I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?

Stand By Me (1986)

Notes: Minster for Overseas Development is the old name for the Secretary of State for International Development, a cabinet-level position. And yes, in TEH Sherlock claimed Mycroft let Jim go as part of their plan. But considering how many other lies he told in that story, do you really think the “we were so far ahead of Jim we decided we could let him go and not watch him closely enough to stop him from poisoning children” part is going to stick?

maybe the reason hakyeon is so clingy towards the other members is bc he’s trying to create bonds with them despite them pushin him away maybe the reason he always seems all over leo is bc leo is the only one who just gives in

yall should read up on the effects of social isolation the fact that they joke about doing things without him and actively avoid being around him should be cause enough for concern

Just to clear up confusion, the Met Museum wasn’t sure either!

We didn’t want to give false information, so provided you with all options for the use of the object. 

DIY 5 Minute Knockoff Cone Back Earrings Tutorial from Thanks, I Made It. This is the easiest earring tutorial ever if you have the right supplies. Erin used rubber earring backs - and has a link for them at her post. If you are looking to sell jewelry, these incredibly cheap rubber earring backs will open up your market because they can be used for threaded earrings etc… Top Photo: Cone Back Earrings Inspiration Collage by Thanks, I Made It here. All Other Photos: DIYs by Thanks, I Made It.

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