I read some really good fics this month, enjoy! THEY’RE ALMOST ALL PWPs I’M SO NOT SORRY

Camaro ‘68 - Explicit - Zainclaw

Derek huffs, arching one eyebrow. “I’m not a fugitive.”

"You look like a fugitive," Stiles insists, practically beaming. "Maybe you should start wearing cardigans."

In which Stiles is a hitchhiker and Derek a runaway whose paths cross at a gas station in the California desert.

Ride - Explicit - wolfbeater

The howlers emerged after the war that stripped the world of its colour. All Stiles knows is the wasteland and he calls the road his home, hunting the mutants wreaking havoc on what’s left of humanity. But when he becomes the hunted, he has to team up with the very thing he kills. And it’s possibly the worst road trip he’s been on.

Crimes and Misdemeanors - Explicit - zoemathemata

How do you summarize something with no plot? Um…. Okay. In which there is burglary, conjugation of English verbs and then sexy times in a closet with Derek Hale. Yes, please.

I Wanna Take a Ride On Your - Explicit - Sheepnamedpig

Stiles is…endowed.

Derek…likes it.

Stolen - Explicit - Firenation

Derek first meets Stiles when he’s fifteen years old, just after the fire, and realises that he’s his mate. You can picture the kind of joy that follows.

I Just Wanna Be With You Everyday - Explicit - Brego_Mellon_Nin

When his best friend’s son barrels into the kitchen only dressed in a pair of skintight jeans, lean but defined torso on display, Derek knows he’s truly and utterly fucked. Not only is the kid barely eighteen, but he also happens to be the Sheriff’s only son.

Derek makes a vow to himself that he will not seek Stiles out and he’ll get this thing under control.

ice ice baby - Explicit - chupachups

Boyd’s eyebrows shoot upwards, like he was really not expecting that answer. “And that would be why?”

“Um,” Derek hums and decides he can at least try lying, if nothing. “Well, you see, I thought there might be some useful stuff for us, they’re skaters after all too, right, but with different techniques and all so I was – “

“There’s someone in the class you’re interested in?”

“There’s someone in the class I’m interested in.”

Alpha Complex - Explicit - Hatteress

"Hold still," Stiles says, hand clamping down on the back of Derek’s neck to keep him from turning and it’s laughable, really – the thought that that would be enough to hold him. Except it is. Because Stiles’ fingers are gripping the nape of Derek’s neck, pressure sure and hard and Derek- Derek can’t fucking breathe.

Homecoming - Explicit - combefemme

Stiles comes home from school for the summer and Derek picks him up at the bus station. They don’t make it all the way home before Derek has to pull over.

Barking Up the Right Tree - Explicit - spookywoods

Stiles is planning to survive parading around Beacon Hills as his best friend’s fiance for the sake of her career and family. He can be straight for Laura, he owes her this. He can be terribly charming when he wants to be. That is until he spends a heated night with a handsome stranger from his flight, who isn’t at all who he seemed to be.

Shut Me Up - Explicit - Hatteress

“The sounds you make,” Derek says, and his voice is low and filthy even to his own ears. “Fuck, Stiles.”


The one in which Stiles fails at being quiet during sex and Derek has to shut him up.

You Always Make A Bloody Mess - Explicit - Sweetsyren

Stiles is used to hiding his scars.

Creature Comforts - Explicit - 888mph

Stiles fucks Derek with a dildo.

I Know What It’s Like (To Be In Chains) - Explicit - ladyblahblah

Prompt fill: Stiles experiments with new ways to captivate Scott on full moon with himself. His father has a night shift till next day. And of course stiles being stiles, he managed to tie himself to the heater without his cellphone or anything close to him. After awhile he starts to scream and our beloved sourwolf hears it and wants to help stiles. But maybe not with loosing the chains but with the other “unspoken” topic of stiles being a virgin, because stiles being in that position no alpha could resist.

Shadows and Soda Cans - Explicit - vampireisthenewblack

What so many of Stiles’ friends forget, is that while he’s only human, he notices things they don’t. They’ve got all these supernatural senses, they read fear and deception and arousal and dominance, but they don’t look with their eyes. They rely too much on that other stuff, and don’t see what’s right in front of them.

[The one where Stiles knows Derek creeps into his bedroom at night and decides to give him a show.]

Safe - Explicit - KeriArentikai

"I really don’t mind," Stiles had said. And Derek heard: "I want you to."

He didn’t do it, then. Not really. He had continued running his hands along Stiles’ body as he fell asleep, only occasionally brushing up against a sensitive area. With the last bits of his consciousness, Stiles smiled at him. Derek stared at him for a long time before falling asleep.

"Seriously, anytime," Stiles had said another night, with that gleam in his eye. And Derek heard: "Please."

Don’t Run Before You Can Walk - Explicit - JenNova

Stiles has been doing this for a while. His jaw is kinda aching, to be honest, and, amusingly enough, his wrist is getting tired.

So Shed Your Skin and Let’s Go - Explicit - halfhardtorock

He’s sixteen and in the woods on the wrong side of the town-line and he’s so fucking fucked.

He knows he’s not supposed to run, they teach that to you in preschool (don’t run from a Were, back away slowly and walk with care), but they never told you how it would feel, standing alone in the dark with your heart beating in your throat as those glowing eyes tracked you from the shadows.

Painful Maneuvers - Teen and Up - saraubs

Still, whether or not the nurses want to hear it, Derek has some serious issues with the way Stiles skates around the ward, upending instruments and scattering papers and chewing on pens. His scrubs never fit right and are always riding up to show patches of smooth, pale skin and his hair is frankly pornographic. It’s just so…unprofessional.

Stiles is a hyperactive Obstetrician. Derek is a grumpy Midwife. It’s true love (and babies!).

You’ve Got Something I Need - Explicit - paradis

There is a moment, right when they meet, that Stiles thinks, I could really fall in love with this man.

And he doesn’t even try to fight it.

Actual chat between Shippers and Show Writers:
  • Shippers:You've given us all of this subtext and blatant interaction, why haven't you made them canon yet?!
  • Writers:It's a metaphor you see. You put the shipping thing in the audience's mind, but you don't give it the power of having canons.
If You Liked It Then You Should've Put A Ring On It

Dedicated to that moment when you see someone cute… and then see that they’re wearing a wedding ring.

Derek might hate his job.  He hates making coffees, hates how the coffee shop smell lingers in his clothes for days afterwards, and hates how early he has to wake up to open the shop every single morning. But what he hates the most is the way the moms who come into the shop are constantly flirting with him, keeping him from the one perk of his job: Talking to Stiles.

Stiles comes in every weekday, during his lunch break, at 1pm.  Most people come by for coffee in the morning, but Stiles has always said that he’s too tired to have coffee before noon (a logic that has always baffled Derek), so he ambles in at 1pm with bleary, sleep-deprived eyes.  Somehow the sight of them always makes Derek’s stomach lurch.

The problem is that the Moms Club comes in at 12:30.  Yes, an actual Moms Club.  They even have the t-shirts to prove it. They crowd around the counter ordering complicated drink after complicated drink, all while complimenting Derek’s outfit (despite the fact that he wears the same damn uniform every day), and asking him prying questions about his personal life.  Derek doesn’t know what it is about him that makes mom’s so interested, but whatever it is, he doesn’t like it.

It’s Friday, and Derek has barely gotten to talk to Stiles all week, thanks to the Moms.  When Derek sees him come in, he instantly excuses him and moves away from the Moms (currently asking him about his workout routine), and over to the cash register so he can take Stiles’ order. 

“Hey,” Stiles says easily, blinding Derek with a huge smile.

Derek tries very hard not to get caught up in Stiles’ eyes. “Hi,” he responds, “The usual?” 

Stiles grins even broader.  “You know me,” he says simply. 

Derek’s heart beats a little bit faster.  The thing is, he does know Stiles.  They’ve exchanged many words over the last few months; he knows Stiles works at the local police station, knows that he loves asparagus but hates bacon, knows that he wants two kids.  They’ve talked about a lot.  But every time they start to really get into a conversation, they’re interrupted.

Which is exactly what happens now.

“So, any plans for the weekend?” Stiles asks as Derek adds a heaping of whipped cream to his drink.

Derek fumbles.  All he wants to say is something dumb like, “No, do you want to make some together?” or “Actually I was hoping that maybe we could have plans,” or anything that will somehow take his and Stiles’ rushed coffee shop conversations out into the real world.  But that’s just not his luck.

“Derek, dear, can I have a refill of my latte please?” one of the mom’s asks as she approaches the counter.  “And while you’re at it, I was wondering if you could tell me about the pros and cons of soy milk.  Because my friend Jenny says that soy is bad for you, but she’s one of those health nuts, so…”

Derek tries very hard not to roll his eyes as he hands Stiles his drink and shrugs in apology.

“Another time,” Stiles says, giving him a small smile.

Derek watches Stiles’ back as he walks away from him and out of the shop.

Sighing, he turns back to the mom, plastering a fake grin to his face. “You were saying?”

When he gets home that night, Derek decides that he’s had enough.  He’s sick of having mom’s hit on him all the time, sick of the way they are always taking his time away from valuable customers-okay, from Stiles-and he’s going to do something about it.

It’s not until he’s watching TV later that night and a Zales commercial comes on that he gets at idea.

On Monday, Derek goes to work sporting a brand new wedding band.  Well, a fake wedding band.  It was $15 at Target.  He walks into the shop hoping it will keep all of the moms at bay, and by the time the morning is over he feels like he’s succeeded. 

He flashes it around a lot, casually bringing up a hand to scratch his face when one of the moms talks to him, watching their faces falter slightly before they back away while looking a little bit confused.

By the time lunchtime rolls around, Derek is on cloud nine.  He’s had more alone time today that he’s had in months and no one has asked him whether he waxes or shaves all day. He’s in such a good mood when he sees Stiles come in that he jumps up and immediately smiles at him.

“Hey Stiles,” he grins excitedly.

“Woah,” Stiles responds as he walks over. “You’re enthusiastic. Are you feeling okay?”

“Never better,” Derek says.  “You want the same as always?”

Stiles nods, “You bet.”

Derek sets about making his drink, taking a deep breath before attempting to have a real, more than 30-seconds long conversation with Stiles.

“So,” he begins, “How was your weekend? Do anything fun?” he asks as he stirs up the liquid.

Stiles brightens.  “Yeah!  I actually went to this really cool art show downtown.  It was called Lunar Art and it’s just all these shots taken in the moonlight.  I don’t know if you’re into art or anything, but-“

Derek hands him his drink and Stiles suddenly trails off, staring down at where Derek is holding it in his left hand.  “Uh,” Stiles says. “What was I saying?”

“You were asking if I’m into art,” Derek says slowly.

Stiles looks a little bit pale all of a sudden as he takes the drink from Derek.  “Right.  Well, actually, I’ve just realized that I-I have somewhere to be.  So I have to go.  But.  Yeah.  Bye,” he says, fumbling his drink in his hands before turning and walking quickly out the door.

Derek stares after him.  The one time he actually gets a chance to talk to him, and Stiles flees out the door. It seems totally weird to Derek, but maybe his excuse was legitimate.  He inhales deeply, calming himself.  He can talk to Stiles about it tomorrow.

Except, it turns out that he can’t.  Because Stiles doesn’t show up.

Derek tries to brush it off but Stiles’ absence feels like gaping a hole in his chest.  He walks around the rest of the day only half-alert, replaying the previous day over and over in his head. 

Stiles had been asking him if he’d been into art, suggesting something, even.  Maybe he’d thought he was coming too close to flirting, and had decided to shut it down.  Derek was sure they’d been flirting in the past, but maybe they’d just been flirting casually –maybe Stiles was okay with flirting in 30 second increments, but a real conversation was too far.  Maybe he wasn’t interested in Derek at all.

Derek spends the rest of the week sulking.  A week in which Stiles does not show up again.  On Thursday, Derek removes the wedding ring, flinging it across his apartment angrily.  The Moms seem to have gotten over the fact that he’s taken and have begun flocking around him again, so it’s really doing him no good now.

He wakes up on Friday to a cloudy sky.  By the time he gets to the coffee shop, a light rain has started, and by the time the shop opens, it’s pouring outside. 

Derek watches the weather get worse and worse outside, until it turns into a full-blown lightning storm.  The shop is mostly empty save for a few Moms; customers kept away by the weather, so Derek takes the lull as an opportunity to clean the place. 

He’s cleaning the window display case when he sees a figure huddled outside under the awning.  He peers a little closer-it looks a lot like Stiles.  The figure shivers and Derek can see it in his movements-it is Stiles.

Derek puts his rag down on the counter and opens the front door. 

“Stiles?” he calls.  Stiles turns around, shivering and dripping wet.

“Come inside, you’re getting soaked,” Derek says, trying not to sound as angry and hurt as he feels.

“I’m fine out here,” Stiles responds.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Derek says.  “There are flash flood warnings all over the radio, and the news has been playing nonstop footage of downed trees and power lines. Come in.”

Stiles hesitates for a moment before walking inside, past where Derek is holding the door open for him.  He stands there, wet and dripping, as Derek follows him.

“Stay there,” Derek says, gesturing to the welcome mat in front of the door.

He walks into the back room to get some dish towels and bring them back out for Stiles to use to dry off.

Derek’s mouth goes a little dry at the sight of Stiles, standing at the front door, soaked through, wet clothes clinging to his lithe body.

“Here,” he says, thrusting the towels at Stiles with his left hand.

Stiles doesn’t take them.

“For dying off,” Derek explains, shaking the towels a bit.  Stiles is staring down at the towels, but still not taking them.

Suddenly, his gaze snaps up to Derek.

“What is your deal?” he seethes.

Derek takes a step back.  “My what?”

Stiles shakes his head, pointing at the towels before snapping angrily.  “You can’t just wear your ring whenever you please, it’s not fair.”

Derek looks down at the towels.  And to where his hand is, ringless.

Derek goes over a thousand different scenarios in his head and comes up with no explanation other than the fact that Stiles is mad at him, and it has something to do with the fact that he’s not wearing his fake wedding ring.

Now Derek is mad, too. “What do you mean it’s not fair? Who is it not fair to?”  he asks gruffly.

“To unsuspecting strangers, to me, to your husband or your wife,” Stiles seethes.

Derek pauses. “My-Stiles, are you kidding?”

“NO!” Stiles seems even madder now.  “You can’t just take your ring off whenever you want, leaving people-people like me- to think you’re available when you’re clearly not. That’s false advertising.”

Derek suddenly has the urge to fight back a laugh, but he’s also still very confused.

“Wait, Stiles, you think I’m married?  You’ve known me for how many months and you think that that wouldn’t have come up in conversation?”

Stiles is starting to look sheepish, but he’s still yelling.  “I-wait-so you’re not married?”

“NO.”  Derek huffs out a laugh.  “I only bought this ring to keep those ridiculous Moms away so I could talk to you more, but then you disappeared.”

Stiles rolls his eyes as well as his entire body.  “Well I wasn’t gonna flirt with a guy that’s married.”

Derek sighs heavily, pinning Stiles with a look.  “Well, I’m not married.  So flirt with me.”

Stiles blinks at him, suddenly pulled out from his angry reverie.

“What?” he says.

Derek hesitates.  “Unless you don’t want-“

Stiles jumps forward immediately, placing a hand on Derek’s arm.  “No, I want.  I want I want to flirt with you so hard dude, you have no idea.”

At that moment, a Mom comes sauntering over from her table.  “Derek, I have a question about-“ 

Stiles puts up a hand, looking Derek straight in the eyes.  “He’s busy now.  You’ll have to come back later.”


Stiles quiets her again.  “He’ll get back to you later,” he repeats.

The woman stares at them for a moment, before huffing and walking away.

“You’re going to scare off my customers,” Derek says.

Stiles smiles at him, sliding a hand into one of Derek’s.  “Good.”

Stiles makes Derek a button to wear on his uniform.  It says in large, capital letters, “TAKEN. DO NOT FLIRT WITH ME.”  He lets Derek take it off when Derek finally gets a new ring, a real ring, which Stiles gave to him when he asked if he’d like to flirt with him forever.

I have a strong need to see Derek and Stiles exchanging desperate, sloppy kisses, crowding into the other’s space because they feel like they can’t get close enough, twining their fingers together and gripping painfully tight because you left, derek, and you were fucking possessed, stiles, and they don’t want to be apart again, not for one second. 

Lately I really thought about drawing some Sterek fanart. And that’s how I got this one.
The bodies and their bed were hell to paint D: and I dunno why because normally I do love to paint materials D:
I also couldn’t resist adding the small fox pillow <3 ;___;

Well, I hope you’ll like it! 

Watercolours (St. Petersburgh, White Nights set) 
Coloured pencils (different companies)

edited a little with photoshop


Reference for pose: