One more Google trend chart, with the reminder that Google Trends shows what people are searching for. :D

Blue is Klaine, yellow is Brittana, red is Finchel. This is delimited from January 2009 to June 2013. Note that the shipping terms don’t really take an upswing until January 2011. Did the popularity of the portmanteau Klaine provide some kind of impetus or model for other ship names within the Glee fandom? Or did something change about the text and/or our response to it?

Nepal has been and is still getting HUNDREDS of aftershocks after the initial quake. Just the other day, I was talking to my grandfather on Skype and all of a sudden he said “Eh bhuichalo ayo” (there’s an earthquake), and he ran off as we sat there watching the furniture in the room move around for a couple minutes. It was very nerve wrecking to just sit there and watch everything swaying. The situation is still very fragile.

Rescuers and relief workers have been working very hard to help people out but there are still so many that are in need of more aid. However, I’m going to ask you to be cautious as some people without the proper knowledge or credentials have been pretending to be relief workers. Some Nepali guy came to my grandparent’s home a few days ago with a random white dude calling themselves “engineers”. They spewed some utter bullshit about the “difference between east to west earthquakes vs north to south earthquakes” and “the difference in property damage caused by the different directions of earthquakes”. Now I must tell you that this is absolutely false information and there is no such thing as east to west or north to south earthquakes. These scammers kept giving them false information and terrible advice that could potentially be life threatening.

If you have family in Nepal please ask them to check people’s IDs to see if they are professionals working either for the government or some reputable organization and note down their information. Engineers are bound by a lot of laws and if in the future, it turns out you were lied to, you can file a lawsuit against them and they will be held accountable. This is a highly sensitive situation with people’s lives on the line and I cannot believe there are idiots going around and spreading false information. Please, let your families and loved ones in Nepal know about these scammers.

I am so happy i read Tokyo Ghoul first before messing with the anime

anyway, at the rate I’ve been fandom-jumping, by the time fanime rolls around again I probably won’t even be into dragon age anymore…..