks like he’s crying. Crying. I don’t think those droplets are sweat. Even in a fit of rage, he wasn’t pushing his body to the point where he’d be sweating. No, this boy was bluntly crying. 

Ciel Phantomhive


Anyway that wasn’t originally what I wanted to say, but I felt the need to point this out when I noticed.

THIS is what I wanted to show you:

This could be a form of self-punishment. That ring clearly meant a lot to him, to the point where he got upset that Lizzy broke it. Instead of keeping it and hoping to salvage it, he throws it out the window. Why he does is up in the air. Maybe it was to punish himself for nearly hurting Lizzy. Maybe it was his way of trying to make Lizzy feel better, since she didn’t know how important the ring was to him and she broke it. Regardless, I think you get the idea.

Ciel knows better now. He hasn’t hit or attempted to hit her ever since.

That’s the difference between an abuser and someone– a child, never less– who made a mistake.