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Hey will you do a cute fluffy one of Sticks and Tails? a little like the amy/sonic dance one (same level of cute, maybe discomfort) :D

-smiles- Yeah,… I can try that. I just hope that when we all learn more about who Sticks is and her personality that I’ll be somewhat close to that XD (I’m constantly worried I’m doing Boom!Characters wrong because we haven’t seen everything yet XP)

So, wish me luck!

The gang is of to the steepest parts of the mountains ridged cliffs, following after Eggman as he has stolen all of the village’s food supply for the winter.

The camera is in the far off distance, as Amy, Sonic, and Knuckles are all ahead, treading the snow in their winter gear as they all look back to see Tails having slipped and kicking his feet over the cliffs, dragging himself up as Sticks lends him a hand.

"Without being able to fly in this altitude without being tried… I don’t know if I can make it." He hated admitting that, as he looked down and away.

Sticks, still holding his hand, felt bad for him and looked to him kindly, before turning to scream up to the others, “I’M STAYING BEHIND WITH TAILS! WE’LL TAKE THE RIVER ROUTE THROUGH THE VALLEY!”

Amy turned around, “ARE YOU SURE?” she was hugging her coat. The team had decided to go the hard route because it was the fastest to Eggman’s hideout, where he was right now dining on his HUGE supply of food for the winter, like he was getting ready for hibernation… and with that kind of fat on him…

Sticks nodded again, and waved her off as she turned to Tails, “Can your X fly up here?” she asked.

"…You mean my X-Torn-?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. But I really feel like you need to cut the strings with her someday." Tails swore she just made a joke, and squinted through the snow.

"Come again?"

"Just call your big, loud birdy!" she threw her hands up, as he took out his controller.

The X-Tornado was having a hard time flying down, as Tails nervously tried to pilot with Sticks in front of him, looking content and excited at all the new views and doohickeys. He blushed awkwardly though, “Hey, I’m really sorry the other hatch is frozen solid shut, but I can’t see over your head!” He tried to look over but couldn’t see anything, as she turned her head back to him.

"Oh! Whoops! Hehe,-" she ducked her head, revealing a HUGE monster of a mountain’s spike. "Better?"

"AHHHH!!!" he banked a hard turn right, but one of the wings was nipped, and the wind furiously pushed the plane further down, but the plane’s angle was adequate enough so that they weren’t heading in a downhill spiral, but rather, gliding down wobbly. "HANG ONNN!!!"

"WEEEE!!! Look! Certain death!" Sticks saw the river below, as Tails looked at her, completely not in the mood for jokes.

"Sticks! We’re gonna DIE!" he panicked, trying to show her how dire the situation really was.

"Oh no, that’s just what the river’s called!" She happily answered him back, before popping the clear shield hatch above them off and holding her boomerang down on where the plane was damaged.

"Wha… Sticks! Sticks, your a genius!" Tails’s eyes lit up, seeing her place the boomerang right where it needed to be to supply enough direction to move the plane up and glide across the water, landing sharply on the water and coming to a floating gentle push along the river. "Phew…" Tails wiped his forehead, before looking up and gasping.

Sticks was nearly frozen and shivering on the plane wing, but kept the boomerang in position. Raising her hand shakily up, you could see frozen hairs on it, as she gave Tails and thumbs up.

The two diffed along the water, stranded while Tails took out his first tool kit (A pun on first AID kit) and started tying and hammering her hammer into place. “If I can get this to stay, we might be able to still rendezvous with the others-Ah!” He turned back to see Sticks freezing, her one hand still a thumbs up as she tried to hug herself with her body. “…W-why is your hand still..?”

"It f-f-f-froze that way. I c-c-c-can’t move it." Sticks looked at her thumbs up hand sadly. "Well, at l-l-l-least it’s a c-c-confidence b-b-booster.." she put her hand back down into the cockpit.

Tails looked forward, thinking a moment… he was using his Tails to stay warm, and with a nervous gulp, he closed his eyes and swished one of his tails back to her.

It wiggled by her, as she slowly turned to it, and her eyes lit up, watching it move and wiggle with fascination. “Well, h-h-hello! D-d-did you lose your w-w-way home too?”

Tails rolled his eyes.

The tail seemed to nod, and then move it’s tip like a finger, gesturing for her to come closer.

"O-oh? D-d-d-do you w-want something?" she scooted closer, as it curled around her.

At this point, Tails had finished most of his repairs, and now he just had to heat up the engine to get it to take off. He scooted his rear back so that his tail could embrace her more, and smiled as he saw her cozy herself into the spin of his tail, and happily sigh a relaxing breath of comfort out. She was warm~ and it made him happy to see he was at least doing ONE thing right today.

A while went by and he banged his wrench against the engine twice, and it finally had heated up enough to turn on. “Alright! We’ve got power!”

"Mmm… tail~" she rubbed her now warm head against his tail, as Tails slowly rose his head up, his eyes shrinking, as his entire white muzzle slowly faded to a harsh pink blush. Little to say, he was more than just ‘flustered’ by the sudden act of affection from her.

"I wish I had two… oh!" she cutely reached for his other one, which had moved from around him to stand straight up in the air. She curled it around her and rubbed the two against her cheeks. "Hehehehe~ I wish my tail was this long and FLLLUFFFFY!!~" she happily cried out, "Hey, is this what they call a lucky rabbit’s foot? Does it keep them warm? Is that why they wear it..?"

Tails was frozen stiff, but not from the cold, oh no…

His heart raced and the feeling of his tails rubbing against her fur sent a different shiver up his spine, and he stiffly got up, desperately ripping his Tails from out of her hands as he got back in the cockpit, mouth wiggling in embarrassment, as he dared not say a word, and just reached to the sides of her for his stick.

"H-hold on!" He cried out, throwing the stick forward as Sticks turned to see him and then felt the whiplash push her more against him, making him close his eyes in a harsh squint.

The plane took off from the lazy river like current and began to fly straight, the clear shield of the cockpit automatically fell down as she turned herself more to him, from the side and looked up, then back at him, slowly lowering her head to his chest with her hands there. Her hands were originally there from the whiplash, trying to lessen the blow of her hitting against him.

"…S-so." she was looking down, before her tail started flopped up and landed on his leg. "Here’s to returning the favor! haha." she weakly laughed out.

"…." he just kept his mind focused ahead, and used his tail to flick hers off of his leg.

"Ah! Hey!" She glared at him, "I was trying to keep you warm!"

"I can’t see."


"Where we’re going, I can’t see." he looked away from her gaze.

"…Fine." she pouted, turning her back to him and folding her arms, looking greatly upset. "Meany fox. I should of known. Well, at least your tails like me."

Tails looked down, feeling a bit bad about how he was acting and sighed quietly, looking away, he had his two tails ‘buckle’ her up like a seat belt by just twisting around the other.

She gasped in joy, and happily tapped them below her. “Hehehe~ Good, tails!” she was talking to his tails, but he didn’t know that.

His face jolted forward with another blush as he drove the stick down, and they flew in a spiral through the rocky formations, back to finding the team again.