god i want hook to be the tin man so bad

i want zelena to take his heart and try to use it to control him, gives him all these orders

that he belligerently follows to the exact letter like

she tells him to bring back information about snow and charming and he returns with the disney movie (“i’m not certain what this is, but i’m given to understand that it will explain everything you need to know about the royals”)

or to kill belle and he breaks a bell and gives it to her (“i went to a lot of trouble for that, you could at least act grateful — finding a bell that was made in some place called france was not as simple as you might suspect”)

and just in general totally fucks up her program and makes her seriously regret expecting a goddamn pirate be obedient in any way


Merthur Graphic Meme -  Prettiest Merthur Scenes [1/3]

I will take your place.


October 8th 2014 Blood Moon! Managed to get some decent shots up until the skunk came along to snack on some snails in my backyard. The moon was delightful and very beautiful tonight! 

Mulan had never been fond of dancing, but Aurora was, and so Mulan danced.

Couples swirled about the floor in flowing gowns and lavish costumes,. The room glowed from the light of thousands of candles. People from all over Aurora’s kingdom as well as numerous visitors from neighboring lands crowded the room, all here to celebrate the royal marriage.

Mulan felt mildly out of place in her patterned silk robes modeled after the fashion of her home country. She had never felt comfortable in the clothes popular in Aurora’s kingdom, and as this ball was half in her honor, she wore what she liked. Aurora had insisted anyway, claiming it suited Mulan best. The oversized sleeves also afforded Aurora the amusement of tickling Mulan’s elbows when she wasn’t paying attention.

Aurora wore a light gown the same shade of blue as her eyes (Mulan had insisted) that sparkled with each graceful movement. Her hair was filled with shiny jeweled pins and crowned with a modest tiara. Mulan had consented to a matching jeweled hair piece, which, even small as it was, felt like too much.

The two women danced in the center of the grand ballroom, moving through steps Aurora had learned as a child. Mulan had learned only a week prior, from an army of tutors that insisted such skills were necessary and Mulan had deemed mostly useless. She was content to let Aurora draw her around the room, her eyes never leaving the other woman’s face. 

"You know," Aurora said.  "Traditionally, in a dance like this, the male partner would lead."

Mulan hummed and tightened her fingers around Aurora’s, feeling the band of her ring move against her skin. “Yes, and what happens when both partners are women?”

Aurora’s eyes twinkled. “Why, my dear, the Queen leads, of course.” She shifted their bodies abruptly and dipped Mulan back, earning a delighted gasp of laughter from her partner.  

When they rose again, Mulan spun Aurora around, drawing her in close. “We’re both Queen now,” she murmured, kissing her wife. 

—— x ——

A terribly terribly overdue draw request from my tags anon (wish I could tag you directly? but I assume you’ll see it eventually). Hope this was worth the wait, darling <3<3

Shoutout to jessmiriamdrew who helped me find Mulan’s outfit. Its based on a Court Scholar-official outfit from the Han period. Originally there was a second drawing where you could see more of the front of her outfit, but alas that one is lost. 

Finally done (>_<) This picture was driving me nuts…

Eat Shion’s hair, Nezumi, and just choke on it, okay!? (<,<)

sometimes I think about that anon that told me I was able to make them smile w. My blog/tags while they were dealing with depression and that itself makes me happier than anything

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I feel horrible… would my teacher let me leave if I tell him I feel like shit? 

I already atended the other section class… well I wasn’t paying attention but still… I don’t feel like doing anything…