Saving Burma’s Child Soldiers

The sun is sinking into the Yangon River, one of Burma’s main arteries. It is dotted with small boats on their way to dusky moorings. Arkar Min, 21, rides a water taxi with seven men, all of them silent. They’ve spent the day hauling fish into trucks. Now they rest against one another, backs between knees, arms around shoulders, heads on laps, lulled by the rhythmic thump of the engine.

Arkar Min has worked on Yangon’s docks since his release from the Tatmadaw, Burma’s armed forces, six years ago. He left school at the age of eight to help his struggling family. On the way home from his factory job, a man approached him, asking whether he’d like to earn better money as a driver. “I was so happy that I was going to learn to drive,” he says quietly, his eyes trained on the ember of his cigarette. His father, Tin Win, wanted him to be a farmer, but “the only thing that excited me then was driving fast.”

Read the full story by Pulitzer Center grantee Spike Johnson for VICE news here.

Images and captions by Spike Johnson. Burma, 2014. 

Recovered a Stolen Motorcycle!

Yesterday morning when I left for the workshop I noticed on the corner of my road a lone motorcycle, parked outside a neighbours house on the road. In my head I thought this was odd as I have never seen a bike at that house prior but I left for work regardless.

Later that night I ride towards my home and I notice that the bike was still there, now at this point Im surprised that the bike hasn’t been stolen - but oh boy was I wrong - after logging onto faceache the first thing I get on my News Feed ” Stolen From Tree Estate ” so after clicking onto the post I am presented the same bike I had seen parked up on my road. After a quick check on the plate I confirmed it was the stolen bike and got in contact with the owner. Surprisingly the owner only lived a stones throw away from me so he set out to meet me.

After what seemed a quite tense meeting of the owner and his dad we then set off to push the bike up the mother of a hill it was parked at the bottom of… but once the hard work was over all was happy and we went our separate ways.

Recently in my area alot of thefts have been going on and many motorcycles have gone missing and 99% of the time these bikes are never to be seen again or at least in the same condition they were in and I think i speak for most of us that when a stolen recovered bike comes back - its not the same. defiled is the only way I could put it. 

I am just glad I was able to reunite this little bike back with its rightful owner, all it cost me was some time and a couple of mobile minutes to really make someones day and if I cant be happy with that… well… that makes me a real fucked up cunt.

So why do I write this: because if this were to happen to me, If it were my bike stolen; I would expect that maybe someone out there would care enough to keep an eye out or try to think back on that dodgy looking bike and take some action like I did. 

Perpetuating good and all that jazz. Its nice you know! 

Try it!!

My scooter (in the years old pic above) was stolen tonight… I went to buy some supplies for my jewelry and was in the store for about 15 minutes when I went to check on my scooter and sure enough, some fucking asshole stole it. It’s gone as well as all my possessions I had inside the compartment… I am beyond devastated right now, I love my scooter so fucking much because it provided me with some sense of freedom and now it’s been taken from me… I have no transportation to work now and I can’t go anyplace to work on my art and ease my mind. The cops can’t even file a report until I get my vin number and proof of sale… so I have to call the place I bought it at and pray they have it still on file so I can report it before the thief tries to pawn it… The store I was at is trying to get the footage from their security camera to give to the police. If anyone in Las Vegas who is around the lakes area sees it, please let the Police or me know!!! It was taken around Durango and Flamingo in front of the Discount Beads. I have been crying my eyes out all night because this had to happen with all the other shit that’s going on in my life right now. I just want one good thing to happen to me by getting my scooter back, thats all I ask… In the meantime I could really use help in affording a bike to get myself to work… I still have art for sale and items in my shop… I wouldn’t ask for donations but they would really be appreciated right now… Thank you.

Edit: link to gofundme page. http://www.gofundme.com/msiho4

Guitar Theft Alert.

This unique and highly customized 1959 Fender Telecaster was stolen last night (Feb 24th, 2015) in the King and Niagara Street area of Toronto, Canada.  If you see this guitar anywhere, please contact Toronto Police.

Social media has reunited musicians with their precious stolen instruments before…let’s make it happen again.

More Details:

Everybody please be on the lookout, my friend Brian Cober's highly personalized '59 Fender Tele was just stolen. The guitar is set up lap style with a steel guitar nut, body finish is stripped, and features a late 60's Fender acoustic neck and a lap steel neck pickup. The body also features Strat style contours. There is no other guitar even kinda like this anywhere. This guitar means a ton to Brian and I know he'd kill to have it back.
Please share this and let’s get Brian his guitar back.

Edit:  In case you spot the stolen instrument, I don’t have direct contact info for the owner, but you could likely reach him through his band’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-Cober-Band/186540271371913


HELP, one of our fellow sexys had his truck stolen last night from a house in sunneymead ranch by shadow mountain park in Moreno valley. What makes it sketchier is the truck was jacked up with busted UJoints at a homies house, so someone had to tow it out or used another driveshaft as this one was out. The liscence plate number is 3n 75238 and is a burgundy hard body, it currently had no front bumper, has fender mirrors and is slammed with a welded diff. If anyone sees this truck or parts, hit blackumi up or I .

Some low life scum has just stolen this sensational (and only recently finished project) bike. Stolen from South #Fremantle between 9 and 10pm tonight. If you see it let me or anyone at @66motorcycles know please.

UPDATE: Thanks to everybody who shared this post. The bike was found less than 12 hour later after a 2hour police chase.