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When you get this ask, answer with 5 things that make you happy; then, pass it on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you!

Sounds fun!

  1. Watching videos of Brian when he was drunk with Jimmy (I’ve watched them over and over again and I still laugh my ass off)
  2. marvel-mofo, gandalf-stole-the-tardis and hollowandbroken <3 
  3. That one time I edited Brian into a pic of my two best friends 

     4. This:

    5. Seeing people happy and smiling. This is something I’ve noticed while watching people at school who are all laughing with each other, and getting each other in headlocks and stuff, it makes me happy knowing that they’re happy tbh (and I always smile when i see gifsets of bands, youtubers etc smiling)

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Hey I reblogged on dr-flukehemmo and IM SO PROUD OF U EEPPPPP and if u could watch only one movie for the rest of ur life what would it be

I’m still flipping out over it tbh ohygod XD  And I think I would have to say Anastasia

Ship: C || A || L || M
Buddy: C || A || L || M
Admirer: C || A || L || M
Couple Pic:

Song On Shuffle: These Are The Lies by The Cab

want one?

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I still can't believe Beth's Mexico pic was reported. I know it happened months ago, but I'm still not over it. (I just thought of this because Emma Slater just posted a pic exactly like Beth's)

It still annoys me, too, tbh. 

all-time-rian-dawson asked:

I'm crying over louis changing his profile pic

im not worried over a change of his profile picture tbh. He hasn’t deleted any of his pics with Eleanor and she hasn’t deleted any of her pics with him. So its safe to say they’re probably on good terms still.

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I used to ship Feltson hardcore to the point that I would actually angst over it lol but now I think Emma deserves a greater respect tbh. I just see Feltson pics as Dramione because a lot of them are amazing and look quite real so why waste such talent?

Sometimes I still catch myself shipping it, but now it’s just something that happens rarely, and I’m more often annoyed by him (I’m not exactly up to date with what he’s doing etc. but if I see some news about him I either don’t care or he just riles me up -___-), so I guess I’m rather clinging to old feelings and memories I had as a shipper/fan for a long time.

cissyswonderland replied to your postgo home moon you’re drunk edit: ooh cool pics

here too! we got 70% at maximum but it was still cool! I didn’t have safe glasses so I put on 3 pairs of sunglassess. eheh. The moon is such a bitch tbh just strolling over and thowing shade, man.

3 PAIRS OF SUNGLASSES I would have liked to see that. 

It went up to 95% here! Sky got weird & twilighty, hehe. Wish we’d realized it was happening sooner so we could have gotten the right glasses.

ALSO gosh darn that moon just throwing shade like it owns the place. I really like solar eclipses because sun/moon analogies are so common in our culture and then every now and then something like this completely turns those analogies upside-down. everyone’s like “the moon reflects the brilliance of the sun…” and the moon is just like “bitch only when I feel like it” *eclipse*

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As much as those Pics and Zayn possibly cheating pisses me off, I still love Zerrie and I would be sad if They are over :/ Is that weird ? I mean He was being dumb to take those Pics , but they've been through a lot and I feel like they love each other. It would be sad to see it end

Nah I still love Zerrie too, And I will always ship them tbh.. Its just hard seeing shit like this. 

dark-videogamer replied to your post “i also just realized my icon is chrom’s goddamn butt”

I do believe you changed it when you found the pic of them at the beach and you noticed it was branded.

damn that beautiful man for being subjected to exalted smallclothes

ignitiondorks replied to your post “i also just realized my icon is chrom’s goddamn butt”

You have been hypnotized and subjected to its wiles

annalitical replied to your post “i also just realized my icon is chrom’s goddamn butt”

I’m still not over how flat it is. It makes me feel better about my own butt, so leave it up.

tbh same, this butt is truly an inspiration to us all

i still don’t understand; first this natalia bitch was ranting over originality and then she instagrams a pic of uma thurman in pulp fiction and has the nerve to tag herself in it. idgi. 

but why did she feel the nerve to attack this Joe Irvine guy tbh, she could have left it alone, but no, instead she chose to bully this guy just for wearing a suit and having slicked hair, as if she invented that trend. 

is she sure that she’s original???

inkedbruno asked:

Jessica blocked me last year bc i commented on a photo that said "love over money" And i commented "but you have both" like I'm so done with her ass. Her solution is always to block everyone. She wouldn't have followers/fans if it weren't for Bruno. But I'm asleep 😴😴😴😴

I remember that picture where it was the heart then the dollar sign then after she posted that pic Presley said something like I hope love still is over money after your 70 and everyone was like SHOTS FIRED! and then Presley tried to cover it up and was like oh that was from some movie I was watching like girl If u don’t gtfoh you know and we know u was talking about Caban. And yes you’re right, her only solution is blocking people tbh that’s a birch move you can’t even accept fact that people will think differently about you or say something about you without blocking?

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I saw your tags say that you breathe heavily at Kuroo (in particular that pic) and let me just say that we would be good friends if I wasn't shy

Nooo please dont be shy, im really nice and cool please talk to me ;-;

but lets be honest, Kuroo is always hot and mosT PARTICULARLY IN THAT PICTURE GodAmn those thighs jesus chriST im still not over it tbh. /sigh/ im trash lmao /goes sit on the side of the road/

im actually super happy when people tell me they read my tags. lik ethat kuroo post took me at LEAST 2 minutes to write (including me on the ground making whale noises). lol