my #TBT is about History & a message. The chain you see me holding & the names that you see on the back of this chain represent the generation we live in today, they set the blueprint from the lifestyle we living today from music, art, & fashion. The message I’m saying surround yourself with a great team to make history. #stlylist #lifeofrenaldonehemiah

I am a handmaiden to assholes. I fix

This a great-great-great list of things we should all carry if we want to be everyday super heroes and a great list for poor production coordinators working on no-to-low budget indie and or reality shows, who want to be scene as absolutely magical show saviors (and then not be credited for it in the post-mort).

Last night i got to be one of few to glance at the final product/album of my bro @augustalsina new album being release on 4/15, It always feel like the first time, 10years of being a #wardrobe #stylist & I’m bless to have 7 albums done, the most amazing feeling is seeing your name being printed in music history for life. To all inspiring wardrobe stylist keep pushing through the ups & downs bc this feeling of knowing your work will be in everybody car, house, iPhone is a feeling you will never forget. S/o to my Assisant of The Nehemiah Group @junkyscloset for his amazing assisting job he’s the next one up, I truly believe in inspiring the future to show them they can do anything & now he has name name being seen all around the world for life/Music History. Thank you Nunnie, D, @atlasprime @therealpecas @mwglobal_ @augustalsina for letting me be apart of music history on behalf of myself & my team at The Nehemiah Group. #stlylist #fashion #lifeofrenaldonehemiah

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DORHOUT MEES | Movie ” O ” S/S ‘15 from Dorhout Mees on Vimeo.


Director | Esther Dorhout Mees

Model | Lis at Max Models
Model | Kiki at Micha Models

Director of Photography | Ezra Reverda
Grading | Rachel Stone

Focus Puller | Gemma Probst
Second Assistant | Kevin Vidal
Gaffer | Thomas Jenninga

Producer | Esther Dorhout Mees
Production Assistant | Gwendolyn Keasberry

Hair Stlylist | Nina van Rheenen
MUA | Barbra Oliemans

Edit | Jasper Verhorevoort

Sound design | Guido Maat

VFX | The Darlings

Special thanks |
Camunit, Suzanne Eldehring, Hansje lathouwers, the Darlings,Janto Moerti Moerman