George Harrison “Crackerbox Palace” (1976)

Discovered the video for this at a time when NBC showed classic episodes of Saturday Night Live (1975) shortly after the turn of the millennium, and was re-aired right after Harrison passed away from cancer in November 2001. In that episode aired in late 1976, Eric Idle of Month Python’s Flying Circus (1969) not only hosted the episode where “Crackerbox Palace” aired but also was the director of the whimsical and surreal video. John Cleese, also of Month Python fame, made an appearance as well as Harrison’s future wife Olivia Arias.

Harrison met George Greif at the 1975 Midem Music Festival and kindly said that Greif resembled comedian Lord Buckley. Cioncidentally, Greif was Lord Buckley’s former manager whom then invited Harrison to Lord Buckley’s previous residency, in which he named it Crackerbox Palace.