HEY sbs
btob released 3!! mini albums in 2014
you could’ve given them at least a 4 minute stage, NOT A 40 SECOND STAGE and a stint as apink’s backdancers
or have sungjae awkwardly stand around after singing a couple lines of some
omg 2015 is gonna be a bombass year for btob and everyone’s going to fuckin regret missing these 7 boys I swear


Heading off to Shanghai for a brief stint tomorrow .___. I’ll be back on the 27th. Unfortunately, it seems that I will be unable to finish Tempest by the 30th, so I won’t be making the anniversary…

Let’s pray that I don’t get food poisoning!

(Just wanted to let you all know, so that people with my phone number understand why I don’t respond to texts XD)

Die Musik der Dunkelheit
  • Die Musik der Dunkelheit
  • Nicholas Saverine
  • DAS PHANTOM DER OPER (Hamburg, 1991)

Nicholas Saverine - The Music of the Night

Hamburg; 1991

Yes Nick was the principle in Vienna but he was also called to the Hamburg production to do a brief fill-in stint between other principle Phantoms! And he took some of the Viennese lyrics with him ;) Awesome voice.


Melvin “Lil’ Son” Jackson (August 16, 1915, Tyler, Texas - May 30, 1976, Dallas) was an American blues guitarist. He was a contemporary of Lightnin’ Hopkins

Jackson’s mother played gospel guitar, and he played early on in a gospel group called the Blue Eagle Four. He trained to be a mechanic and did a stint in the Army during World War II, then decided to pursue a career in blues music. He recorded a demo and sent it to Bill Quinn, the owner of Gold Star Records, in 1946. Quinn signed him to a recording contract and released “Freedom Train Blues” in 1948, which became a nationwide hit in the U.S. He recorded for Imperial Records between 1950 and 1954, both as a solo artist and with a backing band. His 1950 tune “Rockin’ and Rollin” was recast by later musicians as “Rock Me Baby”.

He was hurt in a car crash in the middle of the 1950s and gave up his music career, returning to work as a mechanic. In 1960 he released albums for Arhoolie and Limelight Records, but he did not make a major comeback in the wake of the blues revival. He died of cancer in 1976 in Dallas, at the age of 60

B.B. King covered Jackson’s “I Got to Leave This Woman”, on his 2000 album, Makin’ Love Is Good for You. Eric Clapton covered Jackson’s “Travelin’ Alone”, on his 2010 album, Clapton.

The Enterprise crew's best moments in Star Trek Into Darkness.

PSA to rtah fic writers: you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent. 

  • you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent
  • you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent
  1. Gavin’s accent? You don’t need to type it out.
  2. you don’t need to type out Gavin’s accent

we know what it sounds like, and spelling words oddly just makes your work annoying and hard to read

I think the main reason I’ve started shipping Freewood like a maniac is that I’ve noticed that, while everyone else always dismisses Gavin’s dumb sentences as idiocy, Ryan always takes the time and asks and tries to get Gavin to explain in a more understandable way, and it’s fucking adorable.

When I was 16, I began hurting myself to cope with emotional stress. It started as an outlet for my pain and developed into a full-fledged addiction, one that led me to eight different therapists, four different psychiatrists, four crisis hospitalizations, multiple suicide attempts, and a 30-day stint in SAFE Alternatives’ Adult Intensive Unit for self-harm. While I’m no longer actively self-injuring, the habit shaped my life for most of the last decade. If you’re surprised to hear that “cutting” can get that bad, well, you’re not the only one. So let’s clear up a few things…

5 Ways People Who Cut Themselves Are Nothing Like You Think

anonymous asked:

I just want you to see that the US is not the bad guy. The Taliban, and ISIS, and Al Qaida are the bad guys, and we're the ones trying to stop them. What about that is so difficult to understand?

The United States of America (alongside SA) holds direct responsibility in the creation of the Taliban by providing the monetary funding and training/arms for the establishment of “mujahideen” splinter groups through ISI in Afghanistan to combat Soviet influence during the 1980’s. From these splinter groups the Taliban were established and independently captured Kandahar in 1994. 

The United States of America following 10 year stint in Iraq left behind scores of American weaponry for the Iraqi army that they themselves trained over a ridiculously short period of time. When the american troops receded the Iraqi army remained undertrained and extremely vulnerable—a narrative that American troops deployed in Iraq will agree with and attest to—the removal of troops from Iraq was made to look like a success story, the headlines cast were meant to reflect how “well the troops did in Iraq and how they stabilized a once torn nation back into the current of democracy” but in reality, Iraq was left unstable, with an increased extremist presence than ever before and vulnerable to hostile take over. Less than a year later, the same extremists that the U.S had declared neutralized and the same country that the U.S had declared they had stabilized was assaulted and overtaken by insurgency. ISIS uses the same weapons the U.S left behind to the undertrained Iraqi army that were slaughtered in the process of this pseudocoup. 

there is so much that is troublingly wrong about you insisting on the heroism of the usa, that they’re the good guys and nothing else. it shows you know very little about the conflict at hand but are more than willing to tell me that they are the good guys and there’s no disputing it and that’s extremely troubling. this is a conflict that spans decades and that is extremely difficult to confine to good and bad. 


okay, why is tumblr not in love with Jack & Dean yet let’s get this going