stilva replied to your photo: Just had my full medical towards getting my…

i like your veins why are you going to america and can we be friends

haha cheers, i like your face. i’m going to america after i finish uni probably since my parents wanna move and then i could do film out there… plus california is fucking beautiful.

and we can totes be friends, would it be weird if i totally thought you were sasha grey in that photo i reblogged of you?


stilva replied to your post: okay if i see one more “look wat mi bf got meee”…

im sorry to hear that, mine dumped me a week before my 20th bday and just as i’d told him i have a personality disorder. men are cunts. wer’re lovely :*

they’re fucking cruel. I’m sorry to hear you met a dick like will too :( i wouldn’t wish it upon anyone really. What gets me more is i stuck by him through so much and was always there regardless of what he’d done and then i tell him that and he’s like “na fuck this! i’ll keep the £40 worth of presents you got me doe!” omg they’re such cunts you’re right.