Smile for the Camera - Chapter 37

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“Oh my God…” he breathes. “Jessica–”

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I think Shawn should smile more naturally because his smile is beautiful and because I'm tired of that forced smile (still a beautiful forced smile)

There needs to be an emoji for that smile ya make when you’re sad but you’re still tryna smile in response to something


Finding Fergal had always been an easy task for Tenille. She didn’t think it was some cliché thing like she could ‘feel’ him when he was nearby, like they were bonded in some magical way. She just always managed to find him in a short amount of time. Perhaps she just knew him really well.

When she found him, she touched his arm to alert him of her presence before placing a gentle kiss to his cheek, pulling away with a warm smile. Hey, she greeted, sliding her hand down his arm, entwining her fingers with his. I want t’ talk t’ you about something. In private. She told him still smiling, but her eyes held a firm seriousness to them.

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angellris you’ll love this


Barry sighed, looking at the freezers in front of him. He really should stop buying so many frozen dinners but between work and being the flash he didn’t really have time to cook let alone find high calorie food options. He was so zoned out just trying to make a decision that he didn’t notice the man standing next to him until he cleared his throat.

Startled he looked over to see a relatively attractive man smiling at him.
Flustered he took an automatic step back, “Sorry, am I in your way?”
The other man shook his head “You just looked a little lonely” he responded still smiling.

Barry chuckled nervously, that was an odd thing to say “Nope, just trying to pick my next frozen entree”

Ten minutes later, Barry really regretted ever acknowledging the man, who was still blathering away at him about something. He sorta tuned out of the conversation about two minutes in but he gathered from the physics project the guy was trying to explain,(incorrectly, he noted), to him that he must be some form of teacher.

He snapped out of his boredom when the guy stepped closer, resting a hand on his arm. He looked down before raising his eyebrows at the guy in disbelief.

The other man didn’t even flinch at the glance before he was propositioning him. Before Barry could think of a polite way to get himself out of this mess he felt two arms snake around his waist, pulling him away from the other man and back against a strong chest.

He surreptitiously looked over his shoulder, relaxing in relief when he saw it was Leonard. He never thought he would be so happy to see Captain Cold in the freezer aisle of his Harris Teeter’s.

Barry gently entwined his hands with Leonard’s letting him know he was okay with whatever the game plan was. Leonard’s arms tightened around him when he saw the guy still hadn’t looked away from Barry.

“Who’s this babe?” He asked nuzzling into Barry’s neck.

Barry shuddered despite himself. “This is um- I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.” He said apologetically.

Strange Grocery Man had clearly picked up on the situation at this point and left in a huff without answering Barry’s question.

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much. He just wouldn’t leave and I didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t take a hint.” He said pulling out of Leonard’s arms to turn and smile at him.

“No problem, Speedy.” Leonard said looking down at him.

“Any reason you felt like stepping in to save me?” Barry inquired.

“Just doing my civic duty. Even villains have to save people from unsavory types in the freezer aisle even now and then.”

Barry blushed. “Well I’ll leave you to your grocery shopping. I have some frozen dinners that need making.” He said backing away.

Cold grinned at him sharply “Well maybe after my next heist, I could take you out for some real food.”

Barry ducked his head down, smiling. “Oh yeah? And when would that be?”

Leonard smirked “I guess you’ll just have to catch me and find out”


one last time || noah

Brooke listened as the master yammered on in his limousine, nodding her head every now and then or making noises of agreement to whatever he had to say. It was her last rental of the day and she didn’t want to spend it listening to some random master yap on and on before asking for a blow job under the dinner table. But the fact that he wanted to give her dinner first was almost a treat- she loved being able to eat out, even if it was just a small amount. He was a new master too, so he obviously was still learning the ropes. If he rented her again she knew it would be just for a quick, filthy fuck in his car and that would be that. But she was his for the remainder of the night, so she forced a smile, still nodding uselessly as he spoke.

The car driver slowed down, and it was then that Brooke’s attention was fully diverted from the master beside her, sitting up in the leathered seats. “The Grind?” She let out, surprised, feeling her heart pick up its beat, worried now. Noah’s Grind. Noah’s cafe. Was this a joke? One last ‘fuck you’ from him or the House? Because although nobody from the House had said anything yet about Noah, Brooke had been scared that they were biding their time, and it seemed like it was up. The master was oblivious, nodding along, continuing on his story. “I thought we were going to dinner. Sir?” She added forcefully, with a fake smile. The master didn’t seem to approve of her back chat, his fingers digging into her thigh to reprimand her as he spoke even more rapidly. Brooke just nodded numbly, wishing she could duck and hide inside of this stupid car forever. The car pulled to a stop, and Brooke opened her door reluctantly, looking up at The Grind with a lurch in her stomach, sighing quietly to herself. The master came around, taking her arm forcefully- obviously wanting to parade her around as most masters did. Brooke felt sicker and sicker with each step, a bead of sweat rolling down her back, praying that Noah wasn’t working or had taken the night off. 

Entering the cafe was like a rush of memories hitting her all at once and she fought the urge to run. “Quaint, isn’t it?” The Master asked with an almost sneer. “My own restaurant used to be here before it was shut down, so i thought we’d see what they’ve replaced it with. Obviously they didn’t upgrade.” He chuckled, leading her firmly to a booth- which made her slightly glad, maybe Noah wouldn’t see her this way. Brooke fought all urges to defend the cafe, knowing how much Noah had put into it, but she kept her mouth glued shut, eyes on the floor as she slid across from the Master, unfortunately though he shook his head, indicating for her to sit next to him instead. Grinding her teeth together, she stood up and quickly walked over to his side, cringing as soon as his hand went to her thigh, rubbing warm circles there- but they weren’t reassuring or gentle- they made Brooke’s skin crawl, but she stayed silent still, sinking into the booth, silently praying nobody would see her. “A salad for you, yes? No dressing, you should watch your figure if i’m to continue renting you.” The Master ordered for her, with an almost flirtatious laugh, as if he was being charming. Brooke forced out the fakest smile she could yet again, clearing her throat as she heard somebody clearing their throat in front of them, waiting to take their order. She squeezed her eyes closed, not Noah, please not Noah…



The year is 2022. YouTubers Dan and Phil have long since posted their last video, said their last goodbye, they’ve moved on. The fans have slowly learned to tolerate the pain they still feel when they think about them.

Then, one day your phone beeps. You check it and see that you have a notification from an email you haven’t used since you were young. You click on it, purely out of curiosity, and it takes you to YouTube.

Phil is not on fire 13.

You’re starting to get excited, as the short video loads. You hold your breath in anticipation as the screen reveals the two men you loved as a teen, and, you realize, still love to this day. You feel a pain in your chest as they both smile.

“Hello, Internet”
“Hey, guys”

They’re both older now, but still have the same smiles that make you heart skip a beat.

They both look at each other, and you laugh to yourself when you immediately think of heart-eyes-howell.

“It’s been a long time” Dan begins, though he seems a bit awkward.

“You guys have been the best fans, so me and Phil decided to give you guys one last update on our lives”

Phil grins and leans closer to Dan. Dan takes a deep breath and holds up their clasped hands so that you can see his ring. Phil holds up his hand proudly, as he laughs with childish glee.

“I proposed” is all Phil says. Dan rolls his eyes and smiles.

“You beat me by two seconds” Dan replies. “I had the ring in my pocket, but I was waiting for the right time”

“You would’ve kept it forever” Phil retorts. Dan opens his mouth in protest, but Phil quickly leans over and kisses him on the mouth. “Shut up”

“I didn’t say anything”

“I love you”

“I know” Phil smacks Dans shoulder as they turn back to the camera. “And we love you all” Phil nods.

“I love you guys” Phil says with tears in his eyes.

“Goodbye, Internet”

They both smile at each other, and the screen turns black. You wipe tears out of your eyes as you laugh. Thirteen years and they can still make you cry with just a smile.

You know this is this probably the last ever video, but somehow, you feel okay.