anonymous said:

My deepest apologizing for creeping you out. I assure you it was not my intention. But I am glad the research and groundwork is progressing well. I am sorry to hear about the anemia, I know it is tough to deal with but I hope you feel better.

No worries! I’m just not good with uncertainties, things i can see moving in the dark, and smells that make me sneeze (gosh darn it fantastic smelling Herbal Essences, why must I be allergic to you!? [as a sidenote i’ve recently started using a bakingsoda/ACV routine instead of a shampoo/conditioner one and my oh my it is fantastic and anyone that’s interested should check out these articles about it, it’s so great!] )

about a hundred supplements(and the heavy hitter: birth control) later, and the anemia isnt nearly as bad as it used to be. Sometimes I get bad about taking them daily, and I can definitely tell when I start to get tired despite getting plenty of sleep like the last few days I have a few dr appts i have to plan to work out some other issues, but overall im getting better :)

I hope to start writing much more now that I’m home fulltime, (and being on salary means I can work later but take more breaks, so when i get an idea I can jot it down)