i was going to say that if down the road sherlock said, in his little matter of fact way, that he was the best thing to ever happen to john. john would actually be so amused an d delighted and laugh like yeah we are amazing for each other but sherlock…wouldn’t…even….say that. he is so smoll. he’s constantly like “i’m awful and it;s awful being me and the only good thing about me is that john i smy frindhf” wh y i s my tin y so sad??? why such a tiny who stresses me out so muc j ?


Idk I really thought these two photos I saw online (the ones screencapped above) were really cool looking so I made sculptures of these new creatures very very very loosely inspired by the original pictures. It’s like cute in a weird way lol! Of course they’re sloppy, it was just a little spur of the moment very quick thing (it only took like an hour to sculpt and paint both) but I like them anyways, they’re sweet little tiny sculpture babies >:) 

It takes courage to approach someone to RP.

It takes just as much courage to realize that you’re better off not trying.

People are imperfect. They play favourites. They forget things. They don’t always mesh with other people –writing styles, muse personalities, any number of things really. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing. Not a damn thing.

If there’s someone you want to RP with, by all means, approach them. If, however, they make it clear –or sometimes not even quite so clear, you have to learn to read between the lines –that it’s just not going to happen, you have to have the courage and strength to decide, for your own sake, to stop trying. Because if it’s not going to work, it’s not going to work.

Don’t get discouraged. The RP community is HUGE, there are plenty of people out there to RP with. Just because it doesn’t work out with some doesn’t mean you’re hopeless or that you’re not quality or whatever else negative you can think of to lay on yourself. It just means that you and that person (or sometimes those people) didn’t mesh. It’s not the end of the world.

Aaaah I am so glad, I am done with papers for the semester! 
My uni counselor got so tired of seeing me making myself sick over the last public health one that we managed to get a sort of extensive oral exam instead. I am so relieved! I can’t believe all the things I’ve finally managed while everything was so fucked up at times (including me)….

Everyone’s support in here has been so SO great and helpful and – I mean – a special thanks to fic writers for regularly saving my soul. 💛💙🐧🌺✨⚓🎨🎨🎨🎨🐝🐝🐝😊😘

I bought this good bottle of wine and a ton of weirdly flavored chocolate to celebrate, and then of course I remembered I didn’t have a wine opener, so I ended up chatting in Spanish with my friend Jorge (who is officially a kind of extra nice doorman for the residence building I suppose? but is in fact more like a cool magician and problem-solver?), while we were both hidden in the superintendent’s office, where he opened the bottle for me and was like “Oh I’m so happy for you, you’ve passed all your exams, congratulations! The wine is for a party with your friends?”

What went through my head:
- “Uhm in fact some friends asked me to go out tonight but all I really wanted and had been waiting for, for weeks, was to stay on my couch under the softest blanket and drink wine and eat peach-pecan-chocolate and blood orange ice cream alone while listening to music, and write bad kind-of-synesthetic gender non-normative uni!lock porn for a fanfic that doesn’t really exist and that I will never post on ao3 anyway.”

What I actually answered:
- “Heehee no. it’s just for me!”

And I left with my famous ‘Your apparent disapproval gives me life’ look. 😏

The season finale makes me wonder if the reason that Dean was able to come to terms with things that he wanted to himself (dreams of beach vacations and true relationships) was because he knew that what he had was terminal. That it started out with finding a light at the end of the tunnel, something for himself to fight for. And it started to come to fruition; the four remaining members of his family in the bunker and safe and happy. It gave him hope, it might actually happen despite his best efforts. So he started dreaming of sunny beaches.

Then Charlie died.
Then he beat Cas to a bloody pulp.
Then he damned a man instead of saving him.

And just like that there was nothing but darkness ahead. He had nothing to fight for, nothing to live for. So he welcomed death with offering of food that he would’ve made for his family in a happier time.


After constant dates and meeting ups with Merlot and still no relationship wishes, this was pretty much the point where I gave up trying going by the rules and had Merlot and Sol go steady. :p

Even though Sol had both the family oriented trait and hopeless romantic trait, she literally never had any wishes to be in a relationship with Merlot (or anyone) or even have kids. She only got wishes wanting to go on dates with Merlot and that one wish to kiss him lol. 

If this wasn’t a generational challenge, I wouldn’t had minded much honestly. But seeing how Sol wasn’t interested in cooperating with me, I’m now debating to just to continue this as a Berry Sweet Legacy instead, though honestly I did lose some interest after this point.

anonymous asked:

How do you not experience sexual attraction and still enjoy and have sex ?

Hi love! Asexuality is simply the lack of sexual attraction. Lack of attraction does not always equal repulsion, nor does it always affect sex drive or any pleasure derived from having sex. Some aces may choose to have sex for a variety of reasons. Some may do it because they enjoy pleasuring their partner, some may still wish to have kids, some just might like the way it feels. That doesn’t change the fact that they don’t experience sexual attraction to other people, and doesn’t invalidate their asexuality. Hope this cleared things up, feel free to come back and chat about it more at length if you’d like!

i want people i love to be happy so much there is literally nothing else i want more for them. that should be the first thing that comes in your mind when you love. for them to be happy. in friendships or in relationship. so if they are unhappy with me, doesn’t matter how much i want them here with me or how much i want it to be me, i am willing to let go. slowly but surely. i will let you go for you to spread your wings. and if you don’t ever come back i hope you are truly happy and that you pray for my happiness in return. though in secrecy every night i still wish i was a part of it.

Hi Smudge :3 This little sweetie is living with us until Wednesday. Six wigglers under one roof… Yep my family are definitely mad. STILL I WISH WE COULD KEEP HIM THOUGH <3

8:41 PM, May 21, 2015 - THURSDAY (Scared)

I’m afraid I might have something serious like cancer or something. My nose has been producing bloody mucus, and I’ve had the intense need to eat lately. I think my vision also got worse… maybe. Crap, there was something else too, I JUST forgot it. 

I wish Audrey still talked to me. I don’t wanna date her, I just want to be her friend. One thing I’ve always wanted is a female friend because being around them makes me feel so safe and less judged. It’s really hard to get one though… 


Abeg don’t revenge in July. Thanks and God bless. Revenge is for the Lord. Thanks and God bless. Leave it for Jesus. Love you still. Wish I had my phone cause there’s more where this came from. Happy birthday once again💗 Study time now 🚶🏻



AU where Wanda and Pietro have a Maxim(um time)off day to hang with their new Avengers fambam. Green Uncle is Pietro’s favorite because he throws the farthest.

Matt: Might not want to say that, you can probably get sued. But- I mean- if you’re ever looking for a lawyer….