Nic Endo White Heat (1998)

DHR’s sole noise release that took everyone by surprise because everyone expected jungle, trash, and techno and got the total opposite. Nic Endo of Atari Teenage Riot questioned the lack of female noise artists and answered it directly by creating five tracks of constant choking, sizzling hot-blast noise and female empowerment. “Instant Balm #1” goes full throttle heaving, kicking, and screeching in all of its amazing glory. The very end of the video blinks a very special message…pay attention or you will literally miss it.

During my community college days before the turn of the millennium, I found only one other DHR fan besides myself who was wearing a Bomb 20 hat. I stopped him and soon after he made eight 120-minute cassettes of DHR stuff, this being one of many he recorded for me. I played it on my Walkman on a train ride to witness the Sensation Art exhibit, the same art exhibit that gave up Chris Ofili’s elephant dung paintings, The Chapman Bros. mannequins, Damien Hirst’s animal cut-ups, and so much more.


George Harrison “Crackerbox Palace” (1976)

Discovered the video for this at a time when NBC showed classic episodes of Saturday Night Live (1975) shortly after the turn of the millennium, and was re-aired right after Harrison passed away from cancer in November 2001. In that episode aired in late 1976, Eric Idle of Month Python’s Flying Circus (1969) not only hosted the episode where “Crackerbox Palace” aired but also was the director of the whimsical and surreal video. John Cleese, also of Month Python fame, made an appearance as well as Harrison’s future wife Olivia Arias.

Harrison met George Greif at the 1975 Midem Music Festival and kindly said that Greif resembled comedian Lord Buckley. Cioncidentally, Greif was Lord Buckley’s former manager whom then invited Harrison to Lord Buckley’s previous residency, in which he named it Crackerbox Palace.

“Cap says it all. Congratulations to this beauty and beast! In the amount of time I’ve been able to get to know you, you have truly exemplified what it means to be strong, beautiful and confident. Forever you will be our swolemate, and we will always love you. (Cap decoration courtesy of @ariellaaabella and I heh) 💁#SBUClassOf2015 #StonyBrook #InHerNaturalHabitat #BeautyAndABeast #GirlsWhoPowerlift” by buhrehtney on Instagram: