It’s a taaaaag

I was tagged by the rad (@soicankissyouanytimethatiwant)

What’s your name? Michael (most call me Mikey)
When’s your birthday? September 9th
Where are you from? USA
Have a crush? Celebrity crush or just regular crush? EMMAAA STONEEE. EMMA WATSONNNN. I’m pretty sure there’s like 18 others but I forgot all their names. Did I say Billie Joe Armstrong? Him too 
What’s your favorite color? Blue or green never been sure 
Write something in all caps. WHY AM I A LAZY PIECE OF SHITT
Got a favorite band/artist? Green Day, Watsky, The Wonder Years. The list goes on for awhile. 
Favorite number? Never really had one I guess. 
Favorite drink? Recently? Coffee. 
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