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The last thing Stiles Stilinski expected when he moved across the country to attend a college that offered the best scholarship, was that he would be roped into joining a co-ed a cappella group. Unfortunately for him, The Cappella Pack aren’t exactly known as champions.  Rather, they are constantly being shown up by their on campus rival, the AlphaBeats, led by the infamous(ly distracting) Derek Hale. College classes and midterms are the least of Stiles’ worries, as his priorities have been rearranged to include early morning rehearsals and riff-offs in the sketchiest of places. With an overly determined leader ready to bring everything to the table, Stiles and the rest of The Pack are on a mission. A mission to win. And if he happens to fall in love with the AlphaBeats president along the way? Well, Stiles isn’t going to complain.

             Take a step back and think about it.

                                 Are you sure you’re ready to be Pitch Slapped?

"And I solemnly promise to never have sexual relations with an AlphaBeat, or may my vocal cords be ripped out by wolves."

"Is she serious? Are you serious?"

"Look at me, Stilinski, do I look serious?"

"Can I plead the fifth? You look a lot like Lydia right now, and it’s a little scary."

Stiles, shut up!

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  • Jeff Davis:So Lydia and Jackson are together...
  • Jackson:*leaves*
  • Jeff Davis:I want to create something between Stiles and Erica, so...
  • Erica:*dies*
  • Jeff Davis:Stiles and Cora would be so cute!
  • Cora:Gotta go!
  • Jeff Davis:Now that Lydia's got Aiden...
  • Aiden:*dies*
  • Jeff Davis:So this Stalia thing...
  • Fate:...