My Modern Metropolis assembled 12 awesome photos of huge numbers of animals congregating in the hundreds, thousands, and even millions, during migrations or mating seasons. The top photo shows thousands of stingrays swimming in the ocean off the coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico. It was taken by German conservation photographer Florian Schulz:

As he states, “During an aerial expedition I came across something I had never seen before. Not even my pilot, who has surveyed this area for 20 years, had seen anything like it. As we got closer we started to discover its nature: an unprecedented congregation of rays. The group was as thick as it was wide, all heading towards the same direction. I have asked around why this took place but no one has been able to explain it to me. After such a unique sighting, I realise there are so many marvels in the oceans that we are yet to understand.”

Next we see pink sea of flamingos photographed by Martin Harvey, a subantarctic island covered in King Penguins photographed by Andy Rouse (the brown patches are downy baby penguins!), and a dramatic evening sky filled with bats photographed by Greg du Toit.

The bottom photo, taken by professional photographer Norbert Rosing, shows Beluga whales gathering during their mating season:

Each year in July, hundreds of beluga whales congregate to mate and give birth in the mouth of the Cunningham River in Canada. During high tide, they swim upstream with their backs barely covered by the shallow water and their stomachs rub the small rocks of the riverbed.

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