Sangi, the dynamic duo arrived 1st Place in Manga Jiman 2012 and have been working together on manga and projects since 2005. 

Together they have crossed many fields from graphic novels, to videogame concept artists, and from workshop teachers to translators for know shows such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Samurai 7 for Portuguese dubbing studios.

Currently they are working on a graphic novel for the United States under 133Art label and card games with a world-wide team from both America, England and Australia, Game Salute.






Name: Malcolm ” Diablo” Zeins

Age: “35” ( actually a couple of 1000 years old)

Race: Hethirus ( can control elements and demons of certain types)

Currently : The god of war on my fictional planet.

Weapon: Bastard sword

Clothes: Black , armors.. He prefer dark colors.

Hair color: Dark green

Eye color: Red ( blood eyes , gained when killed innocent people)

Eye type: cat eyes when in killer mode , otherwise normal pupil.

Hair styles: In war he shaves his head , to avoid people pulling his hair

Personality: He is a very father alike person to those who know him, but ” can go cold and emotionless within seconds to unknown people. He will often start mentally torturing his victims before killing them

Scars: One over each eye, and one around his neck ( after getting his head cut off, but it healed back.. he is semi-immortal when he where not a god.

What would you like to know about him?