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How Sebastian “Finger Gun" Stan made me cry at the Winter Soldier panel last Sunday.

Right, this is all I can find on the tear gassing of protesters that started a few hours ago. I have reason to believe that the media twists things that go on in Pakistan and it shows in the biased reporting. The large majority of my relatives live in Pakistan so I think I can make some educated statements on the matter.

Consider this:

  1. Peaceful protesters have been wanting the PM to resign for about two weeks now. There has been zero violence by the protestors
  2. Police have tear gassed not protestors, but dozens of innocents as well. 

I’ll add that the capital city of Islamabad has been closed off by skipyard containers filled with sand, making them extremely heavy, and effectively blocking off all outside sources of food, water, clothing, etc.
Also, I have witnessed video evidence of fires and apparently people have even died.

It sounds similar to something that went down very recently, doesn’t it?
The events in Ferguson.

Unlike Ferguson, however, there has been little to no media coverage of this event and even in that case there has been very little of it on social media. I can only speak for tumblr and facebook here.
I have seen news reports on the internet concerning the protests, but there are inconsistencies in the information on those as well.  Only the link above has very little truth of the events unfolding right now.

Why is no one knowledgeable about this, why has no one seemed to say anything then? A few reasons, I think.

  1. The people of Pakistan themselves cannot access the internet as easily as people in say, America or Britain. Even the ones who can don’t get very much attention by other users of social media for whatever reason.
  2. The government lies and prevents information escaping the country. They were able to ban youtube and any proxies or VPN’s starting late 2012 so you get an idea of the control they have.
  3. People in Pakistan are not good at actually doing anything about their problems, generally speaking. The country may have begun changing a while ago if they were.
  4. The elections that took place last year were thought to be rigged and that another country helped to do this. Asking around 5 dozen people who had the right to vote, I know that at least 80% didn’t vote for the party that is in power at the moment.

Even if the elections weren’t rigged, and the political figures leading these protests are wrong, it doesn’t excuse the actions of the government and the police. These protesters were peaceful just this morning. Only now have they been forced to fight back. How? By throwing rocks and using slingshots. 

At it’s core, what’s happening is wrong. It’s unjust. 

What’s more, nobody seems to know. It angers and sickens me that a community that can rise up against the injustice in Ferguson can’t or won’t do anything about this.

So please, spread this. Please. I can’t bear the fact that nothing is even being said about this. The more people who know, the more we can do about it.