Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 1

(In other words Rasuna got her hands on SnK novels and decided to practice her Japanese. And while I’m at it, spam you with short and slow translations~)

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A high-pitched sound of a bell resounded through the dark gray sky. The Liberty Bell. This is the name the inhabitants of the Shiganshina District had given to their hanging bell. This bronze hanging bell, located on the top of the 50 meters high Wall Maria, is one of the district’s symbols. While originally meant as a device to prevent disasters, luckily it has never been used in that way to this day.

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here, have some flufflumps on your dash.


Tattoos appreciation (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Jonghyun/Taemin; Second Impressions; PG

the one where jonghyun was wrong and right at the same time

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Meeting Korey, Troye & Tyler in Singapore! ♥♥♥

What in the worlddddd. I wasn’t even expecting this. I was thinking about writing a letter to them last night but didn’t get down to doing it cos there would be absolutely no way (or so I thought) for me to meet them and pass the letter. Okay let me calm my nerves and try to type properly. This post is gonna be so disorganised please understand my situation here. Heh(:

My lecturer gave us free passes to Music Matters (some event that’s related to Youtube Fan Fest) and since no one else would go with me, I went alone. After registering with some lady at the booth, I felt less out of place with a name tag (yknow w the lanyard those name tags). There were so many professionals there like wth and I was alone and freaking out cos this wasn’t what I expected. Nevertheless I went boldly into the ballroom and listened to the talk for awhile (it was social matters talk, I guess I missed the music one) Couldn’t find a seat (or rather too scared to walk up to anyone to ask) so I left the ballroom after 15 minutes of freaking out on whatsapp to my friends.

I then left the ballroom, sat down in a random corner and tried to look busy while I contemplated my next move. I got up and decided to just walk about and check out the YouTube event area (The Music Matters event was one level below the YouTube event area thingy whatever) As I was walking up the spiral stairs, this woman walks down the stairs and declares to her friend, who’s behind me, that “The YouTube stars are here!” Theeeeeeennnnn I freeze. What did you freaking say. Anyway I continued walking up the stairs thinking no way, why would they be here. No. So I looked up and there they were.


This was exactly what I saw when I looked up and saw them. 


It’s really weird seeing the people you usually see on your computer in real life. I cannot process this.

My first thought was: OMG SHIT. That’s…..that’s Tyler….and Troye. OMG Korey’s here too. OMG WHAT. They’re right in front of me. (Right at this point my legs kinda gave way a little and I started feeling weaker and weaker HAHAA YES THIS IS FOR REAL)

They were getting their name tags at the registration booth and there were quite a few security guards around them (celebrities plz hahaha) I figured that it wasn’t the right time to approach them cos there was so much going on so I just followed them around quietly. They went into some room, probably to take pictures, idk really. So I waited outside, once again, trying to look calm and relaxed and not so out of place. (I mean seriously everyone was chatting in groups and I was alone and not quite dressed for the occasion I should say)

They came out soon and I panicked a little not knowing when to approach them for a picture and a fangirl moment. When the security guard’s body was finally not blocking me from Tyler, I went up to Tyler and asked for a picture. He was like yeah sure dyou wanna take it over here then I was like maybe let’s take it over there it’s brighter. Then he had to settle some stuff at the registration booth again so he told me to hold on and stuff. I then approached Troye, since he was free now, told him I watch his videos and asked for a picture. I totally saw my fingers trembling as I passed Troye my phone shit hope he didn’t notice that HAHA. Took a few cos why not. He’s so cute really, all smiles and dem blue eyes. Gosh. Friendly. I asked to hug him and he went sure! So I went for it omg he’s so skinny whatttttttttt and tall. And I recognise his shirt HAHAHAHA.



Tyler was done by now so I did the same with him, selfie and hug. He is so cute. Don’t mind my EXTENSIVE VOCABULARY in this post I have no more brain capacity for that. His height and hair and smile. Ugh. Precious. HIS SKIN IS PERFECT TOO OMG. Oh and I made him do his selfie face hahaha. 




I entirely forgot about Korey cos some other dude came up to them and they had to talk to him so I politely left the scene with one more picture.



Soon after that, it was lunch (buffet) so I stood in a corner to wait for them to finish their food. Just as Korey was walking towards their table, I asked him for a picture and he told me after lunch(: So yeah, I was pretty much high by this point, I just stood in a corner trying to regain strength and not pass out. I kept my eyes on their table, making sure they stayed in my sight. I hope I don’t sound freaky cos I was sure to keep my distance. Some woman came up to me and asked who were those people I took photos with so I just briefly explained to her. And she went up to them to ask for a picture too (for her daughter) LOL.

Fast forward to after their lunch. They took quite a while and I used that time to call my friends and tell them about this miracle meeting (!!!) I saw some local YouTubers as well, and went up to chat with them and take some pictures. How wonderful. This is my life people. Well in case you don’t know them, check them out at I LOVE THEM. They were really friendly too, chatted with me and took photos etc. How nice. 


As I was chatting with Elliot from treepotatoes, I noticed that Korey kept glancing over. Then I realised that he remembered his promise to take a picture with me after lunch (AWWW SRSLY) So I shamelessly approached  the 3 of them again (I FELT SO BAD FOR INTRUDING) (APOLOGIES X 9431694362952) and the first thing I did was KOREY CAN I HUG YOU and he was like YEAH and he is so tall srsly I didn’t know he was so tall. 


HE IS SO NICE REALLY. FRIENDLIEST EVER. (honestly I’m not too familiar with korey but this meeting made me become a fan of him) 

Me: OMG you’re so tall!!!!! How tall are you?!
Korey: Yeah, 6’1?
Me: …
Korey: Uhhh right you guys go by centimetres? I’m 2 metres?
Me: WHAT?! REALLY? ARE YOU SURE? :O (cos bro, 2m is REAL tall.) I’M  1.65M! HOW TALL AM I?
Korey: 3ft is 1m so I’m 2 metres? You’re… 5’6!
Me: Oh cool!

Korey then asked Tyler and Troye about height conversion so Tyler took his phone out  and asked SIRI. We then started discussing our heights; Troye’s 1.74 without his shoes (those were THICK ) and 1.8 with them, Tyler’s actually MY HEIGHT:O (i mean i thought he was shorter but ah well), Korey’s probably 1.84? Tyler announced that he’s 1.65 after checking with SIRI and I blurted out THAT’S CUTE and he was like all DID YOU JUST SAY THAT’S CUTE  (sorry i couldn’t think properly yknow you don’t get to meet your fave youtubers everyday they don’t fall from heaven  yknow) I also told Korey that SIRI never works for us asians cos it can NEVER understand what we’re saying. So I was really fascinated when SIRI responded so well to Tyler’s question.

Oh and halfway through I suddenly remembered I didn’t introduce myself, yes cos that’s what you do when you panic and freak out, you don’t introduce yourselves and blah. So I went OH BY THE WAY I’M SABRINA (shows them my name tag) and Troye was like HELLO SABRINA(: He then asked what’s POLYTECHNIC and it took me a while to gather my thoughts to explain it. Tertiary education I guess? I told them it’s like Pre-U.


I kinda also asked them to follow me on Tumblr and idk why Troye laughed when I told him my URL. LOL IS IT THAT EMBARRASSING. WELL THAT’S ME FOR YOU :> I also told him it’s a fangirl blog when he asked what kind of blog is it.

Anyways I kept apologising cos I was obviously just taking up their time and disturbing them I guess and I didn’t wanna leave just yet so yeah I felt really bad. Troye was all it’s ok but I still felt like it was quite rude of me (but once again this is such a miracle I can’t just leave without seeing them leave first) Oh and at one point, a security guard came up to Korey and (if I’m not wrong) asked him if he was okay with people like me disturbing them. Korey said it was fine so the guard just went back to his position or smth. Thank God the guards weren’t overly protective and violent. Towards the end there were a few more people taking photos with them so I just stood there awkwardly, just thankful that no one chased me away. 



A few more selfies to end the meeting. I am truly blessed. 

As they left I discreetly followed them to the lobby, maintaining some distance too of course. When I saw that they were really leaving for real, I decided to be embarrassing for one last time and shouted BYE TROYE! I was so prepared to walk away with the whole lobby staring at me cos I thought they wouldn’t hear me. But he turned, smiled and waved. Then Korey and Tyler turned, smiled and waved too. Goshhhhhh. That was like the most perfect ending to such a crazy meeting. 

And yup that sums up my day of bumping into Korey, Troye & Tyler. Phew. What a day.

PS: Can’t believe they haven’t tried local food yet! Told them to try chicken rice & chili crab. Idk why Troye laughed when I said chicken rice. Hope they try it tho. Oh and Troye, the place is Bugis. B-U-G-I-S.


Hope to see yall again soon x

His eyes. His jawline. His curls.

Anthony Howard….

i just really don’t like when people praise other people for being quiet especially since it’s almost always directed at women and that’s usually just an underhanded way of saying ‘thanks for not vocalizing opinions which could potentially interfere with my comfortably limited worldview’ like can we please move past the seen and not heard philosophy for god’s sake people

I’m so tired of people complaining about how other people are “still enjoying that crappy piece of media when they should be praising this instead because I think it’s better” 

okay sure, it may actually be better but it also could be worse and it’s all subjective for the most part anyways. and what’s the problem with someone simply enjoying something regardless of how great it may actually be? shut up and let people find happiness with whatever movie/tv show/book/anything they want

as long as they aren’t praising something abusive/inherently bad, just leave them alone

no one in this entire world loves and cares about inugai toshiki as much as me