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Can you do one shot where Percy and Jason are messing around and Annabeth gets annoyed by them and has to pull them both by their ears to their cabins because they just won't stop?

WOW, I’ve been gone for so long and totally didn’t see this. I’m stage managing a show right now and we just opened. I love this prompt, but gods help me if I could do it justice like it deserves.

“Listen, no one’s going to know.” Percy whispered to the rule following son of Zeus who was currently clutching a tree looking longingly back at cabin one.

“I just don’t think the Aphrodite cabin would appreciate permanent fog on their mirrors.” Jason squirmed a bit at the thought of how much Piper would torture him over it.

“Dude, she tied your laces to a volleyball pole right before you went all superman.” Jason winced at the memory of being yanked back to the ground, apparently the Aphrodite cabin changed traditions, still he tried to defend her, “No, Jason it’s still her fault even if Mitchell distracted you with a little bit of flirting.” 

Instantly, Jason’s face flared up at memory. You see, after Piper became head counselor she changed a few things, the main being that you didn’t have to break a heart to prove yourself…just mess with one. Thus the Mitchell hitting on Jason shamelessly was just what Jason assumed to be part of Mitchell’s test. Still, Jason became so uncomfortable that he didn’t even notice Piper tying his 

Jason remembered all of this and turned to Percy with assurance, “let’s fog stuff up.” Percy went wide eyed and his cheeks puffed out in barely contained laughter. He huffed, trying to regain his breath, between sucking in air he managed “did you just- pun- a pun?- Poseidon’s underpants- this is too funny- need a minute-”

“I’ll give exactly one second.” Both boys froze as they heard the teasing, yet chilling voice of Annabeth Chase, most terrifying demigod alive. 

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Hi friend. Do you like rich, baritoney Phantoms? Here is a list of them:
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..or at least the ones we have recordings of XD


this will forever be jeremy’s best phantom vine


Honestly one of his best


Phantom deleted scenes. #phantom #deletedscenes

[Jeremy: (singing) Can it be? Can it be, Christine? 
(quietly speaking) No. No it’s not her.] 


After yesterday’s first look, you can now watch below the first trailer for Scott Cooper’s Black Mass, starring  Johnny DeppJoel Edgerton, and Benedict Cumberbatch, alongside Kevin Bacon, Jesse PlemonsSienna Miller, Dakota Johnson, David Harbour, Rory Cochrane, Julianne Nicholson, James Russo, Adam Scott, Jeremy Strong, Brad Carter, W. Earl Brown, Juno Temple, Corey Stoll, Peter Sarsgaard and Erica McDermott.

In 1970s South Boston, FBI Agent John Connolly (Edgerton) persuades Irish mobster James “Whitey” Bulger (Depp) to collaborate with the FBI and eliminate a common enemy: the Italian mob. The drama tells the true story of this unholy alliance, which spiraled out of control, allowing Whitey to evade law enforcement, consolidate power, and become one of the most ruthless and powerful gangsters in Boston history.