"…pretty nice guys, but you should always keep one hand on your wallet when they are around and never, under any circumstances, give them access to shaving cream." -Percy Jackson

one of my pages for the PJO zine! woooo! (still have to resize it and all that technical stuff, but whadduppppp Stoll babes)

it always feels like i lose so much when i transfer a pencil drawing to digital, but oh well, this was good practice. 




okay so there’s been a bit of confusion about which character is which in in some comics so i decided that it was about time to do a handy dandy reference 

the names are also highlighted with the colour that would most likely be used for that characters speech (even though a lot of these characters wont show up in comics but i wanted to draw them anyway and flesh out the designs for some of them that will be used) 

(some things might change like clothes, highlighter colours etc but this is how the bulk of the designs will be) 

and i do realize i missed out some of the characters here because im not insane  so if i missed out one of your favourites or something put their name in my ask and i might consider doing them too

Quick sketch ! I couldn’t get this out of my head after reading this chapter of Betsib’s latest fanfiction, in which Travis and Connor Stoll throw a mist-bomb at Nico, giving him hallucinations. Percy isn’t in this part of the story but I felt he would truly understand how bad of an idea that is to give hallucinations to someone who’s been in Tartarus… Also, Jason and Percy bonding over being protective of Nico is my new favorite thing (even though Nico would probably hate it  and yell at both of them to let him fight his own battles ^^; ). I hope this is all right, Betsib !