Photographer and prop stylist Kara Rosenlund and her husband, Tim, settled in this Queensland, Australia cottage in 2010 after a short stint living away from Australia in London. And when they came back to the continent, they knew they wanted an un-renovated little cottage that they could make their own. They used lots and lots of white so that Kara’s treasures can take center stage without feeling cluttered or crowded.

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Do you still ship SimmonsWard?

(This is burningletter- responding, btw. I cannot speak for my fellow mods).

Do I still ship Ward and Simmons in the canon reality of the show?

No. I absolutely do not. Ward is a member of an organization founded on Nazi ideology, has murdered in cold blood, attempted to murder Jemma and Fitz, and threatened Skye with something that sounded very much like sexual assault. I wouldn’t want to see him involved with anything other than a very long stint in a far away prison. I’d honestly prefer it if we didn’t see him on the show for a few seasons because he’s being punished for all the terrible things he’s done (although that’s never going to happen).

But in terms of fan fiction? I still enjoy speculating on what could have been had things gone differently (as in, had Ward turned out to thoroughly be the man he was pretending to be).

I also enjoy speculating on what could be had a romantic relationship developed between the two despite Ward being a Hydra spy. It’s dark and twisted, and something I would never in million years want to see play out on my tv screen, but that’s the fun of fandom. You can explore a million different pathways, and some of them can involve terrible things, because none of it is permanent.

Additionally, I’ll admit that my interest in writing fan fiction for Ward/Simmons has waned since the Hydra revelation. Because as much fun as it is to ignore canon sometimes, it’s still there. And no matter how many times I write Hydra!Ward out of existence, it’s still canon. And that affects my perception of him and of the pairing.

If Messrs. Obama and Cuomo want to be high-technology investors, there are plenty of well-paid opportunities awaiting them in the private sector following their stints in public service. Right now, they are investing while in office, using money that we taxpayers could be investing better on our own. If I want to invest in GE or Cree or IBM or John Deere, I’d rather do it through a stockbroker than through President Obama or Governor Cuomo. America and New York have enough problems to solve without the president and the governor taking on side jobs as high-tech speculators.
—  Ira Stoll

Now available, once again - Dynamite Hemorrhage #1 fanzine. We put this out the final week of December 2013 but had to stop selling our remaining copies due to a summer-long stint in Norway, which is now over.

Head over here and take a look at the right-hand column to order and pay via Paypal if you’d like a copy of this 68-page behemoth. It’s $7 plus the true shipping cost to get it to you in your country.

(Dynamite Hemorrhage #2 is coming in October 2014 - more bloated and more obsessive than ever)

#1 includes:

- An in-depth interview with Chris D., Los Angeles-based punk rock earth-turner, who founded and fronted The Flesh Eaters; ran a pioneering record label called Upsetter; almost released the first Black Flag album; wrote dozens of reviews and helped to edit the seminal Slash magazine; put out his own fanzine with Exene, John Doe & Judith Bell; and much more - all before 1979 was finished. This interview focuses solely on that period of his career

- The first and only retrospective and posthumous interview with SALLY SKULL, a fantastic 1990s all-female Scottish band who made raw, jarring garage punk music with dollops of angularity and dirty pop hooks

- Mail interviews with SEX TIDE and HOUSEHOLD, two current bands working the circuit (Household R.I.P.) who happen to be two of Dynamite Hemorrhage’s very favorites

- Quickie interview with BONA DISH, a recently-resurrected early 80s UK countryside band who are poster children for the rough-hewn, spaced-out DIY sound that we’ve all come to worship from that era and country

- Big retrospective on 1980s and 1990s underground music fanzines (like Damp, Butt Rag, Dagger, Two Hundred Pound Underground etc.) by the editor of Fuckin’ Record Reviews blog

- 60-something record reviews written by Erika Elizabeth and Jay Hinman

- 15-something book reviews by Jay & Erika

- Advertisements from today’s top labels

Won’t you order one today?

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Sad headcanon: There are some things Numbers hasn't told Wrench about his life before Fargo, but that's just because they haven't come up, or they're not important. But there is one thing that he will never tell Wrench, and it's that he had a very brief stint as a coke dealer when he was living on the street and desperate for money. Wrench hates street-level drug dealers because his mom was a meth addict and he has terrible memories of dealers coming to his house to sell drugs to his mother.

what if Wrench finds out about Numbers’ past somehow? can you imagine how betrayed he’d feel? :0

The Voice of Ireland hunting Una Foden and Ashley Roberts for new panel

The Voice of Ireland bosses are talking to Una Foden and Ashley Roberts to join the panel this year.

The Pussycat Doll, 33, and The Saturdays singer, 33, are both understood to be interested in taking part in the show.

It comes after Cranberries star Dolores O’Riordan has ruled out returning for a second series of the show.

Last week, Goss.ie revealed that Jamelia has also counted herself out - but bosses are hoping a increased cash offer could make her change her mind.

Already, Kian Egan and Bressie have signed a new contract to return to the RTE show.


Bosses believe that Una would be perfect given her girlband experience, and would have time to do it while The Saturdays take a break.

And Ashley has proven she is great on live television after her stints on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Sinead O’Connor was also wanted and admitted she would love to do it – but is on tour when the show films.


The Enterprise crew's best moments in Star Trek Into Darkness.



Country of Origin: Japan

Training: Self-taught

Notable Works: Dr. Slump (1980), Dragonball (1984), Dragon Quest (1986), Chrono Trigger (1995)

Akira Toriyama is one Japan’s most beloved manga creators. After stints in advertising and motorcycle repair, he entered the serialized manga scene with his first story about a super-strong girl robot in Dr. Slump. However, it wouldn’t be until 1984 when his most world-renown creation, Dragonball, would scream onto the stage to instant popularity. The massive series ran for 11 years and became one of the world’s most popular manga and anime series of all time. He would also find acclaim designing characters for video games, most notably RPGs Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger. 

PSA to rtah fic writers: you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent. 

  • you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent
  • you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent
  1. Gavin’s accent? You don’t need to type it out.
  2. you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent

we know what it sounds like, and spelling words oddly just makes your work annoying and hard to read

I think the main reason I’ve started shipping Freewood like a maniac is that I’ve noticed that, while everyone else always dismisses Gavin’s dumb sentences as idiocy, Ryan always takes the time and asks and tries to get Gavin to explain in a more understandable way, and it’s fucking adorable.