The Movie That Proves Why Trans Actors Should Play Trans Roles

With humor and humanity, Tangerine vividly captures a world unknown to most audiences.

"PARK CITY, UTAH — Too often, the focus at the annual Sundance Film Festival is on stars we already know telling stories we’ve already heard, usually involving white upper-middle-class ennui. But Tangerine, which made its debut at the fest this weekend, is none of those things.

It takes almost no time at all for the movie to announce itself as one of the most vital films at Sundance this year. It opens on transgender prostitutes Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor) splitting a doughnut at Donut Time, a real shop in Los Angeles, on Christmas Eve. Sin-Dee just got out of a 28-day stint in jail, and she is anxious to tell her best friend news about her boyfriend Chester (James Ransone), who also happens to be their pimp.

With a cast of trans actors playing trans characters — still all too rare in feature filmmaking — Tangerine brings a world unknown to most audiences to radiant life with humor and humanity. Director Sean Baker (Starlet) and his co-writer Chris Bergoch treat the fact that Sin-Dee and Alexandra are trans prostitutes as just that — a fact, not a gimmick or a “theme” that needs hand-holding explanation.

If you’ve heard anything about Tangerine, it’s probably that Baker shot the film entirely on the iPhone 5s. That may seem like a marketing gimmick, but Baker chose exactly the right technology to capture this particular story, giving it an immediacy and intimacy that I’m not sure he would have been able to achieve with a more sophisticated camera. Besides, the film looks fabulous. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for more than 12 years, and yet Baker is able to capture this particular section of the city with a gritty beauty I’ve never seen before.”

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I’m in my fourth year of living with Anorexia Nervosa. Four years of self loathing, anxiety, depression. I have experienced the loss of friends, pulled my hair out in chunks, watched my grades fall, and seen my parents weep for the willowing shell that was their daughter. I, too, have wept at the shell I became.

Thousands spent on 3 three stints in Clinics and rehabs, and more on weekly therapy and dietician sessions. Doctors leering over my emaciated frame and telling me they were going to put an NG tube down my throat.

But I am still standing. I made it though Highschool, not only fulfilling my duty as Head Girl of the school, but completing it with Straight A’s and an acceptance into Medicine at one of the country’s best Universities.

I am proof that where there is a will, there is a way. Yes, I still battle Every. Single. Day. I am in no way saying I am ‘recovered’ or close to it… But I am getting there. I choose to fight this demon in my head and I refuse to let it get the best of me.

I choose life. Do you?

I Know We're the Crooked Kind (But You're Crooked too)
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by refuse_to_sink

Derek Hale is one of the most well known Motorcycle Clubs in America, as well as part of the well known Hale Pack. With that comes a lot of trouble, a lot of death, and a few stints in jail.

Stiles Stilinski, ex boyfriend to Derek Hale walked away from the Motorcycle Club lifestyle at the age of 22, and seven years later turns back up in Beacon Hills. With that comes even more trouble, even more death, and a few stints in jail.

Shit in Beacon Hills gets thrown upside down, and everyone is just trying to make it out alive.

Words: 13356, Chapters: 1/6, Language: English

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Text || Michael → Zach
  • Michael:Yo, I just got the call to turn up in ATL by Monday. But they only need me for a three day stint.
  • Michael:If you're off still, would you be willing to check in on my dog for me?
always fine

so here’s what I’m thinking….i’m not sinking.
i’ve said it before, i’ll say it once more
i’ve said it so much, you may think i’m touched,
and intolerant, you’re sick of it. “always fine.”

the truth is you don’t, or the truth is you won’t
want to hear upon hearing, this much i am fearing
if i say it when you’re sober, your eyes will glaze over.
and you will retreat into silence. “always fine.”

sometimes you say, “sorry, life’s that way.”
or I hear, “i understand,” then i demand:
“but do you? because… it seems no one does.”
i am alone unless i am fine. “always fine.”

and there are those stints—“just a body,” i hint
if i open my heart, you will break it apart.
if i open my soul, you’ll obliterate it whole.
but if i open my legs… well… “always fine.”

but to reach my mind, i can’t always be fine!
and if I’m so bad… when i’m lost, when i’m sad,
why don’t you leave? i can silently grieve.
why push for truth you can’t bear? “always fine.”

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if your still doing the Shipping Headcanons can you do both SFW & NSFW (all numbers for each) for Ward/Simmons please

I had to go 15 pages back into my tumblr, but you asked so nicely and this rarely happens, sooooo


  1. Who cooks?: They’re both pretty good cooks (I mean canonically we know that Grant and Jemma cook, but they both only make sandwiches and maybe that’s the extent of their culinary talent?). I do think that Grant’s a really good cook, he did a stint as a sous chef in a Parisian restaurant once, which sort of endly poorly, but he doesn’t like to talk about it. (He still flinches at the sight of Coquilles Saint-Jacques.) And Jemma is more of a baker. Mostly Grant ends up cooking because Jemma often gets caught up in Science and forgets to eat and Grant has to make sure she doesn’t starve.
  2. Who’s the messiest? The cleanest?: Grant’s pretty neat on principle. It’s the military discipline in him. He doesn’t leave messes, and keeps his area freakishly neat. Jemma is a bit more lax, but she’s pretty clean as well. The only issue they have is sometimes Jemma leaves experiments lying around and doesn’t tell Grant. (There are incidents with Grant trodding on things that he shouldn’t have. These don’t end well for both parties.)
  3. Who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown?: Grant, as I fear the car would crush Jemma. But when Grant can’t figure out they usually defer to Fitz, which is most of the time.
  4. Living space has a leak! Who fixes it?: Definitely Fitz. Last time Grant touched the plumbing, their entire apartment flooded. Fitz does not appreciate this as he’s not a plumber and he can’t see why they don’t just hire their own damn plumber.
  5. Who buys the groceries?: Jemma, actually. Grant does occasionally, but he’s pretty good about surviving on the bare minimum so he’ll kind of just manage if she doesn’t restock the fridge. Also he’s kind of in and out most of the time, so she ends up having to do it most of the time out of necessity.
  6. Going out to eat: Who pays? Who orders the most food? And who has dessert?: Who pays is an interesting question. The simplest answer would be that they both do. They don’t usually have a lot of opportunities to go out because of their work, and when they do it’s usually a nice restaurant and Grant’s so insistent on doing it right, that he demands to pay. This ends in an argument because Jemma wants to split the bill. They end up compromising, they alternate who tips and who pays the bill. Grant ends up ordering more food usually, but Jemma orders something new every time. Jemma orders dessert, while Grant claims he doesn’t want anything, but then eats half her cake when it comes.
  7. Would they go to the beach?: Of course, they don’t get to often and it’s not their favorite vacation destination, but there’s this very memorable trip to Cabo when they’re on leave, that Grant won’t ever forget.
  8. Who knows how to swim? Who doesn’t?: Both of them do. Grant learns after the Well incident. I’m not saying that Jemma learns after she jumps out of the Bus, but she definitely makes the time to brush up on her skills.
  9. Is someone multilingual? Do they try to teach another language to the other? How does it go?: We know that Grant’s multilingual. I do have this headcanon that Jemma isn’t until she meets him. My belief is that Jemma is actually not very good at learning languages. It’s mostly for lack of trying, she just doesn’t have a lot of time. She mostly enjoys the way that words that she doesn’t quite understand fall of Grant’s lips. The harsh Russian, the smooth French, the silky Italian. It occurs to her eventually that Grant uses it to tease her and she gets Nat to teach her an arsenal of phrases that she uses when the moment’s right. They always manage to catch him off guard.
  10. Any pets? Or plants?: No pets at first, they don’t have time to take care of pets. Grant eventually gets a dog when they’re more settled down. Their place is crawling with plants though, literally.
  11. Baths or showers? Together or separate? Any bubbles or bubble fights?: Grant’s pretty strictly showers, simply because they’re the most efficient. Jemma generally takes more showers, but occasionally she likes to soak in the tub until her whole body is wrinkled. They do shower together. Grant lets Jemma pull him into the bath on the rare occasion, but he gets restless pretty easily.
  12. Can they stand silence? Who talks the most? Who talks the least?: Jemma’s the more talkative one. Grant is more talkative when he feels vulnerable (like when they’re cuddling), and Jemma just lets him talk about whatever because it’s so rare for him to ramble on. They’re incredibly comfortable with silence.
  13. Who stays up late? Who sleeps the most? Does the other have to force them to sleep/wake up?: Jemma tends to stay up later. But Grant sleeps less. They both have to force each other to sleep, depends on the situation, really. They’re usually good about waking up, so it’s not an issue.
  14. Who is the highest maintenance? Does the other mind?: Neither of them are high maintenance. There are some peculiar things they have to put up with (Grant’s insistence on hanging these stupid metal frames on doorframes so that he can do pull ups, and the fact that she can’t close the door is a constant argument between them. And Jemma will conduct science experiments in their sink that will stain their water green for a month.)
  15. Vacation ideas: who decides them? Where would they go, if anywhere?: Vacations are usually spur of the moment with them. Grant does most of the planning because he has more resources (safe houses, covers, etc) and is more traveled than Jemma. They tend to stick to smaller townlike places. It doesn’t matter which country, but they do more immersion in the culture than sight-seeing.

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+ ( frcddie )  

it had two weeks, four days and seven hours (give or take) since frankie had last seen freddie, quite possibly the longest time she’d been away from him since his stint in prison. oh, but this wasn’t a forced separation, no, this was something quite different, far more painful for the woman and honestly, frankie would have preferred him to have been back in side - anything was better than this. she was being bitter, there was no two ways about it really, bitter, jealous and petty all rolled into one; frankie should have been happy, her brother was married! it was a jovial occasion, for everyone else mind you but least of all her.  

what was the point in trying to mask it? why should she have to be the one to swallow her heartache, don a false smile and play the happy sister who get’s too drunk at the reception and snogs one of the groomsmen? she couldn’t pretend, not that she had tried very hard to be accepting, hell, she still didn’t even know the woman’s last name - not that it mattered, she was a peterson now.

that thought had torn her up quite a bit actually, many-a-tear shed over that one, but now that sadness was morphing into something else…anger. and boy did frankie have enough of that to go around and with the absence of the man it was directed towards she’d been funny with everyone, even her barely two month old daughter bore some of the brunt. it wasn’t fair on any of them this, least of all her kids; poor little kimmie, she barely knew her father before that slapper stole him away from them. it was all very doom and gloom at the moment for frankie, she felt broken and honest to god she didn’t know how to fix that, not without fred, but then, he was the problem.

it had only been two fucking weeks and already his absence was cutting at her like a knife; there was a simple solution to all of this, she could go home, see him, let him whisper ‘i’ will be alrigh’ in her ear.’ but her hurt was waylaying almost every other emotion, she couldn’t think straight, fuck, she could barely eat anything - it was like he had died and she supposed, in a way he had. there was definitely a great deal to think about but one thing for certain was, frankie was definitely not going to make the first move, but then again she wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted fred too either. breaking this stalemate only meant one thing, she’d have to face her emotions head on and her escape to her aunts farm was suppose to be the distraction to keep herself from doing that. riding and caring for the horses were her vale of serenity, the place where fred could not be seen, but of course it was never out of sight and out of mind with him, was it?

The Enterprise crew's best moments in Star Trek Into Darkness.

David Tennant joins Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones

The Doctor will take a villainous turn in Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones, as Marvel and Netflix are proud to announce that David Tennant has just join the production to play the role of Zebediah Killgrave, the villain known as Purple Man, who has the power to control people’s mind through his voice.

After a tragic ending to her short-lived super hero stint, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases involving people with extraordinary abilities in New York City.


HYBYCOZO, or the Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone, is a series of sublime, laser cut cosmic objects, ranging from a Burning Man art installation to design pieces for the home.

The project is inspired by the intersection of science, technology, maker culture in the Bay Area, and of course, the artists’ favorite book, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. HYBYCOZO was designed by 2 San Francisco artists who are hoping to take their passion for design, technology, geometry, and installation art to the next level and expand it into thought provoking art and design.

Serge Beaulieu is an industrial designer whom recently led design at Fuseproject designing tech hardware, housewares, furniture and more. After doing stints at multiple design agencies, Serge is embarking on personal art and design ventures. Design/Lighting/Cozo

Yelena Filipchuk is an environmental scientist by trade and spent years studying natural patterns and bio-mimicry. She currently works at YouTube helping musicians and artists bring their content onto the platform.


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PSA to rtah fic writers: you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent. 

  • you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent
  • you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent
  1. Gavin’s accent? You don’t need to type it out.
  2. you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent

we know what it sounds like, and spelling words oddly just makes your work annoying and hard to read

I think the main reason I’ve started shipping Freewood like a maniac is that I’ve noticed that, while everyone else always dismisses Gavin’s dumb sentences as idiocy, Ryan always takes the time and asks and tries to get Gavin to explain in a more understandable way, and it’s fucking adorable.