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what do you need?

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hey girl what can i help you with

everything. like how do you do it?

cause like, i never shaved with a razor, always with either wax or with a machine thingy that rips them out but i’m tired of feeling pain but like my mom does it those two ways and she is against using a razor cause she sayd it makes it thicker and stuff but like i said, i don’t want pain anymore.

like i want to be able to go a long time without shaving without the feeling that the longer i wait, the bigger the pain will be. so yes.

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i guess it depends on just how much hair you have down there but usually it hurts pretty bad! its worth it though cause the skin gets really smooth and it lasts a long time (tmi answer omg sorry)

Haha omg no no that’s like the kind of answer I’m looking for so you’re good!

Ugh I’m so conflicted cause like…I really wanna do it because shaving just does not cut it. It’s difficult and annoying and way too time consuming, but I’m SUCH a big baby when it comes to pain.

xjessicadrew asked:

hi! just came by to tell you that the latest part of the rory to my amy has got me crying tears of happiness! ok, no, i was smiling and crying at the same time then i saw that the next part will be the last and started crying even more BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD and i just want it to keep on going and ugh! anyway, i really love your writing! just thought i should mention that! keep up the good work <3


Aw, thank you so much! And sorry for the tears, even if they were happy ones! Yeah, the next part is going to be the last one, but it’ll be a good ending and I’ll keep writing other stuff. I just don’t want to write a series that never ends.

Thanks again! :))