"I care. I care to the point where impaling you with my claws would hurt me as well.”


Stiles wakes up to Derek pulling him into his lap; arms protectively wrapping around him while softly hushing him. His throat is sore, he’s sucking for air, but he’s not screaming anymore. His heart is racing, the terror still aching heavily in his chest, and he’s clutching the arms holding him on pure instinct.

"You’re awake," Derek tells him, his hot breath curling over the back of Stiles’ neck. "You’re okay. You’re awake."

It takes a moment of further reassuring before Stiles remembers how to breathe again. He goes limp in Derek’s arms and probably would’ve fallen to the floor if it hadn’t been for Derek firmly keeping him in place. Stiles whimpers, wondering if his dad will come running, but figures he would’ve done it already if not thinking Derek could handle it.

"This was a bad idea," Derek sighs into his hair. "I’m not helping."

"You are," Stiles pants out, chest still heaving and fingers still digging into Derek’s arm. He hadn’t been screaming as much this time, and despite the nightmare he has a feeling it’d be twice as horrible if Derek hadn’t been there. "Please, just— Don’t leave."

His plea is barely a whisper, but he knows Derek heard it when he nuzzles his neck and tightens his arms around him.

"I’m not going anywhere," he murmurs.


I want to be with you throughout our future and all the way to the end of it. I want you all, with all your perfections and imperfections, with your ridiculous eyebrows, sassy comments and that small smile you give only me. I love you Derek Hale and I want to spend my life with you. I want to wake up next to you every morning. I want to give you cheesy goodbye kisses when you drop me off at work. I want you to make me dinners like you always do when I sleep over. I want you to persuade me to leave the word aside and just lay with you on the couch, watching TV. Damn, I want to grow old with you. Just that and everything at the same time. I want it all. The whole story.”


Sterek AU: Ever since he gave up too much of his alpha spark in his desperate attempt to heal Cora, Derek has been steadily getting weaker. A fact he hides from the pack. When he is attacked by a rogue omega he isn’t healing like he should and Stiles notices  and confronts him. A resigned Derek tells him about his dwindling power, but Stiles refuses to let the werewolf slowly fade away. Endless days of research finally yield a cure, at a price.

It takes a spark to rekindle the one that has almost flickered out and the journey to achieve this goal is a dangerous one. But to Stiles Derek is worth the risk.


Stiles struggles to get them both up the stairs and into Derek’s loft, the werewolf passive and silent where he is leaning heavily on Stiles’ shoulder. He is clearly struggling to stay conscious and panic is starting well up in Stiles because Derek isn’t healing, not like he should.

“Why aren’t you healed up already? Was it another alpha? Where you poisoned?”

“No, it was a feral omega. He won’t cause any more trouble. Don’t worry about it.”

It seemed to be taking a lot out of Derek to talk even that much and he slumped back onto the bed.




"When were you going to tell us?" Stiles asks,voice barely above a whisper.

The resigned slump of Derek’s shoulders and the guilty silence while he refuses to look at Stiles are answer enough, though.

He sucks in a shocked breath as various scenarios flash through his overactive mind.


“You weren’t, were you?” he manages to get out as rising panic, loss and finally anger course through him.

“What were you gonna do,huh? Crawl out into the woods when it was time and hide out in the basement of your burned out house until it’s over? It’s not like anyone cares, right?” He knows he is being unfair and unnecessarily cruel, but the thought of Derek just being gone one day is almost too much to bear.


"Stiles." Derek sighs his name and somehow manages to make it sound like an admonishment and a plea all at once.






"No!" he interrupts Derek again, more forceful than before, as determination sets in, “I’m going to fix this!”



 Sooo, this is it. Like ten thousand years later, but finally finished.

(sorry it looks a bit hinky in places, but this is as good as it’s gonna get without fiddling around with them for a couple more months)

Happy (super belated) Birthday, Bubbles!!! ♥


When I started your present, I thought: “Bubbles likes kisses, so let’s make a new kiss”, but then I had this half dream (one of those halfway awake but dozing in bed on Saturday mornings and continuing half remembered Sterek dreams kind of things ^__^) and then I thought: “Bubbles also likes gif sets, so let’s make a manip-y gif set.”

And here we are three weeks later (and so much more work than I had anticipated), but I hope you like it.

As a bonus you get my more or less successful attempt at writing a little snippet of the scene that started this…

*hugs* :3




a vision is a portrait, a palette of colors
we swim in an ocean with blindfolded lovers
and now that i’ve found my side
i finally realize that…

it was there the whole time


So we think we (Kedreeva and myself) figured it out. Riddled, that is (and kind of everything Stiles/nogitsune related thus far).

First, “Barrow used foxfire created by me to jump the nogitsune inside Stiles.” This wording is very deliberate. What was Derek doing when he figured it all out? He was jumping Roscoe. Giving it a kick start, giving it power. That was a hint. (also the spark thing he did, seriously what is with Derek and Stiles and “spark”??). What they figured out is not that the nogitsune was moved to Stiles during that surge, it’s that it was already in him and was essentially awoken during the surge. And it had to be in him before, seeing as before the electrical surge/foxfire, Stiles left the message for Barrow on the chalkboard.

So, when did the nogitsune enter? I think it was during that very first scene, when Stiles is dreaming and thinks he needs to close the door “so they don’t get in.” (remember the they). The thing is, he didn’t close the door, he opened it wide and went through it… to the Nemeton (remember that, too). I think that’s when the nogitsune entered Stiles’ mind. I think this because later that episode, Stiles has a hallucination about “when is a door not a door?” and when he comes to, there is a page full of the command “Wake up!” Except, he wasn’t sleeping. So who was?

I think it was the nogitsune. Yes I know I said last week that I thought there were three Stiles bc it must’ve been an aware version of him writing on the notebook, but alas new information breeds new epiphanies. I think he might have a dream self, his subconscious, because it wasn’t the conscious version of Stiles that was trying to protect everyone from himself. That was something that wasn’t the nogitsune and wasn’t the Stiles we saw interacting with Scott and his dad. Some part of his brain is actively aware of the intrusion, but it may not be a part of himself that remembers after waking.

But I also think in the classroom, the nogitsune got control of his body, but not his mind, and it was trying to wake up, to take control over Stiles completely. But it didn’t have enough power. So it manipulated Barrow, a master of electricity, to use Kira to jump the power inside of him, to give the nogitsune a kick start. This is what Derek and Kira figured out.

So, now, the “Are you threatening us?” Most people seem to think the “us” referred to Nogitsune + Stiles, but I don’t think so. I think this was a throwback to “don’t let them in.” Multiple entities trying to enter Stiles’ mind.I don’t think Stiles was home at all at that point, and I don’t think the nogitsune would take him into account. He’s just the host, as Mrs. Yukimura referred to him. And remember this post? Young Chris witnessed the Oni obliterating that nogitsune like it was nothing. And then we see shadow!Stiles/nogitsune!Stiles taking out three Oni single-handedly, he never even looked worried. We see him smirk in the face of Mrs. Yukimura and the Oni, totally unafraid. Meaning this nogitsune is different, or has something different than the one before it.

So, option one, the Nemeton (told you not to forget it) has teamed up with the nogitsune. The nogitsune is hopped up on Nemeton juice and whatever consciousness that tree has is working with the dark spirit. Thus, the “us.” Most likely it was Mrs. Yukimura that released the Oni from the Nemeton, but are the Oni a part of the Nemeton, or were they trapped in it? Did she, by pulling that sapling, damage its power enough to release them? Or did they come out to protect it after being damaged? The other option is that there are more nogitsune inside Stiles (think Leviathan!Cas). Multiple nogitsune entered his mind.

Also no one, and I mean no one, will be able to convince me that the brain atrophy on the MRI isn’t a false-positive due to the presence of the dark spirit in Stiles’ mind. And that’s as much for my own sanity as show logistics. This post also mentions lore about how nogitsune possession can present as psychological illness. 

All in all, Ked and I are really worried about Stiles, ok.


" You’re here. You’re here and you’re blue. I like blue."

( for Wyxan ♥ aka the Derek to my Stiles )


Happy Belated Birthday to Bubbles!

SOULMATE: "A person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet - a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior."

I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
so I stayed in the darkness with you

SC GRAPHIC BATTLE  →  zainclaw vs. ssevendevils
 ↳ Round 5#  blue + silhouettes