MUSIC MEME - 9 BAND MEMBERS - [2/9] Patrick Stump

Patrick Martin Stumph, born April 27, 1984, known professionally as Patrick Vaughn Stump,is an American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, actor and music critic, best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and composer of Fall Out Boy, an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois.”

Backstage, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman explain why Green Day are their “reference point for everything”

BY PATRICK DOYLE April 20, 2015

What’s it like sitting with Beck?
Pete: Oh, it was great. He told us about the first time he met Green Day, and he told the story in such an amazing, funny way. He made us feel very comfortable.

abizuerch asked:

Patrick rothfuss no longer has a tentative date for when the 3rd kingkiller book will be released :(

Sigh… even when he had a date it was flexible.

Although, to you Patrick I say: Take all the time you want. All of the time. So long as I get to read that book one day, and so long as it’s good like you make them, I’d wait a thousand years. (Without having read your book I will not die. So a thousand years will work.)

This is the one case where I am not impatiently waiting for a book that’s not yet been released. When I read The Name of the Wind, I felt like every word was carefully chosen, like every word in the hundred thousand was exactly in its place. It was like reading poetry in prose - it was somehow the most cohesive novel I have ever read. If it takes Patrick Rothfuss five more years to edit Doors of Stone (because he’s written it, just editing it) to get to that beautiful end result, I’d think it was all worth it.

And if he was rushing to please the clients, and it ended up being less than his standard, that would be disappointing.

First 'BlazBlue: Alter Memory' English Dub Anime Trailer Arrives

First ‘BlazBlue: Alter Memory’ English Dub Anime Trailer Arrives

We’ve got a bit of time before FUNimation brings out BlazBlue: Alter Memory on June 30th, 2015, but they’re now following up their announcement of the cast last month with the first English language dub trailer for it. The series is priced at $64.98 for its release and is getting a …

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