May 4, 2011  In October 2009, the Justice Department declared that prosecuting medical-marijuana users and caregivers who clearly comply with state laws was not a wise use of its resources. That declaration has dominated public perception of President Barack Obama’s policy on the issue-minimal progress, but is a welcome improvement on his predecessors.

In reality, however, the Obama administration has attacked medical-marijuana providers on several fronts. Since January 2010, it has staged more than 90 raids on dispensaries and growers, according to figures collected by the patient-advocacy group Americans for Safe Access. That represents a pace double the Bush administration’s, says ASA spokesperson Kris Hermes. The administration has also threatened state officials with prosecution if they participate in licensing or regulating medical marijuana. The Internal Revenue Service has expanded auditing dispensaries for tax evasion, on the grounds that drug-trafficking enterprises cannot legally claim business-expense deductions.

In April, ASA gave Obama an F for his policy on medical marijuana. He’s “no better than Bush,” says Hermes.

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VIDEO: ‘Family Feud’ Response Shocks Steve Harvey (VIDEO)

“Name something that gets passed around..?”

The unexpected answer to Steve Harvey’s “Family Feud” question has gone viral, garnering almost a million hits on YouTube. You can watch the clip below in which Harvey is left speechless and dismayed by his contestant’s response.

But it gets even better, as the other contestant’s answer takes the opposite turn. The host can hardly contain himself.

Is this the greatest Family Feud moment ever?

And the cost to tax payers? $1 billion a year.

January 26, 2008  |   What’s the current price for a bag of weed? According to the latest figures from the FBI, the human cost is roughly 739,000 a year.

That’s the number of American citizens arrested in 2006 for possessing small amounts of pot. (Another 91,000 were charged with marijuana-related felonies.) The figure is the highest annual total ever recorded, and is nearly double the number of citizens busted for pot fifteen years ago.


[NOTE*: Even though this article is a few years old, and the statistics aren’t quite current, it’s still, good food for thought.]

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The Guardian has an alarming story detailing the central role that WACHOVIA (now owned by Wells Fargo) played in money laundering for Mexico’s lucrative drug trade.

The newspaper’s investigation shows how the bank - now owned by Wells Fargo - moved $378.4 billion from powerful drug cartels into currency exchange houses in Mexico. That’s one-third of Mexico’s annual GDP.

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