HYBYCOZO, or the Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone, is a series of sublime, laser cut cosmic objects, ranging from a Burning Man art installation to design pieces for the home.

The project is inspired by the intersection of science, technology, maker culture in the Bay Area, and of course, the artists’ favorite book, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. HYBYCOZO was designed by 2 San Francisco artists who are hoping to take their passion for design, technology, geometry, and installation art to the next level and expand it into thought provoking art and design.

Serge Beaulieu is an industrial designer whom recently led design at Fuseproject designing tech hardware, housewares, furniture and more. After doing stints at multiple design agencies, Serge is embarking on personal art and design ventures. Design/Lighting/Cozo

Yelena Filipchuk is an environmental scientist by trade and spent years studying natural patterns and bio-mimicry. She currently works at YouTube helping musicians and artists bring their content onto the platform.


The 10 Best Tom Hardy Movies You Need To Watch

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Since winning the Rising Star Award at the 2010 BAFTAs, Tom Hardy has been gaining international exposure best known for playing dark, sinister characters, mostly villains, in action and sci-fi films.

After a brief modeling stint at age 21, Tom Hardy joined the Drama Center London and got his first acting debut in 2001 in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down. Tom would later receive prestigious theater awards including the London Evening Theater Award for Outstanding New comer in 2003 for the play Blood and In Arabia, We’d All Be Kings.

Tom also appeared in British TV dramas including playing real-life homeless man Stuart Shorter in a BBC Two drama adaptation of Alexander Master’s book Stuart: A Life Backwards and as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.

His most notable film works to date include playing Eames in Inception, the masked villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, both directed by Christopher Nolan, and as real-life English prisoner, Charles Bronson in early 2009.

Working steadily between films, television, and theater, Tom Hardy is an actor consistently being praised by critics for his breath taking and sometimes unsettling transformations especially for films that would prove his wide and dedicated acting range. With a stocky and short built, Hardy is big in talent and is worth the international fame and respect. Here are the top 10 Tom Hardy films that best showcased his undeniable talent.

10. Lawless ( John Hillcoat, 2012)
9. RocknRolla (Guy Ritchie, 2008)
8. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Tomas Alfredson, 2011)
7. Stuart: A life Backwards (David Attwood, 2007)
6. Inception (Christopher Nolan, 2010)
5. The Dark Knight Rises (Christopher Nolan, 2012)
4. Warrior (Gavin O’ Connor, 2011)
3. The Drop (Michael R. Roskam, 2014)
2. Locke (Steven Knight, 2013)
1. Bronson (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2008)

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Can’t get the idea of a very enterprising Nico di Angelo who would go as far as charming customers to maintain regulars at his panini cafe (Paninico) out of my head. Will Solace is so sweet on Nico, he only gets mad at customers who flirt back at his boyfriend and never at hardworking Nico.

So I have this inkling that Nico, even though he helps his father a lot, isn’t a 9-5 type of demigod. I should just write this down as a story but drawing is more fun. After camp at a time of peace, Nico would work for brief stints for Hermes (because he has a chauffeur and he can shadow travel) and he would be able to save enough to start up a Panini cafe at New Rome. It’s a good business because it gives demigods a feel of what casual Italian food and coffee are like. Hermes helps out with the supplies and Hades helps out on some financial aspects but overall, it’s Nico’s business. Hermes and Hades should have a good working relationship because it’s Hermes who guides souls to the underworld. I imagine Travis and Connor helping out at the cafe too because they have the right sort of energy. Will Solace is at college and he spends his time studying at Paninico to be with Nico.

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In your opinion, do you think DD & GA announcing their separation from their significant others on each other's birthdays was a coincidence of a concious decision?


Out of curiosity, do you think Gillian going into labor and giving birth to her third child on the day David announced his rehab stint was coincidence or a conscious decision?

For the contest~

I haven’t exactly had the best life to be honest; I almost died at 9 years old. My mum was diagnosed schizophrenic and is now in her second or third stint in a mental illness centre, and has attempted suicide three times in the last 18 months. I only get to see her on Saturday afternoons, but it’s good enough for now. I’ve tried to convince her to let me have a mohawk, but I don’t think she’s going to give in to that idea any time soon, haha.

Around this time last year, I finally got out of a not so great relationship, and I met someone so invigorating and exciting to be around and to talk to. We actually met on tumblr; over our mutual love of tea (he posted a photo of a tea for two at the Ritz gift thing he got, needless to say I was envious) and we just bonded instantly. We actually met in person just two weeks after meeting online; it was crazy but it was so fun (apart from the massive blisters I got from the brand new boots I decided to wear that day, a mistake I’m not going to make again in a hurry :P )

Sorry if this was a bit long and rambling, I just have so much to say >.<


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Does anyone take comfort in the fact that Lisbon said "maybe we can't WORK together" rather than "maybe we can't BE together"... Lisbon has no plans to break up with Jane, even with the stint he just pulled (as an aside: personally- I get both sides and neither of them are wrong).

Yes, many caught that difference, and I did, too. It gave me great relief, Anon, I can’t tell you how much! It’s crucial in their relationship that work doesn’t smash their relationship or vice versa. I was so glad to see Lisbon make her commitment to Jane clear. I think he did, too and I’m so glad for once that he doesn’t have that threat over him for making a wrong move.

PSA to rtah fic writers: you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent. 

  • you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent
  • you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent
  1. Gavin’s accent? You don’t need to type it out.
  2. you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent

we know what it sounds like, and spelling words oddly just makes your work annoying and hard to read

I think the main reason I’ve started shipping Freewood like a maniac is that I’ve noticed that, while everyone else always dismisses Gavin’s dumb sentences as idiocy, Ryan always takes the time and asks and tries to get Gavin to explain in a more understandable way, and it’s fucking adorable.


okay, why is tumblr not in love with Jack & Dean yet let’s get this going