Hi guys, I know as FP mods we probably aren’t supposed to do this but last night Aiko, my friend’s Shiba Inu was stolen by her ex-boyfriend (pictured on the right in the last photo). Aiko was stolen in the northern Seattle area but it’s likely she’s being held in south Seattle or Renton. It’s also possible she’s in the Mill Creek area. Aiko has a small amount of black on her back and the tip of her tail and was last seen wearing a pink harness and black and pink leash.

If you have any information or see her with this man, please contact and Seattle PD (tell the police it’s regarding incident #14-317134). Aiko means the world to her and she just wants her dog back.


 I adopted a sweet, gorgeous, lovely puppy last month, and named him Colt, a good, strong, lovely name. He has been with a friend of mine for now, and has been spending time with his brother. My friend called me this afternoon to tell me that Colt and his brother have been stolen. It was the middle of the night when this happened, and they were stolen from a yard that has solid fencing and no way to get out, They aren’t always outside, they have a doggie door, and they can go inside and out whenever they please. I am absolutely devastated, heart-broken, and absolutely, positively, beyond imagination LIVID. I swear to fucking god if I find the person that took my dog, they will wish they had never ever been born into this world. Now, on the other hand, if Colt is returned alive, well, happy, and healthy, I will simply thank the person delivering him and walk away from the situation. They were taken from the area of Hamilton, AL. If anyone has ANY info AT ALL, please feel free to message me here, or text or call me at my personal phone number (904)657-7800. I am giving my number out because I am distraught, and will do absolutely anything to find my dog, please don’t abuse that.


Name: Huanle

Sex: Female

Weight: 25 pounds

Color: Black, tan, white

Location: Montgomery Street & Green Street, SF

Unique identifiers: pink mark on nose; SHAVED COAT

Huanle got out of the house in Telegraph Hill on Wednesday, June 18 around 1 pm. Neighbors said construction workers tied her to a pole, but later saw 2 unidentified girls take off with her in a green truck. San Francisco Police have been contacted to get surveillance footage of the license plate info, but they have been unhelpful.

Huanle was seen by witnesses around 8 am on Friday, June 20 near Aquatic Park across from Ghirardelli Square with an older Asian man wearing a baseball hat, khaki pants, and blue jacket.

If you see a SHAVED corgi that fits the description of Huanle or have any other information, please call or text Yuhan at 217-979-9413.

[Craigslist] [Reddit]

If you are in/around San Francisco and want to help, please print and post this flyer.

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This is Leroy, my parents’ roughly 11 year-old, 18-pound toy Red Merle Australian Shepherd. He went missing around August 25 2014, from Otter Rock, Oregon, United States, and we’re becoming more and more convinced he was stolen. He’s the friendliest dog on the planet, which was his downfall as he has, on multiple occasions, hopped into other peoples’ cars and walked through open doors into other peoples’ homes. Pretty much all he’s scared of is water (yes, even rain).

The photos fairly accurately capture his coloring, though in direct sunlight he becomes a much more orange color (think like a human’s red hair). He was also wearing the same collar and tags pictured when he went missing. Despite his age, he’s high energy and runs and jumps full-boar as if he’s no older than puppy age. He also has a very distinctive bark, and barks. A lot. At pretty much everything, but especially when he’s either hungry or wants to go for a car ride. Car rides are his #1 love (his previous owner said he was once a breeding stud, so he never really learned how to play with toys), and when given the chance he will stick half his body out the window.

If in fact he was stolen, there’s always the chance whoever stole him would refuse to give him up, particularly since he had his collar with his name and our phone number on it. So in addition to keeping a close eye on Craigslist and search-everywhere-at-once pet adoption search engines, I hope to spread the word here and hopefully get as many people keeping an eye out as possible.

So please keep an eye out for this dog! Even simply knowing a possible location would help immensely. If you see him, or quite possibly even have him, please contact me at suicune3k(at)

Thank you so much for your time everyone!

PLEASE! Help me find my missing best friend!!

This is maxxi (Max) and has been missing for almost 2 months now. 

He is my greatest friend of two years and the happiest fellow I know!

I moved into my fiance’s home several months ago planning to eventually take Max with me, for he is my dog. For the time being he was staying with some other family as I sorted my living arrangements out as well as some financial. As I went to retrieve my buddy, I was informed he was, “Re-homed in a city located 6 hours away, in Salt Spring Island. He’s been there for a month already..”

I was, and still am, absolutely devastated.

Now, this could have been easily solved. I could have been given the phone number and address of his new home, explained my situation, and been happy reunited with Max.. but my family member from where he was previously stayed refuses to tell me ANYTHING.

All I literally know is he is somewhere far away on a farm, with a lady I know NOTHING about, located on SALT SPRING ISLAND. 

He is a Husky x Border collie with some black lab and blue healer. bright blue eyes with some brown markings on his face and some on his body as well. Not fixed, registered, chipped, or tattooed. (Any of this could have changed since his new home.

I’ve got him on kijiji, creig’s list, and so many other advertisement sites.

I’m begging you PLEASE reblog this, I can’t live without him!!!

email or imbox me if you know ANYTHING

thankyou so much in advance!!!!!

this isn’t really my woof, but my friends dog was stolen from her backyard last friday or saturday, his name is milk dud. she lives in Arizona, i just want people to keep an eye out and message me if they see him, i submitted it to you because you have more followers… and i really want to help her find him, thanks  :)

Oh man! Hoping for the best! I’ll share here and on my FB so people local to me will see it too! I’ll let you know if anyone has any leads!



Church was picked up in a red/maroon Jeep on the corner of MLK and Rosa Parks. Is micro-chipped and has the owners number on a tag on his collar. EXTREMELY friendly and personable. 

This is my girlfriend’s dog and we need him to be returned home safe and sound. He’s a rescue from Hurricane Isaac and she loves him very much. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST AND HELP US GET CHURCH BACK! 

From Melee: TO ADD MORE DETAIL: Church ran out of the house at around 6:45 PM this evening. He was witnessed to have been picked up by a man in a maroon Jeep who told the witnessing neighbors he would call (he has not, as of 8:45 PM). Police have been called and a report is being filed. I’m flyering the neighborhood. Portland: share, share, share. Help me get my baby boy back.

  • A childhood best friend of mine had her pit bulls stolen from her home in Tarpon Springs, Florida a week ago, they recently were found wandering around Largo, one of them banged up and limping and taken to a local shelter. To add insult to injury, the shelter is taking advantage of the situation and charging her ridiculous amounts to release her own dogs back to her and apparently the price increases the longer they hold her dogs in their facility. These dogs weren’t lost due to carelessness on the owners behalf, someone broke into her home and took them. Ana was distraught to find them missing, she’s been searching non stop since they vanished, and was even more distraught that she’s found them but can’t bring them home. I don’t normally post things like this, but if this was my dog, I would be falling to pieces. If you can manage to donate even a few bucks to help her get her babies back, it would be greatly appreciated. Honestly If everyone donates a dollar, she’ll have more than enough to pay the fee. I understand not everyone is able to donate but even a share to help us get the word out would mean the world.  She has a kid who she supports on her own, which is why she doesn’t have the extra cash readily available. These dogs are her life and I just want to see them returned safely to her. I’m hoping I can manage to surprise her by raising enough money.

Go Fund Me

Update: Sophie the beagle was returned to MSPCA at Nevins Farm this morning by the people who stole her over the weekend.

She is well and safe. The couple in question will now face criminal charges. Our focus is on finding the perfect forever home for Sophie. If you’re interested in adopting her then you can email our Nevins director, Mike Keiley, directly at

And thank you all, so much, for spreading news of her plight. And we also extend our thanks to the Methuen Police Dept. as well. The publicity made all the difference in her safe return!
MSPCA at Nevins Farm shared MSPCA at Nevins Farm‘s album.

Officials at the MSPCA-Nevins Farm are asking for the public’s help to recover a dog stolen from its Methuen adoption center at about 1:30pm on Saturday, Nov. 16. The stolen dog, a seven-year-old Beagle named “Sophie,” weighs about forty pounds, is mostly white with a brown face and has black fur covering much of her back. Surveillance video from Nevins Farm’s recently installed video monitoring system shows a white couple, who appear to be in their sixties, standing in the adoption center lobby before the male—wearing a white jacket over black slacks—is seen exiting the rear door with Sophie. 

The couple was then filmed getting into what appears to be a newer model silver Jeep Liberty and driving off.

This is the second Beagle (and third dog) stolen from Nevins Farm in the past year. The previous three dogs were all returned anonymously to the organization’s fenced outdoor exercise area within 48 hours of being taken. Mike Keiley, director at Nevins Farm, hopes that the video monitoring system will enable the Methuen police to identify the suspects. “It’s possible that these are the people who have made previous attempts at stealing a beagle from our facility. They clearly did their homework and knew the layout of the adoption center and how to escape with a dog without being seen by staff.” Keiley said the couple likely arrived with their own leash, making it easier for them to escape with Sophie.

The Methuen police department are working the case and Keiley is asking that anyone who may recognize the couple to please call Officer Nicolisi at the Methuen police dept. at 978-983-8698.

Find Sirius - Stolen Dog - Lady Min Pin Needs Your Help

RETWEET Siri stolen Sun eve 8/10 pkg lot Heidi’s Pies, 10lb Choc/Tan Lady Min Pin San Mateo CA Huge Reward. 

Help us find her.  Please help us find her. REPOST, LIKE, REPIN, FORWARD, SHARE. Siri was stolen Sunday evening, August 10, 2014 in the parking lot of Heidi’s Pies Restaurant from her home, a mini van - they didn’t even take the iPhone, just the beloved angel of a doggie mama. Siri is a mother of 5, including my Neptune. We were planning to breed her again with our Buddha for another batch of puppies. Please help us find Siri. Kaos Anomaly is offering a large reward to bring her home unharmed, safe and alive. Please forward, share, repost, repin our Min Pin lady-dog needs to be back with her Daddy.

@DogRescueTweets @dogrescuerstv @kaosdog

She’s just a little baby dog who has given birth to 5 little dogs and is so sweet and well trained you wanna think she’s Einstein. Please help us find her.


Two dogs have been stolen in California! If any of you happen to spot these two dogs, contact the owners immediately. Hell even go into animal control shelters to be sure.

Both dogs were stolen near Lake Wishon/Shaver Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains, CA.

“ "Dozer” the brown French Mastiff and “Star” The black and white pittie. Missing near Lake Wishon in the Sierra Nevada mountains, near the town of Shaver Lake, on 7/20. Their four year old human boy Randy misses them terribly, please help bring them home! If seen or found call 559-865-3670 or 559-865-3634. “

My friend’s worried that because they are pit bulls or look like pit bulls, that somebody stole them to become "fighting dogs” or worse, taken to the pound to be put down because they’re “vicious looking”.

Both dogs are tagged and collared, if you have seen these dogs, contact the numbers above in bold.

Stolen Dog
  • Stolen Dog
  • Burial
  • Street Halo - EP

Favorite Music of 2011 Project

Song: Burial // stolen dog

Most of my music loving peers seem to either forget, or just don’t know, that Burial was once the prince of dubstep. His albums Untrue and Burial stand among the most important albums in the history of dubstep, but sadly, most people wouldn’t even recognize this as dubstep, let alone agree that it is dubstep if they hear someone call it that. The sounds uneducated music ‘lovers’ associate with dubstep now are of the likes of Skrillex and Datsik. James Blake said it best:

“I think the dubstep that has come over to the US, and certain producers– who I can’t even be bothered naming– have definitely hit upon a sort of frat-boy market where there’s this macho-ism being reflected in the sounds and the way the music makes you feel. And to me, that is a million miles away from where dubstep started. It’s a million miles away from the ethos of it. It’s been influenced so much by electro and rave, into who can make the dirtiest, filthiest bass sound, almost like a pissing competition, and that’s not really necessary. And I just think that largely that is not going to appeal to women. I find that whole side of things to be pretty frustrating, because that is a direct misrepresentation of the sound as far as I’m concerned.”

This Burial track lives as a mourning continuation into the early ethos of dubstep.