People that are constantly negative about EVERYTHING drive me the fuck insane. Fair enough you may have your own issues and such but bloody lighten up. Not everything has to be turned into something negative and I hate talking to people who are ALWAYS so miserable constantly. Drives me literally insane because it always brings the people around them down too. Its hard but a little positivity never hurt anyone.

I should just delete my whatsapp whenever we have homework assigned or an upcoming exam cause I have people who haven’t talked to me since the first semester hitting me up and calling me.

Can we just talk

But like what pisses me off about words like “slut” and “ho” is:
•how do we as women expect to receive respect from men if we won’t even respect each other. Girls gotta stick together in times like this and calling each other degrading terms isn’t helping. If men see women calling each other names like this they think it’s okay.’s.not.
•people often use the terms “ho” and “slut” when someone dresses in a way that shows their body off. But you know what if you got stuff to show off why not! I mean I’m not saying everyone should walk around in thongs and nipple clamps but if you like your butt in leggings, wear leggings, if you like wearing a push up bra DO IT!!!
•people often use the terms “ho” and “slut” to label and insult women who have more sex, sex with more people, or openly talk about their sex life. The amount of people or times someone chooses to have sex (if they choose to have sex at all) does not define them in any way. As long as people are safe, consensual, and respectful there is nothing wrong with having sex in a recreational way. If you want to talk about your sex life and ppl are open to it go ahead!
•men shouldn’t be using these terms either! It pisses me off how women are expected to be “sexy” but not “trashy” and experienced but still appear innocent. These are unrealistic standards that should be diminished if we ever expect improvement in our society
•the fact that people in FUCKING MIDDLE SCHOOL are called a slut is repulsive. Almost none of these people are sexually active during this time and even if they were it still wouldn’t be okay to call them these things! By telling these children they are sluts you are damaging their self esteem at a very crucial time

So please how about instead of damaging these young girls’ (as well as children of other genders) self esteem we actually try to make some improvement and tell them they are important, loved, inspiring, beautiful, intelligent, interesting, talented, and uplifting!