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Remember what the Face of Boe said to the Doctor, though: “You are not alone.” It’s not much comfort when you finally find out what he meant but it’s a pretty amazing sentiment in the meantime.

I JUST watched that episode again last night. (I’m starting all over from the beginning of the new, revamped Doctor Who, to then watch it from the 60s.Tom Baker FTW.)
This show really does make me cry. And in that moment I was BEGGING for there to be at least…one more Time Lord out there. Just one for the Doctor to share his time with. Because it truly pisses me off that so many Daleks escaped. I mean, could you imagine? You watch your entire planet—two suns, mountains with red grass capped with snow, trees with silver leaves—all of that beauty, destroyed. And your only consolation is that at least the Daleks went with them. Their deaths were not in vain. And then the Daleks show up fucking EVERYWHERE?!?!!
What kind of fuckery is this?

I get very emotional as you can tell. 


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My life. I like to take showers late in the evening so that I can just fall asleep naked and not have to put clothes on until the next day.

YES. I think I just like the excuse of being nude. Whenever I had the day to lounge around I would wake up early and first I would set my coffee to make, then I would take a shower.
I started cooking naked, which wouldn’t be an issue except we don’t have curtains in the kitchen and my neighbor across from me kept taking cigarette breaks.

And apparently my body is so anti-clothing that the other night, in my sleep, I threw off my bra and panties. It was an interesting surprise to wake up to.