• Me:Education and intelligence aren't the same thing
  • Me:In my opinion, we really should start rejecting the idea that ‘unintelligence” exists, its only use, as far as I can tell, is to oppress, silence, and dehumanize people. As well as trivialize and erase destructive forces of power and privilege reinforcing the oppression of marginalized peoples.
  • Anons:Uhm, so are you saying people shouldn't go get an education? Stop saying people don't need to go to school.
  • Me:*looks in the camera like I'm in the office*

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Seriously, I’ve been asked this question more than I care to admit, haha.

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You all need to chill with this okay? This is dangerous af.
Dear the anons going into Hootowl’s ask boxes and leaving “critiques”


Why do you find it necessary to tell someone who is a fan of Adam young that he is rude or his fans are all immature?

as far as I’m concerned, you are the immature one because you won’t even come out of anon, knowing that what you are “asking” is rude and unnecessary. If you aren’t a hootowl anymore, fine, I get it. But while you’re exiting this lovely fandom do NOT tell us who Adam is and who we are. Thanks.

Also props to the people responding to the anons in such a well said manner