Two 100% different mood drawings with 100% different color palettes

Mainly just for color practice but I was also feeling in a Darkpath mood so I kinda… combined the two… as usual. Also gave Fred a bit of love too. He needs more of that. even if he’s about to get a fiery fist to the gut but he’ll be fine his suit is fireproof

Did another DP color study a while back too that you can find here if interested


GSNK Stamps || Kashima Yuu

↳ Specially for mochiiron​, Happy Birthday Riin! ♥ (27.4)


“Hey, Sleeping Beauty. Were you waiting up for me?” you asked as Dean sat up, despite your trying to sneak by quietly.

“What? No. I was up–I was watching Shark Week,” he said, rubbing at his eyes. He looked to his watch and then back at you. “Guessing you had a good time, then.”

“It was ok,” you shrugged. “I’m definitely not back late because I lost track of time. It actually kind of turned into a disaster.”

Dean seemed to perk up at this, sitting a bit straighter.

“Oh, yeah? Prince Charming turn out to be a frog?” he asked.

“It’s a long story,” you laughed.

You watched, still smiling as he scooted over some on the couch, making room for you.

“You want to hear about my date?” you asked, raising your eyebrows.

“I want to hear about the disaster you let take you out,” he teased, smiling wider as you took a seat next to him, feeling happier than you had all evening, and began to talk.

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With my main puta :) ❂☽ ☾❂

When I say: “Sit in the silence”, I’m not speaking of human quietness. I mean the silence beyond human quietness, the silence beyond understanding. The silence which is God, Infinite intelligence. Let’s just sit in that silence. Close our eyes, be still, put a smile on your face. I am not my affairs. I am not my experiences. I am not this life I appear to be going through. I have absolutely nothing to do with this world even though I may appear to others to be doing things in this world, working, whatever. I am free from fears. Free from past karma. Free from other peoples thoughts. I-am-that-I-am.
—  Robert Adams

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What completely baffles me..what is so "brilliant" about SH ? Not having a go but I'd like to understand why he thinks that,Doctors who save lives everyday,Nurses who see suffering everyday but still smile through the exhaustion,Mothers who feed families on few £ a day,the man who discovered DNA,Yes all brilliant but someone who has been lucky enough to be well educated and seems to have dabbled at hobbies without ever seemingly had a job to pay bills,support herself is brilliant ? Why ?

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Did you kiss?

when he dropped me off, he got out of the car and we hugged for a long time and then we kissed and he kissed my forehead too and it was so fucking cute i’m still smiling

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Hi love, this is just a friendly reminder of how precious and wonderful you really are. Sinead, you have no idea how happy it made me knowing that Taylor personally wanted to find you. Just hearing the words "does anyone know where Sinead is?" blew my mind and still makes me smile to this very day. I hope you're happy because you deserve to be. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

I love you.
Thank you so much